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I'm new here so please, have mercy on me! (/>.

I'm a writer when it comes to Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Prince of Tennis annnnndddd. . . .I think that's only it. Oh wait! Don't forget the Black Rock Shooter! Yeah, I like that anime.

So, wanna get to know me better? Okay, then!

I'm LittleOrangeIsHere and I live somewhere in the Philippines. I'm a 12-year old girl and I really, REALLY love anime SO MUCH! //shot

XD I will list my likes, dislikes or.. . .even hobbies? Sure! _''

Likes: I love lollipops, sweets, gummies, and chocolates. SWEETS, for short;

I love Anime; I love my parents; I love Orange; I love VOCALOID; I love my favorite pairings, even though they aren't mine _''

I love drawing; I love singing; I love playing lawn tennis; I love everyone. . .WAH! SO CORNY!!! XD

Dislikes: I hate dirty-minded people; I hate (a little) Yaoi and Yuri; I hate myself when I got low scores in my subjects; I hate my one and only enemy. . .that is, my classmate. XP

I hate weird stuffs; I hate wearing glasses, that's why I'm taking them off; I hate child plays. . .and most of all, I HATE DIRTY STUFFS!. . .

Is that too much for a 12-year old girl like me? *teary eyes*


I like to play lawn tennis with my crush, of course! It feels good when you play with him. . .*day dreaming* *shooks head* A-anyway.. . . on with the studio;

I like to sing, high pitch at best. Because I'm not used to low pitches. Makes me feel nervous @_@;

I like to cosplay, once in a while *sweat drop*; I like to play badminton with my best friends . . .do I need to mention them? Haha!

I like playing lawn tennis with my dog, even though he doesn't know how. . . but only catches the ball to his mouth ._. that ball takes too much money because balls these days are expensive to buy now;

I like to hang out with my friends in SM Gens-oops! I almost typed the name of my hometown, hihihi;

I like to write fan fictions. . .of course! They're so much fun. But it disturbs my practice and studies *sigh*

Okay, so that's it! I hope. . .

Ah! I forgot to mention:

My first fan fic is about POT (Prince of Tennis), RyoSaku!! Wah!!

--> Secret Royalty

That's the title of it! Hope you liked it anyways, hahaha. . .Oh, and, do please review my fan fics with all your heart. ;)

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