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series: fruits basket
rating: teen (t)
themes: romance, humor, friendship
love interests: yuki sohma, kyo sohma, hatsuharu sohma (minor)

summary: Set in an alternate universe where Tohru Honda doesn't exist, and in her place is a girl named Ellery Trace. Ellery takes the role as the hot-headed, sailor mouthed main character, where it's up to her to see that the Sohma's curse is dealt with. Along the way, she meets plenty of interesting characters and faces multiple roadblocks that can either stand in her way or lend her a hand.

ellery trace: A girl that was born in America, but raised in Japan once her parents moved there. Around her fifth birthday, tragedy struck, leaving her parentless. Luckily, her mother's sister had also moved to Japan with her family, and so Ellery was put under her custody. Unfortunately...the small girl soon became the target of verbal abuse from both her aunt, uncle, and cousin. She manages to get through her life with the help of music, and her childhood friends Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima. Ellery is around 5'7", give or take. She has long, straight black hair that reaches her bust, and gray eyes.



series: ouran high school host club
rating: teen (t)
themes: romance, family, friendship, crime, action
love interests: hikaru hitachiin, kaoru hitachiin, leo adessi

summary: Life is as normal as it can get for mafia princess, Dylan. After her father gets knocked off by a rival family, Dylan is forced to flee the country for her own protection. Her last name is never to be spoken, something she was taught from the moment she was able to speak words, since it's the name of a powerful family known throughout Japan and other countries. Because of this, Dylan takes on her late mother's maiden name, Fujioka, upon moving in with her cousin and uncle in Japan. Arriving in the country, Dylan's life becomes anything but easy, especially when she meets her cousin's classmates...

dylan fujioka: Raised in a mafia family, Dylan knows a bit more than your typical teenager probably should. Her mother passed away at a young age, but she wasn't left alone. Dylan's life continued to stay lively with the help of her mafia family: that included her father, and her childhood friend, Leo. After things blow to hell in America, Leo forces Dylan to flee the country while he takes care of things back here. Reluctantly, Dylan leaves and moves in with her mother's brother. Ryoji Fujioka, and her cousin, Haruhi Fujioka. Dylan stands at 5'6", and has wavy blond hair that falls a little bit past her shoulders. Her eyes are a steely gray.



series: final fantasy xiii
rating: teen (t)
themes: adventure, action, friendship, romance
love interests: hope estheim

summary: A normal day of exploring turns out to be a bit more than Hunter Lee could ever ask for. She comes home as a L'Cie, only to lose her parents some time after and be betrayed by her older brother, Hanley. Hunter is now running for her life, as well as fighting for it. She meets up with others like her, and suddenly she's not just trying to save herself, but also the lives of her new-found friends. Their journey won't be easy, but luckily some of them enjoy a challenge.

hunter lee: Hunter Lee finds herself exploring the wonders of her hometown, Palumpolum, only to stumble across somewhere she shouldn't have and become branded as a L'Cie. Her parents take the reveal in stride, their opinion of her not changing in the slightest as they vow to protect her with their lives. Hunter's older brother, Hanley, on the other hand, is quick to look down on his sister and view her as a monster. Worst comes to worst, and Hunters finds herself on the run, drenched in blood and with nowhere to go. The only thing guiding her is her focus, which is to assist a group of strangers in need. She has straight brown hair that reaches a bit past her shoulders, and dark blue eyes. She's short, standing only at 5'.



series: death note
rating: teen (t)
themes: friendship, family, crime, adventure
love interests: matt, near, katharina, daniel [...more tba]

summary: A young girl dies in a car accident, only to be reborn into a fictional world. Unaware of the series she's found herself in, newly born Drew Keehl focuses on living her new life to the fullest, not wanting to waste the second chance she has been given. Too bad life isn't always a simple handout...

drew keehl: Life for Drew Keehl could be better (her new parents turned out to be criminals on the run, not to mention her birthday was celebrated with a blazing house fire), but so long as she has her older brother Mihael with her, she'll live. Mihael and Drew moved in the Wammy Orphanage at a young age after an unfortunate event. Life there has been eventful, meeting a science-geek, a gamer, a girl who still has imaginary friends, an introvert, and even a letter from the alphabet. True, life could be better, but it also couldn't get more crazy than this. Drew has long, blonde hair and blue eyes.



