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Hello peoples! If you r reading this, i can assume 1 of 2 things: that you read my reply to a story, or that you read one of MY storys. Personally, i'd prefer the second one. :hint hint:
Ok , I'm a girl, 13, in 7th grade, Everyone says I'm smart but i know I'm an idiot. If you ask me, everyone is stupid, jsut some people are to thick to admit it, most boys included. No offense to the boys reading this, but the boys in my school/town/state are full blown idiots! Ok, c, every1 says i;m smart just because i taught myself how to read... at age, like, um... 3 or 4. i forget which.
I like Yugioh, Pokemon, Jackie Chan Adventures, X-men Evolution, Scooby Doo, Fairly Odd Parents, and Hey Arnold.
My goals for YGO fics: Do flame all Who bash Tea and do not put it in the summarys thus Warning my fellow Tea fans, and to GET JOEY TO MARRY ME! He is so KAWAII!!

Ok, I"m back... Ok, heres some better info on me, my muse, and my Yami.
Name: Sammi
Outfit: Red t-shirt, holes in back for dragon wings. Black shorts
Age: 13
gender: Female. If u couldn't fiqure that out, how the hell did ya make it through Kidergarten? ... ... sorry... I have a bit of a swearing problem...
Millenium item: Millenium scale, but in the YGO fic I have Tea with it, rather than make that fic a self insert.
Fic status: most fics are on hold untill I get inspiration. Don't hold your breath waiting.
Likes: The color red, Joey Wheeler, Gary Oak(but not as much), InuYasha, Pietro Maximoff from XME, fire and dark type duel monsters and Pokemon, animals(ecept for spiders), writing(duh), sugar, spinnning in the spinny computer chair, reading, singing, reading the mangas of (Angelic Layer, ), Tokyo Mew Mew(up to volume 6), Inu-yasha[only up to volume 9 on that..., Yu-gi-oh![Volume 4 on that..., Vamipre Game(up to volume 4), Ranma 1/2(volme 5)) singing songs off the top of my head, and drawing my own manga characters.
Bishies: Joey Wheeler(YGO), Gary Oak(Pokémon), Inu-yasha(Inu-yasha[doi]), Ken(Digimon season 2),Pietro Maximoff, AKA Quicksilver(X-Men Evolution), and Ryoga HIbiki AKA P-chan(Ramna 1/2)
Dislikes: every freaking boy in my class(immature little assholes the lot of them... ecept for maybe the rare 1 or 2... but then those are just annoying.), Water, when my computer freezes, and the Baka who took over Joey-sama(MY JOEY!)

My Yami:
Name: Terana
Outfit: tan Egyptian princess dress, wearing scale on chain around neck
Age: Old enough to be Yami's older sister.
Millenium Item: Scale. Lets us Teleport, banish the occasional fool mortal to the Shadow realm, and every now and then (meaning when I can remember how) bring a card to life.
Likes: Darkness, fire, myne flamethrower, torturing the fools my Hikari has to put up with every day, seeing looks on said fools faces when 'Sammi' starts beating them up, Egypt, Heat, nething red, Shesshomaru from the Inu-yasha manga, and my big sword that looks like a rusted stick but changes into a humungoes fang thats almost bigger than I am!
Sammi: Terana! Give that back to Inu-Yasha!
Terana: NEver!
Sammi: Terana, he needs the Tetsusagia!
Terana: I'm not giving it back!
Terana: Dislikes: Water(destroys me and hikari's fire...), the baka who's poking me with a pointy stick right now and is about to have a meeting with the reaper of the cards soon if he doesn't stop :glaring:
Bakura(dark, we call the light Ryou): I'll stop... Boo.
Terana: You know WHY I wasn't Pharoah? Because I have an eensy bit of an anger problem, and if you don't... :gets cut off by Sammi:
Terana: My bishies are Sesshomaru, Marik(the lighter one. Yes, I'm fully aware of the irony.), Bakura, and Bobby Drake from XME.
Sammi: I swear she chose that one soley to annoy me.

Sammi: Sorry 'bout that. Hope she didn't scare ne of you. NEway, click on the little links below! Yes... :waving hand in front of your face: you WILL click... you WILL read the stories... you WILL review... you will NOT flame... yes... hh? Sorry... my dad makes me watch Star Wars sometimes... -_- It's really getting old... :glances back at her 'brother'(it's Yugi... again... I swear, i never should have let hinm watch those,. and then the fic... and now hes convinced hes Luke Skywalker...)who is doing his Vader impression:
:sigh: Mr. Vader, have you met my frind Mr. Fist? :takes swing at Yugi:
Yugi: Missed! :keeps doing Vader impression:
Sammi: Would you like to meet Mr. Knee, too?
Yugi: O_O Stopping.
Sammi: Good boy.

Sammi: Terana, Give Inu-sama back the sword!
Terana: Never!
Sesshomaru: Ok, Terana, honey? Um, this is really intertaining and all, and even though I hate my half brother, I really think you chould give him the sword back.
Sammi: ... ... Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: Yeah?
Sammi: Did you just take Inu-samas side?
Inu-yasha: O_O VICTORY IS MYNE!!! HEE HEE!!!! ^_^
Sesshomaru: ... ... ... AH! UNCLEAN MIND!!! Losing.. grip... on... reality... EEEEK!!! :girly scream: :runs away panicking:
Inu-yasha: Now, Terana, give me the sword back1
Terana: NO! Mine! :clings onto Tetsusaiga:
Sammi: Terana, give my Inu-sama his sword back or I take away the flamethrower!
Terana: Flamethrower! Hm.. sword, or flamethrower? Feh, I'm going with the sword!
Sammi: -_;;; this might take a while...

