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FIAWOL [fandom is a way of life]

I have been involved in fandom since the 70's when I attended my first conventions (when the original Star Trek was in reruns and there was only TALK about a movie).

Over the years, I wrote stories that were published in zines, made music vids when the tools we used were stone knives and bear skins, and have worked on several dozen conventions as a volunteer or committee member.

Most of my years in fandom, I have been into slash and my fandoms have included Star Trek (TOS and reboot mostly), Starsky & Hutch, Man from UNCLE, Quantum Leap, Highlander, Wiseguy, and a number of shows with smaller followings (anyone know what Harry & Johnny is?). My current shows include White Collar, NCIS, NCIS: LA and Hawaii 5-0.

I did start out in Trek before I got into slash and the other non slash fandoms that I read were Quantum Leap and Remmington Steel.

My current obsession is Castle.