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Time for another update...

About me

Currently I am a college student and I'm continuing to work on completing a BS. Then it will be off to grad school. I've been writing fan-fiction for about three years now, and have an alternate account here under Rochelle Templer. I only have stories for the TV show Bones there, and sadly, many are unfinished. But this year, I plan to make a project of completing as many unfinished fics as possible, so they should be getting updates soon. Plus, I plan on posting fic for a new fandom that I have fallen in love with: Doctor Who. So for those who are interested in either one, I hope you will give it a chance. :)

I created this account mainly for my anime and manga fanfiction and have started to include some video game fic as well. I have been a fan of anime and manga for years now and have a great love for classic (often meaning older) titles along with more obscure or offbeat ones. I also tend to mainly focus on a couple RPG series for games (Final Fantasy, Chrono Series, Dragon Quest, etc) so I will probably write only for a couple titles in that area. For now, I will be focusing on one of my favorite series, City Hunter and on one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy VIII, but I plan on adding fics from other fandoms in the future

About my fic writing

I tend to lean toward certain styles and themes in my work. First and foremost, I do love to mix angst/drama/h/c with humor/fluff. As a result, most of my stories will have elements of both in them, despite the fic descriptors in the summary. Also, I tend to spend a lot of time in my characters' heads and explore a lot of nuances, and thus, my fics also tend to be on the long side. :)

A couple of other quirks in my writing and subject matter include:

Focusing on side characters: I can't help it. Ever since I started writing fan-fiction, I have often found myself drawn to the characters that just don't get as much attention in canon. Even in fandoms where I do spend most of my time with the main characters (like City Hunter) I still find ways to spend a lot of time with characters that were not featured heavily in canon. I guess it's because I feel as if their stories haven't had a chance to be fully explored yet...

Father/Son fics: This has also been a long running quirk of mine. I simply love exploring complicated father-son relationships and thus, every fandom I have written in so far has had at least one long, epic fic featuring a father-son combination that is not straightforward or traditional (and in the case of Final Fantasy VIII, it's the main thing I focus on).

Well that was more than enough about me...;)

Some notes on my fics:

All anime/manga fics

-I will be using honorifics (and a few titles) if they are commonly used in the original work. I tend to watch most anime in the original Japanese (usually with subtitles) and have studied Japanese in the past, thus I'd like to keep some of that flavor in my written work. Plus, the use of honorifics or titles (or lack thereof) can say a lot about how characters view each other which is another reason why I like to use them.

City Hunter fics:

-Even though my fics will be in English, there are a couple of words that I plan on leaving in Japanese...most notably, mokkori. I know that English translators have come up with a variety of substitutes for it including sexy, nookie, scoring and whatnot, but to me, mokkori is one of those words which just doesn't quite have a suitable equivalent in English. Plus, being as it's such an integral word in Ryo's vocabulary, I can't bring myself to leave it out of his dialogue. :)

-The fics are pretty much standalone, but I do have one AU series which includes (in this order):

1. To heal a heart: The return of Cinderella

2. To find a path: The uncertainty of decisions

3. To realize a destiny: The journey into shadows

Also, I plan on writing a sequel to The Change in Direction: Dark Shadows on City Streets at some point.

Final Fantasy VIII fics

-My fics here tend to follow one of two timelines/fic paths with anything else being standalone:

Path #1 Fics

1. Long Shadows Before Dawn

2. Twilight within a Dream (currently in the planning stages)

Path #2 Fics

1. The Verge of Anything

2. The Silence Afterwards

3. The Treasure in Details

4. Fractures

Standalone Fics

1. Vires and Constantia

2. Divergence to the Beginning (AU and currently in the planning stages)

3. Fidelitas in Perpetuo (loosely related to Vires and Constantia)

4. Revisions

5. Phasmatis (within the same universe as, but not directly related to Revisions)

Reading the fics in Path #2 in order is not absolutely necessary, but it will be helpful for the longer fics like Treasure and Fractures. However, the fics in Path #1 will need to be read in that order to make sense.


I know that I have been bad about letting some of my fics languish in limbo, and I apologize for that. As I mentioned above, I plan on making it a project to get as many of them as possible completed and that includes fics on this account as well. So for you City Hunter fans who have been waiting for so long...and the FFVIII fans who are wondering what happened...I plan to get some stuff out there in the coming weeks and months. I promise. :)

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my work in these fandoms. I hope you enjoy it.

All for now

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