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Yo Bro

I'm New -.o

But things look really easy to access and use

I will make stories soon. I've just got a holiday project on top of me.

Thanks for subscribing, I'll subscribe to you too.. When I figure out where it is. ._.

Deleted my old story, seems boring eh?

I'm a Fan of All Time low, You should probably listen to them ?

(: Pen Name: CookieMonstarGeek

Old Pen name: BlackJackClover

Starting out new!

2013- Year of the snake. [B-But I'm year of the dragon] 3:

Any Hi5's? c;

Okay then. (/*O*/)

And Um.. You want my other acc?

Here: [Feel Free To Follow them]




Youtube: It's EMPTY But here:


That's it, I guess. >w


Uploading a story soon

Naming it "LUNOKIA"