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this is my family history though my mother and me personal diaries of our families past staring with my mother dad and grandpa !

well in July 4th of 2007 I had a bad heart attack. I almost died so they had to life flight me to Ross Hospital in Columbus Ohio. I had gone to surgery after I got there. They had to do a triple bypass on me. After they got done they had to send me to therapy to learn how to eat all over again because I couldn't swallow right. I couldn't swallow ice cubes and let it melt in my mouth so I had to learn to eat all over again and that was so hard because its like a baby had to eat and learn to swallow. Well I was in there about 3 weeks. Then after I got home then I had to go to our hospital for therapy. That took about 2 to 3 weeks to get my strength back all together.

I had to go back and have a hospital bed brought into our house so I could go to sleep right up a little so I could breath. I then in December to have a defibrillator put in me so my heart would beat alright. Next year I will have to go back next year and have my defibrillator changed over to a new one because they take batteries and they wear out so I must have it changed to a new one but the good thing is I don't have to stay over night. The doctor told me that they have new ones in so I won't have to stay over night. He told me that they would only keep me over for about a couple of hours then I can go back home. I was so glad to hear the good news about that.

Well still today I have health problems so I probably won't get any better in the future. Oh well I'm holding on for now so I am feeling better though I keep having health problems so I have to go to the hospital and stay a few days and get better than they let me go home. It seems like I get better than next thing I know I end up back in the hospital. It is always something going wrong with me. Some times I wish God would take me but I guess he's not ready for me yet then I think oh well I've got my kids to get raised up and married off. I do have a boy friend his name is matt so I'm not ready to die yet. I love matt so much, I will do anything for him I love him that much.

(Hey Guys this is the Original author here so how did you like my mom side of the story so far I do know this was her first time for her to really be writer on an original computer keyboard. but I give her my whole support here how about you guy what do you guy think about her wrote or should I let her write more in the future because I do so please tell me what you think in the view and now back to my mother other part of her life story about my grandpa death. so I am all really to return it back over to my mother now.

the final

A/N: Welcome To My New Kingdom Come Specials Edition Cartoon And Comic Book For My New Teen Titans : The Birth Of Mari Grayson Little Sister’s Star Flower And her Twin’s Brother Sliver Wings. The New An Prove Story Call The New Kingdom Of Heart In The Birth Of Star Flower’s. Well I Got Real Good new For You Teen Titans Fans I Will Be Writing Other Chapter For My Story For This Year In School Too. And Because It’s My Senior Year I Wanted This Last Year To Be Great And Fanatic As Well Before I Graduations This Year . So I Got A Superhero Batgirl Costume Adult Size for the football games and stuff like That so I wouldn’t feel left out an stuff. But the order got mass up cause some how they two batgirl costume in by mistake and I only need one costume . so I when to the post office so they could Ship It Halloween Costumes world .com so I could get my money back . And if anyone as the some trouble just call Halloween costume world .com for help and they will tell you what to do

Disclaimer :Don't Own The Teen Titans Book Or Dc Comic book Nation Properties Or Much Of Any Thing Else Like The Picture Of Them. but I do print off stuff from document of Wikipedia of the teen titans at time to do some research on them for my story and black ground as well and so you can say I am help dc comic find a missing ink to kingdom come story and to let dc nation know to check star fire story of her death closely because before she was prison and sick she whisper had a baby to night wing but they where missing in that time and this come from gods he sent the idea to me a year ago in 2010 I start get into the teen titans show in high school. I don’t own the teen titans but I wish I did because thing would have change back than with the whole story so you guy say I did a great job here and so you can say I can very well own my story of the teen titan I do wish and please post when I get this story up and running again it mean so much to me that you follow my every words on face book thank you and in joy my story and please Read My Story And Review Because This Will be helpful in my future writing story and think you for coming to Glraxay Star Fire Of Fan Fiction And Teen Titans fan Press And keep up the review and sent to comment page be cause I want to read them and write back to you and Night Wing & Star Fire Forever & NIGHT STAR & Ibn Al Xu'ffasch forever & starflower & Orange fire forever and brown fire & sliver wings forever.

