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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Merlin.

So my pen name is Eruanna3594 (Rwanna would do fine if you think the numbers are annoying), but that doesn't mean that my name is Grace (Eruanna in Quenya means Grace). I'm female, and under 20. I am a Lord of the Rings freak, and am learning Sindarin. I would really like to learn Quenya too, but I think I'd focus on Sindarin first.

I have a great interest in philology. I do not study it formally, but I just thought about it from time to time, just to amuse myself. English isn't my mother tongue, since I am Indonesian. My vocabulary is still limited, and I'm still slipping here and there on grammar and vocabs (and sometimes, in spelling too). Right now, my only help is the spelling and grammar check feature on my word processor, which by default is off because most my assignments are written in my native language, so I apologize for any misspelling or grammatical errors I might have done or may do in the future. I'm trying to always remember to turn it on everytime I write for this site, but I forget things easily. :P I wouldn't ask you guys repeatedly for reviews, since all I want to do is to share my imagination with you (and more importantly, practice my English), but it's really nice to have some. And feel free to correct me if I made any mistake. Scratch that, I know I make mistakes, so feel free to correct me anytime. :D

My first story is titled "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom". It is a crossover of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. I intended to make this a series of stories. I'm even planning on making a sequel and a prequel. And a kind of spin-off to this story had been posted, and deleted for revision. It's titled "The Origin of Merlin's Horn". It's a crossover of Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia, focusing on Merlin's trip to Narnia and how he came by the horn before he came to Middle Earth. I can't promise I can finish these stories, but I do intend to finish them properly. And there might be a long hiatus in August if the stories aren't finished by then. But I'll try! :D

By the way, I opened polls on my English. Please take those polls, I need input on my English to improve myself. :D (I'm still practicing on my British English)

15/7/2012: Updated my Avatar. I hand-drew that picture on a grid paper, took a picture of it, and did some editing on it. The first picture I made that I am quite proud of, since my other drawings usually ended up much worse than that.

12/8/2012: It is certain. The hiatus will begin just a few days before the end of August. I might be able to post a chapter or two during hiatus, but I can't promise. The hiatus ends in early January.

8/1/2013: I'm back from hiatus since January 1st, 2013, which is *tada* Colin Morgan's birthday. :D I've deleted "the Origin of Merlin's Horn" for revision and posted another story titled "Merlin and Merlin". Anyway, from now on, this profile acted as my research note too. I really love researching on Tolkien's works. The language, the chronology of the stories, and many other things. I've been feeling like Ben Gates in National Treasures. You know, the guy who knew a little too much about history to most people's liking. One of his best friends even refused to keep listening to him when he started talking about history in details. The difference between me and him is that he is into real history, and I'm into Middle Earth's history, which wouldn't really do much in the real world. (Blast. If only I could make a living out of this.) So, I used this profile for another outlet for that. No one listens to me when I talk about it, so I just write and spill it somewhere in the Internet. And I chose this profile page for it. :D

20/1/2013: I know, I know, I am a terrible writer. I have 100 reviews for the first time, and I gave you a what? A super belated update which I still can't do now. Sorry, sorry, sorry! I blame the great flood in Jakarta for this. Sometimes the electricity's gone, sometimes the water's out, but mostly, the flood took my time away! This is the worst flood ever happen in Jakarta in the last 18 years at least! It's fortunate that my neighborhood is completely dry. Funny, because the water that flooded the neighborhood right next to mine (separated only by a river and two bridges) reached about two metres.

16/2/2013: Kill me, NOW. I think I'd rather die. I got a new laptop for technological reasons, and there were some problem with the data transferring. The result? I lost ALL my VIDEOS (including my the Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions, Kingdom of Heaven, A Princess for Christmas, and Chronicles of Narnia) and ALL my STORIES (fanfictions and originals) and ALL my STORY CONCEPTS and ALL my RESEARCH DATAS. So, I have to put aside posting any chapters while I deal with recovering the lost stories and story concepts. For "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom", I will not be able to work on anything until I get my hands on the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings and the research datas (i.e. high resolution map, list of spells in Harry Potter) again, so I have to apologise for those who are still waiting for my update on that story. I promise you I will do my best, but don't wait. Hey, at least I still have my Sindarin and Quenya research datas.

05/02/2014: I'm soo sorry. I know I said that I won't be uploading for a while, but I gotta say that my head is total blank! I don't know what happened to me (probably all those mental burden from campus is finally getting on me). And regretfully, I must say that I have not been able to post anything new, because I'm afraid that I won't be able to finish any other new story I have that I post. About 'Destiny is but one path of many', though. What I read in the reviews gnawed on my heart. The gloom of the story even has gnawed on my heart before it. So, I decided to take it down for a while. I think I have an idea not to make it as disturbing. I promise that whatever I got, next chapter done or not, as soon as it's fixed, it's up for you. Big big big sorry.

So about my favourites:

Favourite books: the Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes (canon)

Favourite movies: the Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia (only the first two movies), Harry Potter, the Gift, Kingdom of Heaven, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (the third is okay, the second is not bad, but the first is the best for me :D), and have I mentioned El Orfanato? No? Well, now I have.

Favourite TV series: Merlin (the BBC TV series, you know, the one with Colin Morgan in it?), Supernatural

Favourite author: J.R.R. Tolkien, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ilana Tan

Favourite singer: Regina Spektor, Taylor Swift

Favourite line: Trust your heart.

Favourite quotes: "There is always hope." Aragorn in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, among many other quotes..

