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Hello all! Thanks for stopping by. I suppose I'm supposed to tell a little about myself huh? I think the most important base to cover is why I'm here. I love to write, no big surprise huh? We all do. I have very few things in my life that are just for me, I go to class for my grades, I work to get letters of rec, I mock to get into law school, I do all the domestic jazz cook, clean, for my roommates, but there are two things that are mine and just mine. The first is dance. I dance for nobody but me. And I write. I write because I love it and it lets me get away from the craziness of life. Now if any of you are nice enough to read and like my stories and want more of course I'll write for you just a little bit too.

Now for the superfluous fun stuff:

Name: Elizabeth, but I generally sign everything -AEH.

Occupation: Full-time student, intern slave, mock captain, pretty much whatever is needed of me in any of those capacities.

Favorite Shows: Supernatural (clearly, its kinda a problem how much in love with the show I am), The Good Wife (it's my one legal vice), The Vampire Diaries (its kinda a guilty pleasure, that I'm not particularly ashamed of), Veronica Mars (is genius I'd like to grow up to be VM), Firefly (yes canceled too soon we all agree), Suits (okay so maybe I have more than one legal vice), Game of Thrones (okay so I'm a nerd, sue me), Leverage (its one of those I started with my father and couldn't ever put down), hmm... there are more I'll add as the obsessions come and go..

Favorite Movies: I'm not really big on movies I mean I completely appreciate them but I'm not the kind of person who can watch one movie over and over again but here are a few I'm rather fond of: Slumdog Millionaire, The Dark Knight, Sophie's Choice, Seven, ...I'm thinking... I'm thinking... I'm coming up short.

Favorite Music: Mumford and Sons (favorite band I've seen them twice live and yes it was life changing), The Decemberists (they're wonderful and still on the list to see live), Florence the Machine, The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys, Relient K, Christian Kane (I like country from time to time when I'm driving the long drive home), The Fray, Deb Talan, Eminem, Joshua Radin, Ed Sheeran, Mat Kearney, Matt Nathanson, Phoenix, The Smiths

Favorite Books: We the Living, Poisonwood Bible, The Kite Runner, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, Paradise Lost, Life of Pi, Atlas Shrugged, The Once and Future King, The Handmaid's Tale Year of Wonders

Favorite Couples: Dean/Ruby, Sam/Sarah, Carolina/Klaus, Damon/Elena, Hermione/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Lo/Ve, (these are the ones I like to read/write)

Currently Working On? I have a lot of stories in hand right now I'm just posting one at a time one chapter at a time because I go back an edit everything about twelve times and also once I'm back in school it'll take me forever to update so I'm trying to get ahead of myself. I've been writing fic for years now but just now working up the courage to write it so... lots of back log. Right now I'm updating and perfecting Never Enough, a Dean/Ruby story next up will probably be some of my Damon/Elena oneshots.

Other Interesting Tidbits:

I'm a fairly un-interesting person, I hesitate to use the word boring here cause I'm trying to be less self critical. I'm a college student, pre-law, I do mock trial like it's a second job, I intern for a public defender's office, I'm going to law school in a few years (if you hadn't figured that out by now) I love to go to concerts about as much as I love to sweet potato fries, which is, a lot. I'm a ballerina that also thoroughly enjoys contemporary dance. And anything else you'd like to know just ask.

I love feedback everyone and appreciate any kind of criticism or praise you'd like to take the time to give.


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