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Dear EchoSkies,

I did get your message a while back, and being a brooding teenager I wrote you a letter in my diary that I wasn't going to look at for fifteen years or something haha, but just keep it as a reminder of the Akuroku world... Sigh...

It's been really difficult the past two years writing fan fiction for me- Don't get me wrong I'm absolutely in love with it and all the people I've met on here including you! And I didn't want to talk to you guys about leaving because I thought you'd convince me to stay because it was a really hard decision to leave.

Okay, so back to the past two years. In my friend group in real life I am the most innocent out of everyone. I don't swear, I cover my ears when they talk about canoodling with boys (Dear GOD never let me use the word 'canoodling' ever again!) and I've been on edge ever since I wrote my first fan fiction because I never wanted anyone to find out what I was up to. Imagine that? The innocent one writing gay M rated fan fiction that was not tame at all! So since 2012 I've had an app with a lock on it on my laptop that I kept hidden, constantly made sure to delete my history and log out of fan fiction, and I also had a secret email address.

So there was not only that but I also had to lie to you guys a bit to, but those who didn't read my authors notes would never have noticed. It was just a precaution just in case any of my friends ever found my writing on here. I would have lied to them and said I was only proofreading everything and that ihasakeyblade was a girl I'd met online who'd asked me to be their beta. I made ihasakeyblade's name Annie, but my real name's Holly :)

My last year of high school's coming up in 2015, and we're all hit with the 'well, what the hell am I gonna do with my life?' question. Haha, well me? I want to be a writer... And with being a writer you have to devote a lot of your time into getting your novel finished. If my stories still existed on here I'd still be living in constant fear of someone finding them, so I deleted them. It was really hard. I've got them all saved to a hard drive with all the reviews and stats saved too. I was going to write a story about Axel and Roxas called 'The Irish Goodbye', and an Irish Goodbye means leaving and not saying goodbye, so it was quite fitting. But then it took the form of a novel with the main characters called 'Matt and Mini' so that was short lived :S

I realise now that I probably should have posted everything that I've just written to you on my profile page so people know why I've disappeared. And I wrote the 'look for me later on' because I want to publish a book one day, a book that's going to be a household name :)

I can't come back to fan fiction, because I'll never be able to accomplish my dreams :) This site and my readers definitely helped me develop myself as a writer, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for that :) x

If you see the book 'Sleep' anytime soon with the author's first name 'Holly', that's me ;) and maybe one day I'll write the first bestselling book about two guys romancing (:

Much love

-Holly xx (aka ihasakeyblade123)