series: death note
rating: teen (t)
themes: humor, romance, friendship, mystery
love interests: matt, mello, near, light yagami

summary: Tomoe lived a normal life -she had a normal job, normal friends (if you could even call them that), and even a normal paycheck- until one day, her coworker decides to ruin it all by forcing a box of kittens onto her. This could seem normal as well (who doesn't have a few pets?), but unfortunately, these kittens have the habit of transforming into teenaged boys. Not only that, but they seem very insistent in catching the well-known criminal, Kira.

tomoe isobe: Tome has long, slightly wavy brown hair and green eyes; she's 5'6". Tomoe was raised in an orphanage, having been abandoned at the building's doorsteps when she was a baby. She's gone her whole life not knowing or wondering who her parent's are, and she's full content with keeping it that way. She attends university with the goal of becoming a teacher, though right now she's participating in a student-teacher program one of her classes provided, and works at a local high school. Other than working and classes, Tomoe spends her days napping, binge watching, and playing video games. It'd needless to say that Tomoe's life takes a huge turn when she suddenly finds herself taking care of three odd kittens.



series: naruto
rating: teen (t)
themes: adventure, friendship, family, action, humor
love interests: ren hotsuharu, kaito yuuki, deidara, chōjūrō, itachi uchiha [...more tba]

summary: Kirā found herself in a world completely different from her last. Here, violence and death is the everyday norm. People can perform magic tricks with the added system in their body, and not only that, but their are ninja jumping around everywhere. If she read more manga as a kid, then she would obviously come to the conclusion that she's been reborn into the world of Naruto.

kirā: Kirā has straight gray hair, and olive green eyes. She was murdered in her past life during a home invasion, and found herself reborn into the Narutoverse (though she has no knowledge of the series). Luckily her death via gun didn't make her afraid of the wonders that are violence and death, if anything they made her more sturdy... Though taking a life is always easier said than done. Kirā has a lot of friends and her big brother there to lift her up when things go bad, so maybe she doesn't have much to worry about (yet).



series: death note
rating: teen (t)
themes: friendship, humor, romance, adventure, mystery, crime
love interests: light yagami, L, fuyuto oshiro, jun ueno [...more tba]

summary: Madison has been given a second chance at life, despite proving herself unworthy over a thousand times during her past life. Nevertheless, she's not going to look this gift horse in the mouth, and chooses to take the reins of her new life, and steer herself down a better path. Things like that are easier said than done however, when Madison- newly born, Misa Amane, finds out that she now lives in the body of a character within the Death Note world. It's obvious to her what her goal has to be now.

misa amane: Formerly named, Madison Barlow, but newly named, Misa Amane. In her past life, things were rough and she found that she had no one. After an accidental overdose, Madison finds herself inside a baby's body. Reincarnation could have been sweeter, but this would have to do for now. After gaining knowledge on who and where she is, "Misa" decides she's going to use her knowledge of the Death Note series to make things extremely easier on the characters here. Before the plot starts however, Misa's going to enjoy the peaceful normal life she has at the moment. She lives with her parents (mother a writer, father a business man) and goes to school like any other teenager. She enjoys photography and art, both are things she excels at also. Misa is 5' and has dark brown hair, and honey-brown eyes.



series: naruto
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, action, adventure, friendship, fantasy
love interests: kakashi hatake, maki, obito uchiha, shizune, nagato [...more tba]

summary: His world had taken a drastic turn: the end of days were here. Soon, the normal life that he had always known became a zombie-infested wasteland. He fought to survive, knowing that things were different now and that rules didn't apply anymore. It was a shame a zombie bite ended up finishing him off, but on the bright side, he was born into a new life as a boy named, Kyojin. Kyo now lives in a world that isn't plagued by a virus, but violence still seems to be a huge part of it: something he's adapted to very well. This world seems almost perfect for a mind like his, especially so that it's a world that he had only thought existed in a book.

kyojin: With brown hair and eyes like his mother's, Kyojin has a pretty face that could rival his older brother's. A year after his rebirth, Kyo's parents passed away at war. Despite having lived in this new world for a year, Kyo didn't know his parent's much. He did have a close relationship with his grandmother (who practically raised him and his sibling), and his older brother. The brunette is often times referred or compared to as "ryū" aka "dragon" due to his habit for hoarding interesting trinkets (that are usually useful). Hoarding things is something he picked up in his previous life. Other than that, Kyo enjoys learning new things (if they're interesting enough), and likes the idea of trap-making and poisons.



