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Author has written 4 stories for Death Note, Naruto, and Vampire Knight.


status: inactive / currently lost my writing drive; let's hope it returns soon.

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name: valora (val, v)


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in progress;

( in the middle of being rewritten )

beta: pending...

series: naruto
rating: teen (t)
themes: adventure, friendship, family, action, humor
love interests:

summary: I died covered in blood, and was reborn covered in blood. This is a cycle I can get used to...




beta: Vandenberg

series: naruto
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, action, adventure, friendship, fantasy
love interests: kakashi hatake, obito uchiha, shizune, nagato, itachi uchiha, murai niijima, jin niijima [...more tba]

summary: His world had taken a drastic turn: the end of days were here. Soon, the normal life that he had always known became a zombie-infested wasteland. He fought to survive, knowing that things were different now and that rules didn't apply anymore. After getting a nasty scratch, he ended up having to take his life, but on the bright side, he was born into a new life as a boy named, Kyojin. Kyo now lives in a world that isn't plagued by a virus, but violence still seems to be a huge part of it: something he's adapted to very well. This world seems almost perfect for a mind like his, especially so that it's a world that he had only thought existed in a book.

kyojin: With brown hair and eyes like his mother's, Kyojin has a pretty face that could rival his older brother's. A year after his rebirth, Kyo's parents passed away at war. Despite having lived in this new world for a year, Kyo didn't know his parent's much. He did have a close relationship with his grandmother (who practically raised him and his sibling), and his older brother. The brunette has a habit for hoarding interesting trinkets (that are usually useful). Hoarding things is something he picked up in his previous life. Other than that, Kyo enjoys learning new things (if they're interesting enough), and likes the idea of trap-making and poisons.



beta: none! message me if you're interested!

series: vampire knight
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, romance, friendship, adventure, fantasy, supernatural
love interests: kaname kuran, zero kiryuu, hanabusa aidou, senri shiki, rido kuran (one-sided), takuma ichijo

summary: Usually, being reborn into a series you've read/watched is a dream come true. However, things aren't so great if you absolutely hate said series. For this Shiori, being reborn into the Vampire Knight universe is equivalent to going to hell.

shiori: She has wavy, brown hair and red eyes. So far, Shiori's attitude towards life is particularly cold. She doesn't take joy in many things, though by instinct it seems, she can't help but love her mother and father. Since Shiori is the type of person to get over things quickly, it's not long until she actually starts to grow close to her sibling(s), despite how much she seriously doesn't want to (considering who they are). She is a typically very quiet person, preferring to watch and observe before actually opening her mouth. Though there are times when she'll laugh loudly, or speak more than two sentences. Compared to her sibling(s), she's not that social. This is due to her not wanting to interact with others, or meeting new people. Sometimes, however, she knows that she has to bite the bullet.



series: vampire knight
rating: teen (t)
themes: fantasy, supernatural, family, friendship, action, romance, adventure
love interests: senri shiki, hanabusa aidou, takuma ichijou, kaito takamiya, akatsuki kain

summary: To know what comes next is usually a blessing. Most people would think that knowing the future is a gift. I'm here to say that they're all wrong: ignorance is bliss.

raina: Similar to her older brothers, Raina has silver hair that is straight and cut short. She has blue eyes and is rather short for her age. Despite being usually quiet, Raina is a very serious person and is very protective over the people she cares about. Due to her selfless nature, Raina sometimes forgets to take care of herself. Luckily her friends and family are always there to do that for her.



series: maximum ride
rating: teen (t)
themes: science-fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, family, romance, friendship
love interests: fang, iggy, dylan [...more tba]

summary: As the oldest within the Flock, Skye is entitled to some huge responsibilities. She lives to protect her loved ones; to act as their shield.

skye: Named after the one thing she yearned for the most; the open world - the sky. Skye has long, straight black hair and dark blue eyes that are almond-shaped. Her wings have the same coloring as a bluejay. She is mostly quiet, someone who can be overlooked if you aren't really paying attention to her. Though she can go unnoticed, Skye is not afraid to make herself the center of attention if it's for the sake of her family. Her special abilities (and only ones, as of so far) are super strength and the ability to form force-fields that can protect either herself or a target.



series: final fantasy xiii
rating: teen (t)
themes: fantasy, drama, friendship, adventure, romance, action
love interests: snow villers, lightning farron, cid raines

summary: It's hard being on the wrong side during a war. Maybe you don't know that yet, but it can't be anything but obvious when it's your family that you're staring down through your sights. Callum Faber is a soldier, a protector of the people. So why does it feel like she's anything but?

callum: Her hair is long and wavy, and is the color orange; her eyes are a clear blue. She grew up rather troubled, living within a Sanctum facility as an orphan (among many other children as well). She has never been one to follow orders, better yet the law, but meeting one Snow Villers straightened her out a bit. His moral code was a bit stretched, but not as winded as her's was. Snow helped her differ right from wrong, and she couldn't help but find his "Robin Hood" nature endearing. Along with Snow, Callum grew up alongside Gadot and Lebreau. Upon entering high school, Callum decided to drop out early to pursue a future in the military. Her friends had tried to get her to rethink (being all for fighting the system, as well as not wanting her to throw away her education), but Callum's dream was to protect others as well as make the world a much safer place. In order for that to happen, she'd have to become stronger; joining the military would be 'step one'.



series: shingeki no kyojin
rating: teen (t)
themes: adventure, horror, action, friendship, family, romance, science-fiction
love interests: eren jaeger, jean kirchstein, armin arlert, annie leonhart [...more tba]

summary: From one life to the next; Out of the sunshine and into the shadows. If only I had stayed dead.