And now... quotes! It WILL be updated! More from manga soon! I give credit where credit is due. Even to idiots. Such as myslef. And my father.
*Aren't all the cars on your train of thought empty?-- My dad, after I said he had made me lose my train of thought.
*When I lose my train of thought, it's usually a train wreck.-- Todd Fan, in a e-mail I got from her. She was commenting on the prevous quote.
*Normalcy died when I was born--me, on a different website. Before i found ff.net.
*Never underestimate the abitliyes of stupid people in large groups.--I forgot where I heard this, but it was here.
*"What could go wrong?" Famous. Last. Words.--One of Todd Fans fanfics. I forgot which.
*Like bunnies, FOrge. He multiplies LIKE BUNNIES!-- Pirate Kit, a combo of her love for Jamie Madrox and Todd Fan's canon 'Forges irrationsal fear of rabbits". Do not ask. Please.
*Here be tiny pirates chasign Penguins.--Pirate Kit agian.
*A note to veiwers: DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. The management.--Yep, Pirate Kit again.
*"...On the plus side, we now have a STUNNING veiw of the west garden!" "Thats because the entire west wall was BLOWN AWAY!!"--Kitty Pride and Scott Summers, Todd Fans fanfic While The Adults Are Away. I think you can tell what happened.
*NEIN! That is the plant that EATS people!--Kurt Wagner, While the Adults are Away again.
*Twenty years of solitude doesn't phase him, but one little bunny rabbit nibbles on his hair and he's scarred for life.--Mastermind, Todd Fan's fanfic Teacher Training. WTAWA is the companion fic to this obne. This is on Forges irrartional fear of rabbits.
*KILLITKILLITKILLIT!--Wanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch) when a turkey wanders into the Borther hood house. Todd Fans fanfic TURKEY! It is funny, yes it is.
*"AHHHHH...ow."--Bandit Keiths 'death scream', Yu-gi-oh anime. :snicker:
*(This one isn't a quote, more like what happened)Johnson of the Big 5(Yugioh, hes a lawyer)(XP) is rambling about his strategy in his duel with Joey. Joey starts whistling. This was very funny.
*"Are you SURE we're related?"Max(POkémon advanced) on his sister May
*I am NIcolai, Nicolai of the knickerbockkers!--Nicolai, Pokémon Advanced
*Brocks back!!... Again!--Me on Brocks 2nd return to jorneing with Ash.
*TALKING PENGIUNS???--Me on Téa's Big 5 opponent. He was a talking penguin. With an obbsessino on penquins. In these two episodes, I found out that the DMG has a very cool voice.
*IT SPEAKS! IT LIIIIVEEES!--Me on The Flame Swordsman talking. He is my Joey-samas deck master. I never realized how cool the FS is. I see why it is Jon-:gets hit in head with mallet:
*"I think his brain may be entirly gone this time.""...Beast Boy had a brain?"--Starfire and RAven, Teen Titans.
*"Hey! I do so have a brain! I just don't use it often!"--Beast Boy in response to the prevous comment
*Ok, so Robin had... something..., Star had library, Beast Boy had Science, Cyborg had computer, and Raven wound up in Gym. Ouch.--Me. I was watching Teen Titans. I stil want to know where Robin was. (FWI: I've only seen a few episodes, I'm going with KidsWB here, cut me some slack.
*"You can't fire me! ... he fired me." Jake Foley, jake 2.0 Don't ask.
*"Oh. O_O Ooohh." Jake again.
*@_@"Fllllyyyyyyyyyyyy..." quote from Bakurakrazie. you REALLY don't want to know.
*"I'm not even a science fiction fan. Patrick Steward on "The Uncanny Suspects". Yes, thats the guy who played Captian Picard on Startrek, AND Prof. Xavier in the X men movies. I'm scared...

Sammi: I am now brave. I shall be attempting to journey into my yami's soul room. Wish me luck.
:little later:
Sammi: Here we are in Terana's soul room. FIrst off,I notice that this room is blood red on two walls, pitch black on the otehrs. Hey, she copied me! I see 4 shrines. These must be to her bishonen. I shall be venturing into 2 of them. This must be her Sessho-maru shrine. I'm seeing... all the pictures I've downloaded off the net for her, as well as... a hand carved, hand painted scuplture? ...And a pic she had me draw for her... joy. I'd wondered what she was gong to do with that. This shrine is large, closet sized... as is what I now belvie to be her Marik shrine. :Sammi opens door to Marik shrine, and quickly closes it: O_O;; I'm scarred for life now. Ok, NOBODY GO IN THERE! My yami seems to be having some alone time with Marik... :shudders: I'm gonna have nightmares.
Sammi: Moving on... This seems to be the torture section. I see several assorted torture devices, and her precious flamethrower witch is gathering dust. In a glass case is a rusty blade... hey, wait... I can finnally get my InuYasha-sama his Tetsusaiga back! :opens case witch is not locked, grabs Tetsusaiga: Uh oh... alarms are going off... :takes Tetsusaiga out of case:
Terana: :rushing in, her princess outfit is on both crooked and backward: GIVE ME THE SWORD. NOW, hikari.
Sammi: Someone got dressed in a hurry.
Terana: ... I'm going now.
Sammi: And so am I. I'd rather not be scarred anymore then I already am. Buh-bye!
Terana: And don't come back!
{{Note: This was not as gutter-minded as it sounds. Terana was in a HOT TUB WITH MARIK! NOt doing... um... it... you know... that THING that guys and girls do... togethor... IT WAS NOT GUTTER-MINDED!! HENTAIS! If you are dark and into vampires, RPGs and the like, please go to the following link

Trust me, it's worth it.

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