series: ouran high school host club
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, humor, friendship, romance
love interests: hikaru hitachiin, kaoru hitachiin, tamaki suoh, kyouya ootori, ritsu kasanoda, arai (minor), benio amakusa

summary: She's already been reborn several times before, having experienced and learned a great deal of things that have aided her throughout her lifetimes. So, it's not hard to say that this life time will be no different. With new family and friends by her side, and the knowledge of this world, Haruyo will be sure to make the most of it.

haruyo: She has long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair and eyes. Haruyo is great at math, and takes charge of her family's financial business while she and her sibling attend a private academy, and or father works. Other than math, Haruyo has a great deal of skill with plenty of other things (mostly due to all her past lifetimes): she can sew (though knitting is something she could never pick up on), playing several different instruments, sing, make multiple types of food from scratch, repair most technology-based objects, and she knows how to dance. Out of all of these things, Haruyo likes repairing and tinkering with things the most. She enjoys inventing new things, especially if they make life just a bit easier for others.



series: vampire knight
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, romance, friendship, adventure, fantasy, supernatural
love interests: kaname kuran, zero kiryuu, hanabusa aidou, senri shiki, rido kuran (one-sided), takuma ichijo

summary: Usually, being reborn into a series you've read/watched is a dream come true. However, things aren't so great if you absolutely hate said series. For this Shiori, being reborn into the Vampire Knight universe is equivalent to going to hell.

shiori: She has wavy, brown hair and red eyes. So far, Shiori's attitude towards life is particularly cold. She doesn't take joy in many things, though by instinct it seems, she can't help but love her mother and father. Since Shiori is the type of person to get over things quickly, it's not long until she actually starts to grow close to her siblings, despite how much she seriously doesn't want to (considering who they are). She is a typically very quiet person, preferring to watch and observe before actually opening her mouth. Though there are times when she'll laugh loudly, or speak more than two sentences. Compared to her siblings, she's not that social. This is due to her not wanting to interact with others, or meeting new people. Sometimes however, she's knows that she has to bite the bullet.



series: kuroko no basket
rating: teen (t)
themes: family, humor, sports, friendship, romance
love interests: momoi satsuki, aomine daichi, akashi seijūrō, murasakibara atsushi, kise ryōta, midorima shintarō, aida riko, kagami taiga, ogiwara shigehiro [...more tba]

summary: Terumi would say that he's dealt with worse but...that would be a lie. That's because of obvious reasons, as what could be worse than dying from brain cancer and then being reborn when you'd rather just spend eternity in a peaceful slumber? Nothing that Teru could immediately think of, that was for sure. Despite the rough start however, Teru can easily say that he loves his new family and maybe...enjoys the company of his (brother's) friends...

terumi: Given a girl's name at birth, Terumi finds that not much bothers him (other than people talking/picking on his family and friends). Though his height varies as he ages, the height he'll most likely stop growing at is 5'9, which makes him a few inches taller than his brother. He has blue hair and eyes, and despite how odd that is, Terumi has never found the effort to question the impossible color of his natural hair. He may not care about much, or let petty things bother him, but he is always quick to stand up for others when they're in need (even if the issue has nothing to do with him). Teru is pretty perceptive, though sometimes he chooses to selectively ignore things; for example, Midorima running straight into a wall because he was too busy taping his fingers to look where he was going. He's also very humble and modest, never taking compliments well since they make him uncomfortable, as he doesn't know what to do with them. To most, he seems to be a relatively good and nice person, but really, Terumi is cunning enough to manipulate others into getting what he (or someone else) wants.



series: death note
rating: teen (t)
themes: supernatural, friendship, mystery, crime, family, romance
love interests: a, beyond birthday, light yagami, matsuda touta

summary: She took control of her life, and ended it more quickly than it probably could have lasted. So, it seems it spite of that, Kara's been given a second chance to start things all over. Maybe she'll get a loving family and siblings this time around; only time could tell.

kara: A girl with many faults and weaknesses, though she's not without strengths and good points. She may be a pushover, but she's also one to stand tall and fight for her loved ones and things she believes in. Kara may be emotional, but she's sensitive and it helps her relate to and understand others. During her first life, Kara experienced a whole lot of loss and depression, not to mention no one seemed to understand her or the trials she went through, leaving her completely alone until it all finally pushed her too far. Now, reborn into a new life, it's possible for Kara's personality to take a complete 180. Kara has black hair, and green eyes.

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