anri: She has black, slightly wavy, hair and hazel eyes. Looks beautiful in her own right, but when put next to her sister she looks average at most. Anri has lived in the shadow of her sister for most of her life, as despite having a head start in the intelligence department, her sister was still quick to surpass her in everything she ever attempted to be decent in. Due to this, Anri is a bit "green with envy" and has love-hate feelings towards her sister. She is withdrawn and more hesitant to speak up while in the presence of others, afraid they'll compare her even more to her sister. Anri doesn't even feel like an actual person sometimes, but more of a label or an unneeded extra. She thrives to change her way of thinking (as well as others) and hopes to become strong enough to escape from her sister's shadow. Anri is gloomy in nature, usually finding the worst in people and things before actually looking to the positives. Some find it annoying, some relate, and others sympathize.



series: naruto
rating: teen (t)
themes: supernatural, friendship, fantasy, action, family, adventure, romance
love interests: shisui uchiha, kabuto yakushi, deidara, hidan, haku, c, takumo hyuuga [...more tba]

summary: Did I know the future of this world? Of course... I had been a part of it, after all.

kioko: Kioko has long, straight black hair that is thin and very silky/soft. Her eyes are a very light gray, that sometimes appear clear when in the light. Kioko is a very passionate person, willing to fight for what and who she believes in. Loyalty is a huge thing to her and is something she values greatly. If someone is to be disloyal, her opinion of them is to instantly change. Due to this, she isn't someone sly or conniving; she is an honest person and isn't the type of betray people without good cause. Kioko's sense of humor is a bit lacking, but still there somewhat. She is mostly a serious person, choosing to focus on the goal at hand instead of goofing around.



series: diabolik lovers
rating: teen (t)
themes: supernatural, family, fantasy, romance, humor, drama
love interests: shuu sakamaki, reiji sakamaki, laito sakamaki, kanato sakamaki, ayato sakamaki, subaru sakamaki, kino, ruki mukami, azusa mukami, kou mukami, yuma mukami [...more tba]

summary: This was... Not expected. Reincarnation? She saw that coming. Being reborn into this universe? It hadn't even crossed her mind. Katai finds herself being reborn as a vampire, but of course, it's not that simple.

katai: Katai has steely gray eyes and straight, green hair. [...more tba]



series: ouran high school host club
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, humor, friendship, romance
love interests: hikaru hitachiin, kaoru hitachiin, tamaki suoh, kyouya ootori, ritsu kasanoda, arai (minor), takashi morinozuka

summary: She's already been reborn several times before, having experienced and learned a great deal of things that have aided her throughout her lifetimes. So, it's not hard to say that this life time will be no different. With new family and friends by her side, and the knowledge of this world, Haruyo will be sure to make the most of it.

haruyo: She has long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair and eyes. Haruyo is great at math, and takes charge of her family's financial business while she and her sibling attend a private academy and their father works. Other than math, Haruyo has a great deal of skill with plenty of other things (mostly due to all her past lifetimes): she can sew (though knitting is something she could never pick up on), playing several different instruments, make multiple types of food from scratch, repair most technology-based objects, and she knows how to dance. Out of all of these things, Haruyo likes repairing and tinkering with things the most. She enjoys inventing new things, especially if they make life just a bit easier for others.



series: kuroko no basket
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, humor, sports, friendship, romance
love interests: momoi satsuki, aomine daichi, akashi seijūrō, murasakibara atsushi, kise ryōta, midorima shintarō, aida riko, kagami taiga, ogiwara shigehiro

summary: Terumi would say that he's dealt with worse but...that would be a lie. That's because of obvious reasons, as what could be worse than dying from brain cancer and then being reborn when you'd rather just spend eternity in a peaceful slumber? Nothing that Teru could immediately think of, that was for sure. Despite the rough start however, Teru can easily say that he loves his new family and maybe...enjoys the company of his (brother's) friends...

terumi: Given a girl's name at birth, Terumi finds that not much bothers him (other than people talking/picking on his family and friends). Though his height varies as he ages, the height he'll most likely stop growing at is 5'9, which makes him a few inches taller than his brother. He has blue hair and eyes, and despite how odd that is, Terumi has never found the effort to question the impossible color of his natural hair. He may not care about much, or let petty things bother him, but he is always quick to stand up for others when they're in need (even if the issue has nothing to do with him). Teru is pretty perceptive, though sometimes he chooses to selectively ignore things; for example, Midorima running straight into a wall because he was too busy taping his fingers to look where he was going. He's also very humble and modest, never taking compliments well since they make him uncomfortable, as he doesn't know what to do with them. To most, he seems to be a relatively good and nice person, but really, Terumi is cunning enough to manipulate others into getting what he (or someone else) wants.



series: death note
rating: teen (t)
themes: supernatural, friendship, mystery, crime, family, romance
love interests: a, beyond birthday, light yagami, matsuda touta

summary: She took control of her life and ended it more quickly than it probably could have lasted. So it seems in spite of that, Kara's been given a second chance to start things all over. Maybe she'll get a loving family and siblings this time around; only time could tell.

kara: A girl with many faults and weaknesses, though she's not without strengths and good points. She may be a pushover, but she's also one to stand tall and fight for her loved ones and things she believes in. Kara may be emotional, but she's sensitive and it helps her relate to and understand others. During her first life, Kara experienced a whole lot of loss and depression, not to mention no one seemed to understand her or the trials she went through, leaving her completely alone until it all finally pushed her too far. Now, reborn into a new life, it's possible for Kara's personality to take a complete 180. Kara has black hair, and green eyes.

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