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Author has written 4 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Gundam Wing/AC.
I write. I draw. I think. I am. What more could I possibly tell you about myself? It's a miracle anyone's actually reading this anyway.

Let's see, what is there to say of me? My given name is Aeyvi, though i know I've signed a lot of reviews "luhv, Keera". It's my non de plume`. im allowed.

I enjoy good science fiction, some Stephen King, and LOVE all the classics. My role model in writing is Edgar Allen Poe. (can't tell, can you?)

I've been writing short stories since i learned how (age six)and have been affiliated with DBZ since age 11. (is now 17) I first composed fanfiction for pokemon and DBZ when I was 12, which has evolved since...hopefully... I finished writing my first book at age 13 ("Thank you, Erika" a verisimilitude on a fictional holocaust victim)
A year later, I created Keera, Vegeta's little sister. she began as a black-haired, more obnoxious version of me. Now, she has transformed into the onerey, vicious, violent, sexy, sassy saiyan we know and love.

I currently am finishing up "Vegeta's Story"...AND "Small Warriors"...AAAND countless other projects still on paper. Give me time.
I recently got a job as a graphics designer (since I'm an expert at Photoshop) and now i have less time to write and post. Bear with me.

Note to those I R&R: use tons of detail, lots of colorful adjectives and some active dialogue or I shall correct you. grammar and spelling mistakes are unforgivable. I alone am allowed to make them."_";;;

I just wanted all of you authors out there to know that reading your work has helped me improve. I'm constantly finding mistakes in my own that you all inadvertantly point out. Thank you. Anyway, write on!!^_^

~*~*ok, here is my update. future story ideas:

GT~ untitled as of yet, humor. Trunks, Goku, and Pan accidentally pass through a time warp in space (much like the one in "lost in space") and find themselves on a collision course with the IGU headquarters!!! what happens when Trunks sees his father... at age 12!!!???

GT, possibly the elusive AF~ humor/lemon ^_^. Keera crash-lands on earth. Why does she think Goku is Turles? and why is Chichi getting jealous? God save us when the fur starts to fly...or Chichi for that matter. And what's this??? Vegeta can dance?? check him out! Groovy!

GT~ Dreamworld. horror. A dark aura has decended on earth, plaguing the z-senshi's dreams. What happens when they find themselves trapped in the most terrifying nightmares of their lives? No longer able to rely upon physical strength, will they be able to battle the beast with their minds?? Warning, remember my Edgar Allen Poe comment. This story will not be for the faint.

GundamW~ Gundam Vertigo. action/maybe lemon/maybe yaoi in future. Oh, great. Some french guy is trying to take over the world with some heavy artillery to back him up. Looks like a job for our beloved Gundam boys. but, they have no Gundams!!! There are three new pilots in town, and they have MS's with capacities that far outleague the old Gundams. Looks like it's up to... The Gundam GIRLS!!! Are the boys going to let these girls take their fame? We'll see.

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