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Broken, Haunted and Breathless tell the story of Rachel Shepard, Liara T'Soni and their war-torn romance. Broken also tells that of Benezia and Aethyta. Writing ME fanfiction (ff) is a labor of love. My thanks to readers, reviewers, correspondents, and the other writers who inspired me by creating and sharing stories of their own.

Joseph Campbell, who thought only men could be heroes because he lived in a more sexist time, said, "Tragedy is the shattering of the forms and of our attachment to the forms; comedy, the wild and careless, inexhaustible joy of life invincible." In my stories, readers will find both. We've forgotten, I think, that the difference between the two is only in how they end.

They will also find something else. I write these stories to celebrate the heroism of women. I do try to make their stories conform to a certain extent to the games, so that readers can connect their experience of the games with this--but to my mind, ff exists to give favorite characters and worlds more life, more depth, and redemptive possibilities they were denied in the games. Still, their worlds and times exist in a galaxy threatened by the extinction of all advanced sentient life, where true heroism comes at a cost, and the reality these characters face can be grim. Whatever happens, remember, I too love these characters. In my tellings, I promise, the stories of these powerful and amazing women and their friends contain much joy, and you won't know if their tales are comedies or tragedies until the very end.

Currently, I'm working on Broken, the first in the trilogy. It contains stories of the defining moments in the lives of key ME characters--Benezia, Aethyta, Shiala, Sha'ira, Shepard and Liara. In these moments their senses of who they are and what they are about get put to the test or broken by circumstances or choices. They face the difficult work of how to go from there. I believe it's not what happens to anyone that defines them, but what they make of it.

To prevail, the characters must take their fractured stories and weave them into something new. That is also what I do in Broken. The characters' stories are fractured in time and woven together. I believe a story should be an uninterrupted dream, and that trusting readers to make discoveries and connections is part of good story writing. However, since this story is being written over several years, with sometimes large gaps between chapter postings, until it is complete, I will provide several keys to help readers. First, I'll give a guide to the chapters, indicating which characters each features and the timeframe. Second, I'll post a glossary of terms and titles used by the asari. Lastly, I'll include an index of OC characters. In the future, I might also add an appendix on the poems quoted in the epigrams.

I'll also continue to post teasers to let readers know where the story will go in the next installment. I'm super excited that I'm only a chapter or so away from beginning the two great romance arcs of the tale--Benezia and Aethyta's and Liara and Shepard's!!!! You might like it too, since I write romance much faster than angst.

Chapter Guide

Title--Main Character(s)--Timeframe(s)

  1. First Sky--Shepard--Shepard's youth
  2. True--Benezia, Liara--Liara's early youth
  3. A White Ship--Shepard, Anderson, Kaidan--ME
  4. Black Diamond Eyes--Benezia, Liara--Benezia pre-Liara, Liara's youth
  5. Starlings --Shepard--Shepard's youth
  6. Echo of the Future --Shepard, Kaidan, Benezia, Saren--ME Eden Prime
  7. Burn --Benezia, Sha'ira--Benezia's & Sha'ira's youth
  8. Bad Ice--Shepard--Shepard's youth
  9. Strict Beauty --Liara, Benezia, Sha'ira, Shiala--Liara's youth
  10. Simple as False --Shepard, Normandy crew, Benezia, Shiala, Saren--ME
  11. Crossing Rough--Benezia, Aethyta, Shiala--pre-Liara
  12. The Emperor of Ice Cream--Shepard --Shepard's youth
  13. Plump Grapes --Liara, Benezia, Shiala, Sha'ira --Liara's youth
  14. Swallow --Benezia, Shepard, Shiala, Saren, Normandy crew, Sha'ira, councillors, Udina --ME
  15. Explanations --Benezia, Aethyta, Shiala --pre-Liara
  16. Like This --Aethyta, Benezia, Shiala --pre-Liara
  17. What Would I Do --Shepard --Shepard's youth
  18. Say Nothing --Liara, Shiala, Benezia --Liara's youth
  19. One Burning Life --Benezia, Saren, Shiala, Sha'ira, Tevos, Sovereign --ME
  20. Ceremony of Innocence --Shepard, Ash, Kaidan, councilors, Wrex--ME
  21. Warning --Benezia, Shiala --pre-Liara
  22. Fly --Shepard --Shepard's youth
  23. Come Near --Liara, Shiala, Benezia, Sha'ira, Aethyta --Liara's youth
  24. A Hundred Miles --Aethyta, Benezia, Liara, Sha'ira, Shiala --Liara's youth
  25. Born --Shepard, Wrex, Tali, Garrus, Fist, Ash, Kaidan, Saren, Benezia, councilors--ME
  26. Passport to the Darkness --Benezia, Shiala-- pre-Liara
  27. Warp of Our Hope --Benezia --pre-Liara
  28. Catch Fire --Shepard --Shepard's youth
  29. Time --Benezia, Aethyta, Liara, Sha'ira, Shiala --Liara's youth
  30. Hiddenness --Liara, Benezia, Sha'ira, Shiala --Liara's youth
  31. In Her Hands --Shepard, Normandy crew, Sha'ira, Tevos --ME
  32. The Country They Call Life --Benezia, Shiala --pre-Liara
  33. Where Trees Flower --Liara, Shiala, Benezia, Sha'ira --Liara's youth
  34. Hints and Guesses --Shepard, Ash, Wrex, Sha'ira --ME
  35. I Couldn't Stop Watching --Shepard --Shepard's youth
  36. Only in Dreams--Benezia, Shiala--pre-Liara
  37. Not Knowing--Liara, Benezia, Shiala, Sha'ira--Liara's youth


