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Name: Kitsune Aikyou
Age: 17
Race: Three quarters fox demon, and the rest human
Hair: Waist length, orange, red, and yellow, like fire
Eyes: Greenish amber
Skin: Slightly lighter than tan
Demon features: Red ears and tail tipped with white
Clothes: Forest green on the outside white on the inside, raglan cup sleeved t-shirt with vertically stretched letters broadcasting SLY in black writing with baggy, pocket filled, slightly flared, dark chocolate brown, pants and black combat boots.
Weapons: Katana and fan
Controls: All elements
Personality: Calm, tough, calculating, leaderlike, but nice

Name: Umisan Ji
Age: 16
Race: Half jaguar demon
Hair: Shiny, black, straight, below waist length hair
Eyes: Green flecked with gold
Skin: Tanned
Demon features: Jaguar ears and tail
Clothes: Thin silver chain bearing a amethyst teardrop pendant with matching earrings, lavender box neck tank top, wide leg black pants with embroidered belt, and chunky heeled white shoes
Weapon: Silver handled daggers, with ivory blades
Controls: Water, weather concerning water
Personality: Wild, Free spirited, shy, quiet except around Botan

Name: Botan Aleyvou
Age: 15 and 11/13
Race: Half squirrel demon
Hair: Short bright purple hair with hot pink streaks, messy
Eyes: Bright crystal blue
Skin: pale
Demon features: Albino squirrel ears paired with a poofy white squirrel tail
Clothes: Spiked dog collar, neon pink t-shirt with the words "Who, me?" on the front with the shoulders and part of the lower half torn off, over a black cami, black miniskirt, and knee high boots
Weapon: Throwing stars
Controls: Nothing, not even herself
Personality: Hyper, happy, goofy

Shirogane Kimura
age: ??? (looks about 14)
gender: female
Race: Half fire, Half Ice apparition
Hair: Sunstreaked browninsh blonde
Eyes: Red
Skin: very pale, almost white
Demon Features: None, looks completely human
Weapon: A whip made of spirit energy
Clothing: A black kimono, with a gold and silver obi, a small copper ring, studed with an opal and aquamarine.A matching pendant and a silk ribbon tying her hair back.
Cotrols: Fire and Ice
Personality: really apologetic, and shy

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