teen titan's books before starfire death and before kingdom come and batman and son will go back in time to meet up with the all new teen titans books call the kingdom of heart's in the birth of starflower's and her brother sliver wing's the birth of two twins sibbling was the greatest year for all of teen titan's said nightwings from also known as robin and red robin and the new batman and husband also known as Mr. Richard John Dickson Grayson and his wife's Mrs .Koriand'r summer anderson Grayson also known as starfire said that Mar'i Alexis Grayson also known as Night star will be get a new baby sister and a new baby brother of this year by chassie lynn gavin


Mr. Richard John Dickson Grayson - NIGHTWING

Mrs .Koriand'r summer anderson Grayson -STAR FIRE

Princess Mar'i Sue Ann Grayson-NIGHT STAR

Prince John Bruce Grayson -SLIVER WING

Princess Carrie Mari Anderson Grayson -Star Flower's

Mary Grayson And John Grayson Grand parents and Mitchell Grayson Was There Great Uncle And They Where Known As The Flying Grayson But Past A Way Long Ago And Never Meet There New Family's And The Hope That Some Day They Will See Each Other In Haven Will There New Aliens Family.King Myand'r Anderson is SunFire An Queen Luand'r Anderson is Moons Fire Past Over Year Ago

Bruce Wayne -BATMAN

Talia al Ghul

Damian Wayne- ROBIN



king veil don And Queen Black fire is husband and wife with there own twins name brown fire and orange fire.

Rosie James Anderson- Brown Fire

PRINCE Luke Aaron Anderson - orange fire

BEASTBOY and RAVEN is husband and wife together

Hey everyone on fan fiction I am sorry you feel that way about me but I got to be honest with you here ! I am listening to you guy more offense than you think I just need more time to think about the choices I have made in the past year so this is my new year to change my write appearance and start acting like Author that isn't scare to be learn a perfect attitude when writing my story and I did take it to personally went people started to hate me for telling them off went I needed them to check my work and sure I know what to do now and I take a stand for my right but I need people to respect me too. I can help it that I don't have original spelling check on here because I wrote them out first before I check them or add bars graphed it too. I understand what people wanted now I'll never take it for granted again can you guy for give me please come back and read I wouldn't get angry about the Criticism or the unwanted advise you have giving to me In The Past again and that my real promise in which I will ad-dented to keep for you guys to remind me if I have forever cross that line of no return angry again.

the secret of salt fork lagoon and the legendary of Dinosaur fish

the legend of this creature date back in 1994 state that if you were fishing on the shore line of rocks and see a shadow like dinosaur figure fish with a mouth of razor sharp teeth jagging a long fishing pole under the water with a baller and a hook in it mouth you sure stay away from it because it will pull someone in an you will never see your families again.

you see my name is chassie Lynn Gavin and my father name is Harold Jr. Gavin we came up against a monster dinosaur fish that stole my father fish pole right out of his hand tangle on a tree brushes 30 year ago and we never saw that fish pole again last dad throw the other poles in the water by anger but you can bet the creature is still out there wasn't a day that my parent's decide go after it again with another fishing pole but it never seem to show it face again after that we never gotten the chance to catch it again.

Author note Disclaimer: well hi everyone's welcome to my new fan Fiction crossover story, My Name is Chassie Lynn Gavin aka glraxay starfire Katniss Blue rosé and I am 22 year old still living with my mom and full -time volunteer worker at the Guernsey dog pound, to which I grown up watching Danny phantom , CIS :Law in order And NCIS So Don't worried if I hurt anyone feel on my story because it will be worth it in the end. I don't take bad mouthing author's very well on fan fiction since people judge to easily on the way the story sure be written they like pissing me off to know end because they think their better than everyone else .

well I got news for you peoples my two uncles use to work for Connersville's Ohio police department and the welfare office for social service you better lay off the bad writer comment because I am pretty sure my uncle will not hold back his services to anyone who hurt his family and beside him help people find theirs ancient trees I am the only chance you got.

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Danny and SAM is In engagement to be married later on phantom planets world wars End and thousand of people and ghosts as change There delay alive to celebrations there favorite superheroes of all time. And Danielle get a proud father and mother to her taken in as there own. And give her a full family that love her and plus will danny phantom and his wife's ever have more children
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