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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Naruto.

There's not a lot to say as far as my personal profile goes. Most of my effort goes into my stories, now. I could explain a little bit of my background in fanfiction, I suppose. Back in ~2003 I was a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and also a somewhat...fledgeling writer. I was 13, then; I'm 25, now. I stopped writing Fanfiction in 2007, but even in that year it was hardly on my radar. I went for a long time without even thinking about writing for fun; most of what I wrote was written for this class, or that friend. Then, in early 2013, I rediscovered Naruto after almost 8 years and became a rabid fan of it--its characters, its universe, its concepts, its fights--I loved every minute of it! I watched the series from beginning to end and found that I constantly wanted more of it, so a thought occurred in the back of my mind: What about Fanfiction?

I used to love writing Fanfiction, and to this day I can't really remember why I stopped writing it. So, in December of 2014 I finally wrote something else; just a one-shot, but it was enough to remind me of how much I used to love writing and having people read things on this website. I went on to a longer story (still Naruto) and had a blast writing that, too! Now I'm on my third new story and the reception has blown me into space, so if you're reading this I'd like to thank you for the encouragement and support. I'm a card-carrying NaruHina and SasuSaku supporter, but my Romance story is the opposite--it's actually incredibly fun to write for the other side of things! Sasuke and Hinata could have easily gotten together in the canon story, and the same goes for Naruto and Sakura. To me, it was predictable how it ended based on certain storytelling clues, but in a realistic world the storytelling tips don't always come to fruition.

I've got a list of Naruto OCs; most of them can be found in The Village Hidden by Truth. It's a long story with a lot of uh...liberties taken, but I loved writing it and am proud of how it turned out, for better or worse.

Fate Doesn't Make Mistakes is more true-to-canon with few (if any) OCs and a strict adherence to characters staying in character. I want the story to feel like it could have been the real ending, so if you catch me making any blatant errors in characterization or setting, don't hesitate to let me know so I can correct the course! =P

Sasuke in the Tea House shows me at my (modern) rustiest, but I loved doing it. It could be considered as an unofficial tie-in to Fate Doesn't Make Mistakes, but it's not required reading by any means and just shows a typical day in the life of a wandering Sasuke Uchiha.

The two Sonic stories are still here for posterity--I don't suggest reading them because they're awful, awful things that remind me of my middle-school self. I just couldn't bring myself to delete them, though. Sentimental value, and such.

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Fate Doesn't Make Mistakes reviews
Sasuke once took love for granted, and it slipped through his fingers. He returns to Konoha in order to attend a ceremony that forever changes the dynamic of Team 7; during his stay, might he find something else worth sticking around for? Meanwhile, a tournament is devised to give career soldiers an escape from boredom and frustration. (Post-war)
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Kakashi and Tenzo are given a mission with an unknown motive. A missing ANBU, a pamphlet of dead war heroes, and the word "truth" are their only provided clues. The newest Hidden Village masks a secret more than thirteen years in the making. And in the shadows there hides another force; a chaotic beast with its own vile machinations. (Multiple OCs. Set after Part 1, pre-Shippuden.)
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Sasuke in the Tea House reviews
Shortly after setting out on his world-spanning journey of atonement, Sasuke finds himself in a tea house in the Land of Earth. Though the young waitress enjoys his company, there may be others there who are not happy to see him. Takes place soon after chapter 699. Reviews appreciated.
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Sonic, Shadow, and the others arrive in Station Square, but something went wrong, and they are now in a world where Robotnik rules. Finally complete! Shade Origin Added, Last Chapter, if interested. (Very Old Work! You've been warned.)(Fixed the spelling error in the title after 9 years.)
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