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Okay so I don't feel like writing a bio twice. It gets wierd. So i'm going to just redirect you to my fictionpress profile. But before I do that I want to add some stuff about fanfics that I left out there. So the thing is my interest changes from time to time. But I leave a token of them from time to time. As you can see. Recently I have been bored with it. I'd rather start my own characters. However this doesen't mean I will abandon fanfics. I will keep posting fics here but don't expect it.

So without further ado I'll take you to my other profile:


currently working on :
a DBZ fic that's not posted yet

Goku's back !

PS is soooo fuckin' stupid, GRRR I HATE THEM, those 2 new rules SUCK !


noooooooo school's almost starting.

anyway im currently awaiting the new chapter of Ruroni Naruto

i'll be posting the end of my dbz series in return of raditz, a dbz fic and MAYBE the sequel to "A warm feeling"


I got a new forum up: click on homepage Now you can complain, suggest request , flame review hell. You can do anything


sorry cant update any fics, busy busy busy, expect an update in about 2 or 3 weeks


unavailabe, computer busted come back whenever
using school comp. well, bye


Happy Hols everybody ! i'm BACK. the "Temporarily untitled" chappie has been done since forever. yeah i know whatcha thinkin. i shoulda made more. but i dont make more until one is posted. heh. anyway ill post the sequel to "Goku's Back !" soon enough. I hope you enjoy the latest updates. and remember if you have any complaints just go to the forum. its still active even though I don't post.


hey reviewers. I got a prob here. The next chapter of "Temporarily untitled" or "the warm feeling 2" is near completion but I might have some probs with the internet. I hope i can fix it. I wouldn't like another long absence.


uh kinda late but...HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY EASTER. sorry i couldn't make it. Computer problems as stated in...xmas. Anyway i haven't been sitting idly by. I've changed for the better really. I finished the last two chapters of 'The warm feeling 2' and i will post them soon. Please visit my forum it SEEMS dead but i check it once in awhile. Anyways i present my return !


Hey GUYS, Just to let you know i'm still here. Just no updates and no fics. I am thinking about making some one shots and short stories but that's it, nothing special. Anyway dbz fans check out this C2 it rocks : Fics worth reading and i'm soon gonna be a part of it. Check the forum out, it isn't updated due to the lack of members but I stitll check it everyday. bye my good friends !


I am officially on the C2: 'Fics worth reading' thankyou sweetjex for accepting me. Oh btw I added the second sequel to 'return of raditz' its been on my comp for like FOREVER. i got bored so i posted it. Its really crappy to tell you the truth. I can't believe I used to write that shit. TLSORThe Life Story Of Rotin a fic about my dbz rpg character was deleted by mistake otherwise i would have posted it too. It wasn't a bad fic really. Anyway nowadays I'm currenly working on 'TMG' only the initials for now. see ya


Happy New Year!! umm Twice lol okay so I haven't visited in quite a while. Anyways I'm back. Just to let people know I'm not into anime anymore. I might be again someday but I'm not right now. Anyways I decided to change my profile a little. It was too corny and childish for my liking. So I will be starting something about "the o.c" and though I'm positive no one is reading this I'd like to inform you that


Wow...I updated four days before Sidney Sheldon died, last time. R I P to one of the greatest authors of all time (well IMO). Anywho the dreaded got-bored-after-the-3rd-chapter syndrome strikes again. But this time I'm going to put some discipline on myself. I will continue Reuniting after I finish these stupid exams.

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its a stupid GB i wrote in my spare time. dont expect anything from it.
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