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Author has written 14 stories for General Hospital.

Hello! I'm a 21 year old from Connecticut. I used to watch General Hospital religiously and I could probably recite quite a bit of history off the top of my head. That said, I have no idea what's happening on the show now, so all of my stories are very much based off what was airing about eight years ago.

All of my stories have a rating of PG-13. It's more of a safety zone. There is some violence, since I do enjoy putting Jason in all sorts of dangerous situations. Rest assured, though, there's nothing extremely graphic. However, every once and a while there is a swear word. The rating is more out of caution than anything else.

And, for everyone who doesn't have a brain: I OWN NOTHING. I DISCLAIM GENERAL HOSPITAL. See? Nothing is mine (sadly, god how I wish Jason Morgan was mine!).

My General Hospital Stories:

SHOT IN AN ALLEY: Now Complete. I want to thank everyone who reviewed the story. The summary for it is really basic, but you can guess a lot from the title. There is a sequel entitled Together.

Note: As of 2008, I've gone through and revised all the chapters. I would love to say this was for formatting, but sadly it was also for grammar and terrible spelling. Really, fourteen year olds with no spell check should not be allowed to post! It is my hope to go through all of my stories and fix them, but for now only Shot in an Alley has been edited.

THE MORGAN PENTHOUSE: Now Complete. Thanks to all of the reviewers. The story has no real driving plot, it's basically what could happen if Dillon moved into Jason's penthouse. The pairings are Journey and GQ.

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL: A short one shot. The story is about Jason and Sonny's friendship. I didn't mention Liz, Brenda, or Courtney, so the story is okay for everyone to read. Some of it may be a little far fetched...okay really far fetched...Give it a shot, it's short.

FROZEN: Complete. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed it. I have said before that where Shot in an Alley is physical pain, Frozen is emotional. I've been told that some of the chapters are tissue required. So, you are warned. Just to make sure everyone understands what happened with the ending, I started writing what was supposed to be the last chapter, but I decided that what I had posted before was a perfect ending. So I just added a small note and a final bit to the story.

TOGETHER: The sequel to Shot in an Alley. This story is now completed, and with it the Shot/Together universe.

In my one-shot series, At Random, there is a little splice of post-Together life for Jason, Elizabeth and their family. Check it out!

SHADOWING DEATH: This is the story that goes back in time before Sonny fakes his death. I've been told many times that I've sent people to tears with some of the chapters (funeral included), so again, you are warned.

RESTART: This story goes back to 1996 for Jason's accident. I'm transcribing a lot of the scenes that were actually aired for the storylines. So all of those (they're marked in the story) are from GH and I disclaim the words. There are (a lot of) AU elements to it, as explained in the story. CURRENTLY ON HIATUS!

(I once asked my readers what they thought about me taking the story down, as it's got less than a 10% chance of being updated. They talked me out of it, but if you're reading this and thinking of starting it up, beware)

BLIND TO LOVE: This is another work in progress. It goes back to when Courtney was addicted to drugs and no one knew. The story still has a long way to go!

FIRST SIGHT: This is a one shot song fic and one that explains how I became Sister of the Moon. Just know that Jason and Elizabeth have never met before the fic, its completely AU. The song in it is Sisters of the Moon by Stevie Nicks (on a Fleetwood Mac album).

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: This was a one-shot. Elizabeth visits Jason's grave and Sonny comes to let her know a few things that she didn't know. And after the insistence of my beta, Sam, I was forced - I mean that quite literally - into writing a continuation. It is now a WIP. Just so everyone remembers, Dillon is in the story, but he is not Jason's cousin. The character of Sam is a OC and is modeled after my beta. CURRENTLY ON HIATUS!

THE PEACE OF SLEEP: This is a extremely fluffy one shot. Its S&C and Liason. There is Michael too. You can guess a lot from the title.

COMING HOME: This story is probably one of my favorites that I've written. After that now infamous day in the park, Jason did leave, but he didn't come back until a few years later. Now he's got a son named Rider and a wedding ring.

TO SPEAK: Jason focused, but still Liz/Jason. Five times Jason didn't say a word and one time he did. I love the 5and1 stories really popular in other fandoms and was inspired to write one based around Jason. (I haven't uploaded a new story in so long, I had to re-confirm that I will adhere to the guidelines!)

AT RANDOM: An unrelated series of one-shots, bound together only because of the way I write them. Meaning, the chapters are all different stories, but they're all inspired by a word from a random word generator. Some chapters will have more than one word, depending on length.

The third chapter, Amaze, is actually a continuation of the Shot/Together universe. I don't see this happening often (meaning, using this story to revist my older, complete stories), but it does open up some interesting ideas!

Feel free to e-mail me anytime. Just put or the story you read in the subject line, so I'll know you aren't spam! Now that the site has included those handy inboxes, PMs are perfectly fine too. I often find that a reader emailing me to ask for a new chapter at least gets me to open the Word document and see where I left off, so you never know what update an email might bring (except for Restart, which requires a bit more work).

PLEASE READ: I am extremely sorry to say that it's been some time since regular updates were written. My General Hospital love has been marred by the complete crap now airing, making the show an unbelievable mockery of its former greatness. Things on my story front are shaky. Do not expect updates to happen very often (I seem to have noticed a summer-I'm-really-bored-what-can-I-do? pattern). Usually, you can get more news on updates in the author's notes of whatever HAS been updated.

Okay, that's it. I'm done. Thanks to everyone that read through this whole thing!

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