Favourite fictional characters: Hermione Granger (my most favourite, the epitome of a strong, independent woman :D), Irene Adler (my favourite femme fatale), Legolas, Aragorn, the Pevensies, and don't forget Merlin

Favourite actors and actresses: Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath, Eoin Macken, Colin Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Colin Morgan, Jensen Ackles, and have I mentioned Colin Morgan? (Oh, my, I'm fangirling X_X)

My least favourites:

Book: ... (haven't found one)

Movie: This zombie movie I watched a long time ago that is not famous at all and so disgusting (the most disgusting movie I've ever watched). I despise it so much until I can't even remember its name. Trust me, you wouldn't want to watch it.

TV series: Can't decide which one is the least favourite. There are many local TV series that were really... repulsive, at least for me. The stories were mostly too complicated, impossible, and boring, and they were often elongated for a ridiculously long span of time. Some of them even reached episode 777! And no, it's not an accumulation number. Some of them really had more than 777 episodes in a season!

Character: Dorian Gray in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I considered Voldie, Saruman, Sauron, Jadis, and many other vile characters too, but this backstabbing, vain character somehow managed to 'win the award'.

Research note #1 on Durin's Bane and many other things Dwarf-related:

So, Durin's Bane is the Balrog. Since Durin VI (died T.A. 1980) and his son, Náin I (died T.A. 1981), were killed by the Balrog, it has been called thus. Since Náin I died, Moria was abandoned. It was taken back for the Dwarfs in T.A. 2799, at Azanulbizar battle (it was Khuzdul/Dwarvish, in Sindarin: Nanduhirion, still working on its translation, although I have a feeling it has something to do with the Sindarin word nand, meaning valley) by an army led by Thráin II, father of Thorin II Oakenshield, whose story is written and being filmed in the Hobbit. Thráin and Thorin were descendants of Durin VI. (I'd like to add more about the differences between the recently released movie and the references I found in Tolkien's books, like about Azog's death, but those would be irrelevant. Even in the end, I still love both the recently released movie and the books.) But even after it was taken back, Moria was not occupied by the Dwarfs. It was finally occupied by Balin at T.A. 2989. He's Gimli's cousin and one of Thorin's travelling companions, although when I checked his family tree, Balin was the son of Gimli's grandfather's brother, making him more like his uncle than his cousin to me. (But maybe that's because of culture differences, I don't know. I'm a Chinese descendant in a South-East Asian country. Maybe it's different in Europe.) These informations could be found in Appendix A and B in the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King book.

Related chapter(s) in the story: "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom" Chapter 10: The Battle in the Chamber of Mazarbul, and Chapter 11: The Bridge of Khazad-dum.

Research note #2 on the translation Nanduhirion/Azanulbizar and Khazad-dûm

I said something about the translation of Nanduhirion in Ch. 11: the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom", right? I said I have a feeling that it has something to do with 'nand', a Sindarion word for 'valley'. Turned out I was right. :D *hooray* After I googled it, I found out that the word Nanduhirion is constructed from nan(d) 'valley', dû 'dimness', sîr 'stream', and the ending -ion. Hence, it translates to 'Dimrill Dale', a valley outside the East-Gate of Moria, which by the way was the gate through which the Fellowship escaped the mines. About Azanulbizar, since Tolkien didn't exactly told us much about Khuzdul, not much can be said. It definitely translates to the same valley, but about it's still etymologically (if 'etymologically' is even a word) uncertain. There are two possibilities: Azanulbizar or Azanûlbizar, but they're not that much different.

Now, about Khazad-dûm, we could find references in the Lord of the Rings books that 'khazâd' means Dwarfs. Further research told me that it's a plural form of 'khuzd', meaning Dwarf. Now we only have to inspect the word 'dûm'. In the source I found, it is said that the word 'dûm', or maybe tûm, means 'excavation(s), hall(s), mansion(s)', so Khazad-dûm could be translated to 'Dwarfs' Mansion'. It has many other names, Moria (Sindarin mor 'black' ia 'abyss'), Phurunargian (Westron), and Dwarrowdelf among other names, but this one (Khazad-dûm) is my personal favourite. Probably because it's the one name that Galadriel used when she spoke to Gimli, or maybe it's just my reason-less preference. :D

These informations could be found in Tolkien Gateway net and, as I mentioned before, the Appendixes in the Lord of the Rings.

PS: By the way, VineNight gave a great help on explaining the meaning "Udûn". In my A/N in chapter 11 "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom", I said I only guessed, right? So, after I read VineNight's comment, my curiosity was tickled again by this problem. I researched some more, using the information she already provided in her comment, but I didn't get much more than what she already said in her comment. In conclusion, I found out that (just like what she already said in her comment) Udûn refers to the first fortress Morgoth (previously named Melkor, one of the Valar, for more information, read 'the Silmarillion') used. This fortress's name is also used by Sauron to the valley in Mordor (check the maps, you'll find it), maybe as a tribute to his former master. I really wanted to add that Sauron and balrogs are some of the Maiar that Melkor (then Morgoth) successfully persuaded to join him, but it would be quite irrelevant, don't you think? Oops, I added it. Well then, in that case, I'm not erasing it. :P It is related, somehow, anyway. Anyway, the most final conclusion: my guess that Udûn translates to 'hell', is wrong. Except maybe if it is used metaphorically.

Related chapter(s) in the story: "A Witch's Quest of Mount Doom" Chapter 11: The Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

Next to be researched: Still not found any yet. Hmmm... Any ideas? PM me :D

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