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About me:

Hey guys! I like cupcakes and I hope you do to.

I love reading and watching movies. I'm sporty and hyper. I love going on the computer and writing fanfics, though I'm not very good at it. I've taken done some of my fanfics.

I love seals, dogs, unicorns, basketball, soccer, movies, reading and more.

Now that's enough about me.

My favorites in no order:

TV Shows: Doctor Who, M.I High, Total Drama

Books: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection, Warriors (first series), Nightmare Academy, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games

Series: The Medusa Project. It's a MUST READ

Author: Sophie McKenzie

Movies: Epic, Brave, Madagascar (1,2 & 3), James Bond (For your eyes Only), Day of the Doctor

Singers/Bands: The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, ADELE, The Script, Selena Gomez, Rhianna, Avril Lavigne

Food: I don't know, I don't like a lot of things

Word: Pie

Actor: Tom Hiddleston

Things I've found on other peoples profiles:

Katniss taught me to stand up in what you believe in
Peeta taught me to always be myself, no matter what others think
Gale taught me violence is never the answer
Haymitch taught me you can never forget your past, no matter how hard you try
Prim taught me to fight for a cause, no matter the consequences
Mrs. Everdeen taught me that love is never lost
Effie taught me to always be on my best behavior
Cinna taught me to put my feeling into what I love
Finnick taught me that even though you have problems, you can still be happy
Johanna taught me to push through your biggest fears, even if you think you can't do it
Rue taught me to not take things for granted
Annie taught me that life can go on with one miracle
Cato taught me being feared isn't as great as being loved
President Snow taught me that a lot of hope can conquer fear
President Coin taught me to stay true to what I say
President Paylor taught me kindness is the key to respect
Marvel taught me not to hurt other friends, it will only hurt you in the end
Glimmer taught me that even the prettiest people have their problems
Clove taught me not to talk about someone behind their back
Foxface taught me not to say something that you don't know is right
Thresh taught me to repay my debts
Beetee taught me that being smart has advantages
Wiress taught me to stick up for what I think is right
Mags taught me that other's well-being is sometimes better than your own
Boggs taught me to trust myself and others
Pollux taught me that everyone has feelings, they all need to be recognized

The Hunger Games taught me that with support, anything is possible.

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