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Hey everyone, my name is Reichenfaust.

Self Reliance

Naruto, The Flame Guardian- My ideas are sometimes crossovers, and even if people use the ideas, I probably would develop something different. The first one I shall be calling is a somewhat crossover between Naruto, and the Norse Gods(with slight Marvel influence). However he does not gain the powers of a God. He is infused with something else. 06/05/15 Yes, there is an update in the works. It will cover probably the entire month of training, and the Chunin Exams. possibly the Invasion. It will also, potentially, maybe have some retcon in it, or will have to have some stuff fixed in the stories. I will still allow the other Jinchurriki to obtain better seals, and the Kage to get Shadow Clones, I think... I realize this is really a brighter picture the Narutoverse, for as dark as I started it. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone.

High King Berserker Kitsune- 06/05/2015Will for sure be getting an update, as I now have 5 WHOLE VOLUMES of the CLASSIC SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN to work from. Don't worry. It's first chapters will probably receive some clean-up attention as well. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

Adventures of the Gokage:Justice League- A newcomer in my story section, this one was rattling around for a long time, collecting bytes of dust. Having no proper net connection besides my friggin phone will do that. I hope to take this one particularly far. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

An Uchiha Descends Upon Flashpoint- Again, I am by no means an Uchiha Fan. Neither am I one who is stuck in the Uchiha, Inability to die and stay dead no Jutsu(thanks to Noodlehammer for coining that phrase). However, this idea, it just came to me when I was watching The Flashpoint Paradox, and I was thinking of a few things. My head plays pingpong sometimes. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

Naruto, Phoenix Incarnate- This spawned a little while ago, when I was wondering how to trek Naruto through ALL of the Marvel movies. Not just the cinematic ones, but the actual entire library. I also wanted to make Guardians of the Galaxy have a bigger bang, and have a greater scale on what exactly goes on out in the universe. In comparison to the Avengers, and the Cosmic scene(While I know in the Cinematic Universe, the Avengers have to be more important, due to popularity, I guess) there was a point, when one of my favourite characters comes back down to Earth, to see his parents, while he's trying to help several Galaxies piece themselves back together. A bunch of registered government powered 'heroes' jump him, demanding that he registers, before he beats them down. Tony Stark shows up to talk to him, tells the others to back off and explains what happened. His response, is that he is incredibly surprised. Surprised that Stark would fight his best friend, over a secret identity, just to maintain order in the short term. He tells the idiot that he is thinking far too small, when he should be considering all the time, what awaits them out in the universe. Anyway, This story will push for the Cosmic heroes on the big scene, and I will do my own interpretation of the movies. Who knows what will happen. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

Naruto, The True Sages Heir- Their is an update coming, I'm just thinking on where to go next, who Oro will recruit, and both Naruto and Kushina's training. As to those who say Minato is not on Hashirama's level... YES, I noticed, I put him as Mid SS-Class, and Hashirama as High SS-Class. I have 4 levels of SS-Class, and there is Low, Mid, Upper, and High. One thing I should have distinguished was that as far as I'm concerned, Hatake Sakumo was a Low SS-Class ninja. Tobirama and Uchiha Izuna were Upper SS-Class. One thing I think I will be doing, is a series of "Gaiden's" for the legendary battles, inserted into the chapters. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

As well, my history, is what I see fit to make it as. This is fanfiction. Those who want to work with small variables, and exploit them to their fullest extent? Go ahead. I'm not that type of writer. I like to explore the category know as "something completely different, with a little extra."

Tales of the Reclaimer Didact- Spawned from three things. My love of Avengers-Earth's Mightiest Heroes, MandaloreRequie's excellent idea Whatif117?JLUVariant, and the Marvel Comics Event "Original Sin", circa summer 2014(Who murdered the Watcher?). Thought about it for a long time, and got it rolling two weeks ago, before I got the connection back up and running. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

Team Japan- I always wanted to place a bunch of my favourite manga heroes into a team, in the Justice League TV show. First I thought of them being a loner team, with the league. Then, I thought about them being anti-heroes. Then I imagined how much it would throw everyone off to have a state sanctioned Super-Team, operating out of an Eastern Hemisphere country. This will cause all sorts of conniptions for Season 3 and 4 JLU. Each of the origins of the Manga heroes will be revealed. They may have a deeper roster than you think as well. UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone

Thor, Thunderer of Justice- Working on a very unique set of updates right now, trying to get them out. Hoping for the best. Soon I will serve up some righteous hammer! UPDATE NOV 10 2016: Discontinued until redone


Return the Conqueror- Naruto has the long lost DNA of Kang the Conqueror inside him.

He is severely attacked at age 6, and his power lashes out.

It's his tenants power, but as it is within Naruto, it is laced with Naruto's Chakra signature. The last stronghold of Kang detects this, and sends an android pod to pick him up.

Nothing further then that, but I have thought about having Gaara as a Sith, bringing traits of other "Masters of Evil" into the story, with them dividing up the lands, like in Wanted(The freakin comic, not that piece of shit with an anorexic Angelina Jolie in it!!!)

I AM THE APOCALYPSE!- Naruto as Apocalypse, in which you will take powers from different sources beside mainstream Marvel, such as the X-Men TV series(the FIRST one) where he can grow into a Giant.

Unlike Disease, Faith is a Choice. Is ye Choose to be Faithful to a Ruinous Power, ye shall never be able to claim the protection of Disease and therefore be bereft of the compassion of humanity. And if ye choose that path, may the One-Infinite-Creator have Mercy upon your immortal Soul.

The One-Infinite-Creator of this Universe and all Others is my Lord, the LORD, Yahweh, Jehovah, and HIS son Jesus Christos

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