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Let's do this shizz formally ;D

Name: Rhapsody Denise Thompson

D.O.B: 2-14-96

From: Montana, no I am not some country hick! :)

Currently in: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 16

Hey there! I gave you all some basic details about me that only my readers get to know, so don't go blurting around who I am XD. I know this usually what many of users see on profiles, but this about me! I love any music to dance to, I preferably love to listen to one where I can instantly bob my head to. All genres of music speak out to me, but I love techno, country, and rock. I listen to Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, Lady Antebellum, Bass Hunter and Taylor Swift mostly all the time.

Informational Additions:

I love Christmas and Valentine's Day! So beautiful on both 24 hours of the year!

Movies that interest me are romance, action, and some horror ones.

I absolutely adore reading books.

I hate golf -_-" (do not take it personal if you love playing golf)

My attitude is rather always positive and I have my moments where I can be outgoing, but also have times when I'm shy.

Once my eyes catch onto something I really yearn for (which is rare), I'll get it no matter what (I am not spoiled).

I love to shop and I am a deadly fashionista ;)

Film/Theater Geek

Directs movies with friends XD

I can run in heels better than sneakers or flats and more comforatable in them.

Loves to act, write, direct, produce, and perform in any sort of way.

Transformers, Silent Hill, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Little Vampire really are my favorite movies of all time. I absolutely love them! Steven Spielberg is pretty damn good even as a producer in Transformers.

Instaneously, I can be the nicest person you'd meet, sometimes not, depending on your attitude! :)

I hate drugs oh, and speaking of drugs! Look down!

My Barney Drugs Poem:

I love drugs, drugs love me
Crack cocaine and ecstacy
With a sniff sniff, here
And a little sniff there
Now I'm in intensive care

"All great stories start with a simple thought"

My loves, please be nice to my stories, constructive criticism in truly welcomed but no flames, that just lowers my ego and confidence for my stories. I update mosltly after a week or 2 weeks later. I always check over and change details before posting, so you guys could understand most of it. If any of you guys would recommend me to someone to yourselves to beta or read over my work to help and combine our ideas together, PM me ; ) I try to reach at least over 2,000 words in each chapter and I tend to leave strong cliff-hangers to put my readers on the edge of eagerness and their imagination starts running chaotic on what will happen next! I do not mean any hurtful comments

"Life if an adventure!"

Stories that belong to me are often associated with myself and my real life. For instance, you see an ex-boyfriend's name in my story, that is actually my reality ex-boyfriend. Showing off your OC's as you is easier and more refined becuase who knows you better than..you! You could be able to share about yourself with your readers in a very creative way. Treat the story as if you are in it! That you are living in that situation right now because even a boring real life can turn into a great adventure with a wild, timid imagination.

"Lights, Camera, Write!"

As you progress through my stories, you will witness some shifts of POV's. That is a reason because I want to show all the other characters' feelings and emotions, especially thoughts! How many of you ever wondered, "Hey, what the hell was Edward thinking when he met Bella?" it's obvious by the looks and expressions, but..curiousity is sometimes not a bad thing. Shine the light on all the characters! I try making sure that my readers visualize what the scenario will appear like, my weakness is describing dresses. I have no clue whatsoever on what a trim is, or a sweetheart cut and yeah..you guys get the point. So, I will have to actually look up what I should explain, honestly. Show the scene as if it were a movie on camera! Write what you want and will. Readers are immensly attracted to those authors who really appeal the plot and characters. Say your mind if you were in that situation like how you've always wanted to smack that bitch. Write it if your character is in that midst of problem with a cheerleader :P

"The Musical Rhapsody"

The outgoing yet shy eccentric girl who is my lead character if I write multiple stories. Somehow, I cannot imagine other girls in the place I am setting her in. She is almost always 14 years old in my stories eventhough I'm 16. I loved my 9th grade year so that's how that age (14) is always coming up. Her hair is purely either dark brown and/or chocolate brown, she's average heighted and just a stubborn doll who will make sure she gets everything she wants :3 but underneath that part, she's a whole different girl. Always up for an adventure, protective and promising, and a total flirt at the times. She puts almost all fashion models in shame by the way she dresses ;D (no pun intended) A beast in sprinting in heels, and a lover of jewelry, not a fan of face ones though (no regards of rudeness to those with face piercings because I actually have a nose stud). Hates golf, does badly in sports, and a squeaky laugher. Has funny, but mean jokes and humor moments. Loves her family more than anything else. Loves almost anything to do with film and music. Sucks at art all the time. Positive at negative times and negative at suppose to be positive times. A secret is she can do the splits after a heely incident in her past. Takes off pepperoni off pizzas then eats them bare. Less soda, more juice drinker. Rarely creates close friends from her independent grown attitude. Will comeback with a more insulting sentence if you dare mess with her. Not a fighter, but also not a lover. An betweener as many call her as. Brown eyes (wears colored contacts at times), and a cellphone addict.

(Based on me)

"The Dysfunctional Babydoll (Baily)"

So I personally write about a paragraph on my OC's. This is Baily (Babydoll) Dawlton, my Diary of a Wimpy Kid OC. She is 16 years-old and is currently attending Plainview High. Her personality runs wild. She can be happy one moment and then flat-out pissed another time like a snap. She's always moody and acts like she's on her period daily. Very smart, academically and in chronic situation. She knows lots of loopholes and manipulating strategies that usually gets her out of harms way or trouble. Loves to tease and joke rudely about some people (specifically Rodrick). Impatient brat and a twisty music lover. She is gifted with the ability to boss people around and direct and write. She hates shopping. Loves to read and can be a nag sometimes. Heavy sleeper, talks when she sleeps. Snorts when she laughs to hard (one of her filthy secrets ;D). Claustraphobic. Has decent amount of friends, had at least 3 boyfriends in her life, and loves watching the movies of the Saw Franchise. Okay, nuff with her acts. Onto her looks. She is pretty short, about 5'4 ft. Petite with small curves. Her hair is full black with baby blue streaks in them. Her eyes are wide and big, colored icy green, long lashes, always wearing eyeliner (she can't live without it). Full, pouty unnatural pink lips. Has braces! Yay! A change for the new! Called average looking at school. Loves Nickelback, All Time Low, DeadMau5, Skrillex, and Zepp.

(Based on me, the age and my older sister, mostly everything else.)

"Director's Cut"

The theme of my account is Film and Acting. Nuff said.

"Resolution of the Revolution"

I tend to end my stories wonderfully, not happily ever after, but something everyone can be satisfied with. Sequels are in my system so I cannot bare to finish a story once! Has to be 2 or more!

"The End"

Acknowledgements are included profusely at the end of each of my mini internet novels. Thank you's and sad stuff...T_T included too.

"Your welcome is never said to be alone"

That is RhapsodeeeT's profile everybody! Thank you! Happy reading to all my magnificent readers! Maybe I'll add more to this, maybe not. Hehe, for all of you who have taken the chance to read this entire page, uh, I appreciate it! Just a lil' something about me and my loves for Fanfiction. Make sure to visit my stories on my birthdays because honey, I may have written tons of one-shots for fun!

"And CUT! That's a roll!"

- Rhapsody Denise Thompson; your Directing author at service :)

My motto: "My heart can be a rose with thorns"

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