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Hey, I'm Never Ending Dawn or NED.

Unfortunately, i'm going to go on a hiatus for a time. My classes have gotten harder and i'm working as well. I do intend to continue my stories, but it will definitely be at an even slower pace. I apologize for my horrendous pace at putting out updates, but it is one of my many flaws.


Challenges: These are stories I've thought up, but am unsure if i'll write or not. I may try them later, but i thought i'd put them up to see if any other authors are interested.

Naruto of Akatsuki: This would be a Naruto in Akatsuki story. Mikoto and Fugaku had another child in this story. A girl two years younger than Itachi and older than Sasuke. She lacks confidence and is timid at first. Naruto ends up befriending her. During the night of the Uchiha massacre, Naruto had snuck into her room to play. When Itachi came to kill her, Naruto ends up pulling on the Kyuubi's chakra to defend her. Itachi is taken by surprise and has difficulty defeating Naruto. Itachi knows he is running out of time to finish his task as the Kyuubi's chakra is drawing too much attention. He tries to bypass Naruto entirely to finish off his sister, but Naruto interrupts and takes the hit. He is stabbed through the chest. In his last moments, Naruto comforts the girl and thanks her for being his friend. Other ninja have arrived by this point so Itachi decides to flee even though a number of Uchiha civilians are still alive, but he decides to take Naruto's body with him. Claiming that he had some use for the body.

In reality, Itachi immediately cauterizes the wound and manages to save Naruto's life. With Konoha believing Naruto is dead, Itachi decides to take Naruto with him to Akatsuki. He justifies this by saying that having a properly trained Jinchuriki under their control would help with subduing the more powerful jinchuriki later. Naruto would then be trained by the members of Akatsuki. He would not have all of their abilities. No jiongu from Kakazu or messed up hands from Deidara. He would learn general stuff. Genjutsu from Itachi, chakra control from Sasori, elemental manipulation from Kakazu, kenjutsu from Kisame, etc. While being taught he is also taught that Akatsuki's goal is to bring peace by Pein, but Naruto immediately doesn't like their methods. Naruto's weird charisma immediately starts changing some members of Akatsuki. Soon the entire group splits. The evil members, Tobi, Hidan, Zetsu, still want to go the original plan, but the good members, Itachi, Nagato, Konan, decide to follow Naruto's philosophy. The two sides soon are working against each other. The allegiance of more gray characters like Kakazu, Sasori, Deidara, and Kisame are your choice. The evil Akatsuki has the same goals, but Naruto's Akatsuki wants to bring peace through a different method. If you are a pervert, you've probably read The Lemon Sage's Eroninja story. They follow the idea of that story. Through various methods, gain influential allies throughout the Elemental Nations. In effect, change the minds of the leaders in order to bring different countries closer together and prevent wars from arising. Orochimaru/Sound would probably ally with the evil Akatsuki as well.

The story would also have to follow Sasuke's sister a bit as well. Due to her believing Naruto died to protect her, she takes up his goal of becoming Hokage. Eventually her and Naruto will meet again. That would be the main pairing in this story. Her and Naruto. I don't care if you make it a harem or decide to go with single pairings, but Naruto has to be paired up with her. By the start of canon, Naruto would be considered A-rank. Strong, but not too overpowered. I could say a lot more, but don't feel like it. PM me if you have questions or want even more information.


Naruto of Uzu: I've read quite a lot of stories where Naruto discovers his heritage and decides to revive Uzushiogakure. This isn't one of those stories. In this story, Uzu never fell. In this story, when Uzu was attacked at the beginning of the Second Shinobi World War, Danzo had sent several of his agents in under the guise of allies to sabotage Uzushiogakure, which he felt was too powerful, but they were caught before they could destroy the nearly unbreakable fuinjutsu barrier which protected the village. With the barrier standing, Uzushiogakure never fell. Danzo was executed by the Third for the attack on their allies, but Uzu still broke off the alliance with Konoha in retaliation.

During the Third Shinobi World War years later, Cloud tried to kidnap Kushina Uzumaki. Before the Uzu retrieval team could intercept them, the Cloud team ran into Jiraiya's genin team. Minato personally rescued Kushina, catching her fancy. After a few more meetings over the next few years, Kushina fell in love with Minato. She actually left Uzu to join Konoha to be with him, so she was considered a traitor to Uzu, although they decided to not treat her as a missing-nin. She taught Minato some Uzumaki fuinjutsu, which he later used to create the Hiraishin.

Mito had stayed in Konoha even after the alliance was broken due to her still feeling that it was her duty. When Kushina joined Konoha, Mito transferred the Kyuubi into her just like in the anime. The Kyuubi escaped the same way as well. The Kyuubi was then sealed into the twins born. Naruto received the Yin chakra, while his sister Uzumi received the Yang. The weakened Konoha tried to create another alliance with Uzu afterwards. Uzu accepted due to their desire to forge closer bonds with the Uchiha. Family is very important to the Uzumaki, even distant relatives like the Senju and Uchiha. When the Senju basically died out during the Third World War, Uzu decided to try and bond with their last remaining relatives, the Uchiha. So they accepted the alliance, but they made one demand. One of the new jinchuriki with Uzumaki blood would become an Uzu shinobi. So Naruto was given to Uzu to be raised while his sister was adopted by the Third.