(adapted from Greek)

Adelfi=Sisters Adyton=restricted area of a temple, the holy of holies
Aegia=a four-legged creature with horns notable for its smelliness and invasiveness
Afendra=Boss Agapi=Beloved, Love
Allos=Class Aphrodisia=Title given to one's lover, indicating a significant intimacy and claim to relationship
Bazurita=a flowering plant that grows on a vine, with papery petals
Cella=the large common room of a temple
Cetus=large fish, a defensive stance in the fifth biotic form
Chloe=Green Shoot, title of the one chosen to be the next Potnia
Despoina=Mistress of the House, Keeper
Didaskolus=Headmistress of a school, Teacher
Doulous/douli(pl)=ones pledged to service to the Goddess, acolytes
Drakon=a large fierce and ancient serpent
Egkhelys=a fatty fish
Egras=a strong liquor
Filia=Friend Gamoto=swear word
Hepta=The Seven, those from whom the next Potnia is selected
Hetera/heterai (pl)/heterae (pl)=The Consort, those skilled in the many arts of pleasure
Heira=priestess Hieros Gamos=the Sacred Marriage, a fertility rite
Hydra=water Ichthys=fish, in general
Kali=Good Kamake=spear fisher, or colloquially "player," as in "one who puts one's spear in another," or "one who transfixes another through penetration"
Kathroshaima=pureblood, an insult Katharo-skardia=pureheart Katoptron=in the third form, a counterattack with hand strike aimed right below the eye allowing for sideways retreat, a diversion
Khaviari=fish eggs
Kore=maiden Koumbara=matron Ksadelfi=cousin, honored long-standing relation of the family
Luludenia=a rare, star-shaped flower
Lykeion=most advanced pre-university school
M'ana=Mom Mathitis=Student Megas=Great Mera=morning Mitera=Mother or Matriarch M'oula=Mommy or Mama Nichte=Night, when combined with Kali also means goodbye
Nous=mind/soul/self an attack characterized by parallel hand strikes from the seventh form
Opisthodomos=the rear porch of a temple
Parepidemos=pilgrims Peitho=believe, have faith
Phykos=a plant that grows in the sea
Plebiscite=Public debate and decision making, direct voting type of government
Porne=common prostitute, sex slave, someone who sells sex in public places, an insult
Potnia=Mistress of the Goddess
Proto=first Proummon =a small, plum-like fruit Pyslla=a small blood-sucking insect, a pest
Pythia=chief seer/oracle
Rhodon=a flower protected by thorns
Sikera=a strong drink
Silarin=large-winged pollinating insect(s)
Skylos=a mangy dog-type Thessian animal, a scavenger
Spera=Evening T'ata=Father
Temenos=holy place
Tezarin=a large-winged sea bird, capable of long distances
Thesmophoros=an honorific for a prophetess, usually ascribed to the Pythia
Tiknon(i)=child, children Vani=a wrap Xenix/Xena=outsider Xpa=stringed instruments Yassou/Yassas (pl)=a popular toast that means to your health
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