When Dreams Become Reality
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Update as of 2-17-13

Just posted the first chapter to Ignoring The Countdown, the sequel to Ignoring The Truth. Hope you guys like it!

Update as of 2-9-13

FINISHED! I just updated the last chapter of Ignoring The Truth, and I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself right now. Although it's a short story and a bit of a cliché apprentice fic I'm excited for the sequel! I think that you guys will REALLY like the sequel, not a HINT of cliché Robin recovery in it! Okay... so maybe a LITTLE here and there :)

And has anyone been watching Young Justice?! As a writer of Teen Titans I don't know if the people who actually read my story likes or even watches the show, but you ought to. Especially since they just added Deathstroke as a recurring villain. =O

Update as of 1-1-13

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So with the new year and Ignoring The Truth coming to a close (I'm working on the next chapter right now :D) I've been thinking a lot about some other stories I want to start working on. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with White Walls, simply because the main character is an OC, which leaves it open to a ton of things I could do with it, but I'm just not sure if I trust myself enough yet to not completely ruin the story by making the OC perfect. So yeah... but on the bright side I've also been thinking a lot about a new story I'm working on, and the sequel to Ignoring The Truth! The other story I have in mind won't be released until I've completely finished it though, so that I can really focus my energy on updating the sequel and it can be a side project. Again, happy new year, hope it's a great one!

Update as of 10-10-12

Hey guys! So, it hasn't been long since I last updated here, but I just wanted to give you guys some good news!

I have successfully created a DeviantART account and uploaded my first drawing. Yes, it is kind of boring but I just needed a simple title page for Ignoring The Truth so I would stop using someone's random comic. Anyways, hope you guys like it!

Update as of 10-2-12

So, it's been a crazy past month but things in my life have finally started to die down. Golf is ending within a week or so, and I finally have a good hold on all my class work for school. So, lucky for you guys this means more updates at a faster pace! I'm about to go edit a chapter now, so I don't want to write long. I just wanted to babble about the NEW EPISODE OF YOUNG JUSTICE I SAW ON SATURDAY. The show is finally back on from it's 'break' or whatever it's called. It was pretty uneventful (Especially for Nightwing, Robin and Batman fans) BUT WE FINALLY GOT TO SEE WHAT JASON LOOKS LIKE =D Is anyone else royally pissed that they skipped five years and the whole Jason story line???

Update as of 9-10-12

So for the past few weeks I've kind of neglected White Walls, and I'm sorry for that. I didn't expect such a positive response so quickly on the new story I posted, and out of excitement have been working on it instead. I've come to a small bump in White Walls, but it's just a speed bump, not a huge hill, so the wait shouldn't be too much longer! Also, I'm working on something else that would have a weekly update time, I'm hoping to upload it this Saturday morning, but we'll see how this week goes for me. I had a rough last week and a busy week coming up, so updates might be a little slow.

Update as of 8-25-12

Hey guys, so I have been working really hard the past couple days to work on updating White Walls and will hopefully have a new story up soon. Just wanted to say thanks for all the favs and follows I've been getting lately!

Update as of 1-3-12

You probably didn't come to my profile to read about me, but just in case you did here's a little bit about me. My two favorite things in the world are Juicy Fruit gum and octopi. This year, I'll be a Freshman in high school and I'll be turning 14. I really enjoy reading, writing (Duh), and listening to music. I'm determined to make 2012 my year of hardworking. That means I'll try any update more often and consistently. Hopefully I can finish some stories and get started on some more before the year is over. I'm really looking forward to another year on FanFiction with all these amazing writers!

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