Uzu is a very small village by most standards, but still very powerful. They only have between two and three hundred shinobi, almost all of them Uzumaki. Non-Uzumaki are only allowed in when they marry and Uzumaki. In order to compensate for their very small numbers, Uzu shinobi are on average the most powerful shinobi in the Elemental Nations. New genin are considered chuunin levels, while 90% of the shinobi are jonin, compared to other villages where 5% jonin is considered a high percentage. This doesn't mean Uzu is as strong or stronger than the major shinobi villages. They are easily outnumbered 30:1 by the major hidden villages. They are still a minor village, Uzu shinobi are just highly respected and never underestimated. One of the requirements to become a genin in Uzu is to also be at least adept in at least one field of fuinjutsu. It goes Beginner, journeyman, adept, and master.

The story would start with Naruto just becoming a genin. He would be placed on a genin team with Karin and Tayuya, who were the only kids his age in the entire village. Their jonin sensei is Nagato, who is a very important shinobi in Uzu. In their attempt to become closer to the Uchiha, the Uzumaki gave them several seals to contact them. The night of the Uchiha Massacre, the Uzumaki were contacted through an emergency seal by an Uchiha. The Uzumaki had then contacted Nagato, who had been the only Uzumaki in Konoha at the time. Nagato confronted Itachi and successfully stopped the Uchiha Massacre, saving half of the clan. In thanks, the Uchiha had given the Uzumaki a pair of Sharingan to implant into Nagato. Nagato awakened the Rinnegan because of this. Nagato would not be as powerful as in canon because he received the Rinnegan much later in his life. He's still easily S-class, but he couldn't take on an entire major hidden village by himself and win.

The entire story is about Naruto as a ninja. Naruto is considered a prodigy, and is thus subjected to great pressure by his village. The problem is that Naruto had a relatively good childhood, if not slightly lonely due to being an orphan, and thus has no real desire to gain acceptance. He wants to live his own life, not a life people decide for him. One of the biggest pressures Naruto receives is from Nagato. Nagato feels that Naruto has the potential to surpass the Sage of Six Paths and bring peace to the land, but Naruto is very conflicted on the matter. So he rebels somewhat against Nagato's expectations for him. Naruto is also the top candidate to receive a pair of Sharingan and thus awaken the Rinnegan. Naruto once again rebels against the idea somewhat of becoming a symbol of unity between the Uzumaki and Uchiha. So the entire story would sort of revolve around the pressures Naruto faces and his desire to find his own path.

Naruto would have to be taught about Yin-Yang Release from Nagato. He also doesn't know about his twin in Konoha or his parents besides the fact that his mother is an Uzumaki traitor. Pairings would be up to you.


Naruto/Starcraft Crossover: Just played Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. Idea came to me.

This story would be based around the idea of Naruto being a second leader of the swarm. Different from those stories where he is the subordinate of Kerrigan though. In this one, he is the leader of his own swarm. After creating Kerrigan, and viewing her as a success, the Overmind started to create another one. Naruto. Right at the beginning though, the Overmind was killed by the Protoss(as it happened in the game). When the swarm was thrown into chaos by the Overmind's death, Naruto's development was forgotten. With him basically developing by the Overmind's previous designs, but none doing the...indoctrination or whatever it is called, Naruto ended up not having the directive to destroy the protoss like all other Zerg. When he is done being altered, he realizes that it is too late to take control of the swarm before Kerrigan. Knowing he would be killed for not having the directive and being viewed as different, he flees and starts his own swarm.

During Wings of Liberty campaign, Zeratul warns Jim after three or four missions to go to some planet and save the 'second swarm.' So he goes and find Naruto and Kerrigan's swarms fighting. After Jim helps him, Naruto starts aiding Jim with his swarm. During the events of Heart of the Swarm, Naruto aids Kerrigan in bringing the swarm back together. He curbs some of her ruthlessness during the campaign.

Instead of broodmother's like Kerrigan, Naruto uses other terran-zerg hybrids to command his broods. These would be Naruto characters. Who would be your choice. They would not actually be from Naruto. They are just normal terrans who were found and turned. They could have similar abilities due to being a terran-zerg hybrid though. He would also be able to switch at will between a human and zerg form since Naruto was meant to be an upgrade over Kerrigan. His canon look for the human look. His zerg form would give him nine tails which would be his main form of attack. Naruto would personally be more powerful than Kerrigan, but his swarm is smaller and weaker. So he couldn't fight her directly.

Current Stories

Jinchuriki of Mahora: It is a Naruto/Negima crossover where Naruto has the Sharingan and is stuck in Mahora.

This is the current situation concerning Naruto's harem. This list is very liable to change.

Definitely: Kaede, Ku Fei(I love her!), Yue, and Chizuru.

Probably: Konoka and Setsuna(they come together. Konoka is the main focus of the relationship, setsuna is just sort of along for the riude due to her devotion to Konoka), Eva, Haruna, Kazumi, and Ayaka.

Probably Not: Asuna, Mana

Definitely Not: Chachamaru, Nodoka, Ako

Unsure: Every other girl in the series.

This is the list for Neg's 'harem.' Some of these people might not be in love with him, more acting as sister figures.

Definitely: Chachamaru, Nodoka, Ako, Asuna

Probably: Chisame.

Shinobi, Aliens, and a Blonde Maelstrom: A Naruto/Mass Effect crossover. The introduction of Shinobi to the galaxy becomes a catalyst for change, with a certain blonde Maelstrom in the center of it along with the crew of the Normandy.

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