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Hello People! I Am Mocha2Latte!

Feel free to call me Mocha or Latte, I like both! (I actually do)

I have two other accounts:

Deivantart: Mocha2Latte

Wattpad: Mocha_Latte - There are a lot of awesome stories there xD If you're interested in seeing my other works, you can see my Collabs at


Shit just came down on me and took my motivation to Hell, I won't be updating for a bit.


1. What inspires you to make stories?
If anything, I'd just say have some type of motivation. Have a passion for your stories. I loved all of my stories ever since I started writing them, especially PTB and Forgotten Memories. I'm not extremely proud of them, but I do feel accomplished. But there were times when I felt as if I didn't want to update, that's because I had no motivation due to the lack of emotions I felt for the story. If you write a chapter with no motivation/emotions, it becomes boring. You needa put all your efforts in it in order to feel good about it.

2. Can I use something from your story and change it a little bit for mine?
I'm actually slightly uncomfortable with that idea. Yeah, you're not copying but at the same time you are. It's your story, it could be inspired by others but you can't just take something like Deadman from my story and put it in your own. doesn't feel right for me so I ask that you don't do it. I personally like having Deadman to be original, well it's not really original but you know what I mean.

3. Can we be friends?
Why Can't We Be Friends?! Why Can't We Be Friends?! But actually, that's a really weird question to ask, uhh, sure we can be friends but that doesn't mean I'll do anything for you. Such things like: writing a story for you, putting you in the story, drawing something for you, doing a collab with you, etc. Like actually, when we're in the outside world, we don't go up to a person and say "Can we be friends?" That's creepy. Stranger Danger. Really. Politeness is nice but Creepy Polite is not nice.

4. Can you read my story? I'm sure you'll like it!
Sure but...don't expect me to follow you or anything.

5. Can I be in your story?
There was only one time I allowed people to give me their OC's in order to be put in my story. When there is another chance, I will let you know. I will not accept people to be shipping their own characters with mine, not, that's not okay. There are many problems with this because I don't know your character, I cannot incorporate him/her into the story if I have never planned anything for her. Many of my storylines have been finished before I started writing the whole thing, therefore it is very difficult to add someone if he/she was never meant to be there in the first place.

6. Can you write more smut?
Friend, I'm not the person you can hope for when it comes to smuts and any of that stuff. Honestly, why is it so needed? Sex is not what makes a relationship special, at some points yes, but I don' find it necessary in my story. If you want smut, look for other writers, I've done it once, I'm not planning to do it again anytime soon. I believe that a relationship needs more cuddling that fucking, you get me? Good. STOP.

7. Are you going to be a writer for your career?
In all honesty, I have wanted to become a writer when I was little but I'm a person who gets lazier and lazier as the time passes by. Hopefully that'll change as life goes on but I personally want writing to be a hobby, not something I'd be pressured to do. Take Cry and Pewds for an example, they do what they love but they go through a ton of shit, I don't think I can handle that as much as they can, it's one of the reasons why I have such high respect for them. I'm planning to do something else for my career so yeah, the answer is no. I will not be a writer. I want to keep my drawings and writing as a hobby.

There, done.

Want to know me better, ask me stuffs:

Tea anyone? c:

Take a look around, reviews are always welcome. Ciao!

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