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Author has written 4 stories for My Little Pony, and Pokémon.

For old stories at my old account:

Now that most of the ads seem to have vanished from the site, I feel safe coming here again.

It's been a long time, Let's hope the hiatus I took from this site improved my writing. I actually came up again on Wattpad briefly, but the two stories there, are only there because I wouldn't know where to put them, and they only barely qualify as fanfiction because they are written using elements and characters from games and anime I'm a fan of.

That seems to be my schtick.

Anyway, as I said before, I've got a story in the works. That story is Collision Code.

On Hiatus:

Current Works:

-Harmony and Courage: Running Parallel: For the unaware, I created EEnE Z. The three Saiyans, named the "Cousin Trio", are featured there. For this, based on a random sentence between me and a friend, it somehow went into "what-if the Cousin Trio were born as ponies?" and thus this fic was birthed. I plan to try and break the "Canon re-enactment -plus- OC(s)" tropes just a little with this. Hopefully it won't be too run-of-the-mill...

-Fairy Tail: Collision Crusaders: Same cast as Collision Code's old version, completely different scenario, same people. This is the better version.

Cancelled Works:

-Fairy Tail: Collision Course: Same cast as Collision Code above, but a different scenario. Same people behind it too. However, since we discontinued it and replaced it was something better, you can find it instead here:

On my Google drive, you can find the first 13 chapters here, which would detail the four guys' rise to glory. So what's the other one going to be about? You'll find out soon enough.

-Collision Code: A fanfic based on RPing done between me and my friends. I think my summary is adequate for now. Any additional notes that I need to make will be made here. I just hope it's not going to be terminally run-of-the-mill given the fic is a H-i-E self-insert fanfic.

Discontinued to make way for its new rewrite.

Completed Works:

-Discord Writes An Angry Letter: Noticed people were being overzealous with their love for the character, so I decided to try to break tradition. Did I mention I never really liked him? Apparently I nailed his character just fine in this...

I do have a respect for criticism, though I don't take too kindly to being treated like crap just because of choices I made. It's fanfiction. It's not like I need to perform a B-plus on the "Scale of Greatness" in order to not suck at life. The writings on this account and the previous are just a hobby. Just like all my other cyber-related hobbies, sprite animating, and the like.

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