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Hey there, this is RS-V22!

Formerly known as FionnaSkitty... XD

Okay, so this is the part where I should begin with the whole “I’m just like everyone else” thing, but that would be a lie on my part. Because, clearly, I’m not.

I was one of those who grew up on the same generation that adored Justin Beiber, loved the Twilight Saga (and Edward and Bella’s love story), thinks Pikachu is the face of Pokémon, and needs to check on her Facebook status at least everyday. Yeah, you’d think I’m one of “them.”

But I’m not. Because I hate Justin Beiber (and I do—and I’m not ashamed to say it; just ‘cause there’s a new band/singer making waves in the radio doesn’t mean you should automatically dedicate yourself to him/her/them—that’s not how fandom works!), used to love the Twilight Saga (but now thinks it’s getting way too overrated—I don’t really think it’s all that in the world of vampire fiction; give the other vampire books a chance!), prefer Skitty over Pikachu (now I really think Pikachu’s way overrated in the Pokémon department), and I don’t need to check on my Facebook status everyday—if it weren’t for the fact it could be helpful at school, I would never have bothered creating an account in FB; I could live well without it, thank you very much.

Plus, I love reading books and writing stories (though I’m sure they could use a little more work on). I love watching Pokémon—and don’t think you can stop me!—and playing games of the same name on my Nintendo DS. Along with the Pokémon games are the Mario games (which include Yoshi’s Island—who says Yoshi isn’t freakin’ awesome?!), Legend of Zelda games, and many others I can’t begin to mention. Oh, I also love to watch Adventure Time (though I’m pretty sure the “Fionna” in “FionnaSkitty” is a dead giveaway). There are many more games, books, and TV shows I like and love and so-so like and love, but I can’t seem to mention it all.

Oh, and add to that the fact that I love to draw as well as I love writing and gaming (as you can see, I drew the covers to most of my stories; most because some of my stories don't have covers, and that's 'cause I can't draw the character well -_-). Oh yeah, and have you noticed a "fanged smiley" like this: :-): somewhere inconspicuously in my covers? That's my sort of signature.

Take note, though, that I never put a "fanged smiley" nor do I sign any cover wherein the image used is not my own. So, if you can spot a "fanged smiley" and see the "FionnaSkitty" on the story cover, it means that I made it myself.

So, all in all, I’m a Beiber-hater, former Twi-lover (meaning I used to actually like the Twilight Saga, but after reading and re-reading it THREE times, I gave up trying to understand why everyone was so into it and figured it probably wasn't "all that"), Skitty fan, reader, writer, artist, and gamer who isn’t very active on Facebook.

…Okay, so I guess that’s all. So, y’all, this here is RS-V22.

Ow, what? You want me to explain more about myself? Fine XD.

Let's see: There are other ways for you to know if the art is mine or not.

1. It has the "fanged smiley" :-): and/or the name "FionnaSkitty." (I use this signature on my Fanfic covers...that I designed.)

2. My other and official signature, which is RS_V22. Yes, it has a trademark sign. (I use this on my artworks. You'll see, but I don't want to show you guys NOW.)

3. The "Skittygirl" signature. (I use this when I send my artworks on my Fanpop account. I don't use this anymore, though; I use the one on No.2)

*Oh yeah, since I have now officially changed my pen name to RS-V22, expect the recent fanfic covers to have my official art signature (meaning the one on No.2).*

Anyhoo, I just recently discovered FanFiction doesn't allow web stories to have links (Boo!). So I can't link certain concept artworks for some of my stories. So...Imma put them here, then.

Concept Art Links:

1. Luigi Gets His Hero On Cover (full version)

2. Luigi Gets His Hero On (Celebrating 10 Chapters)

3. Luigi Gets His Hero On (Celebrating 15 Chapters)

4. Luigi Gets His Hero On (Celebrating 20 Chapters)

5. Luigi Gets His Hero On (The Beginning of the Final Battle)

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