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Poll: Howdy folks! So, I wanna try my hand at something after reading some great stuff here. I'm gonna list off some Nintendo franchises and I want you guys to tell me which six will be best in a Kingdom Hearts-like story. I will allow you to choose your favorite two (hoping its not all the same one). I'll let this poll sit out awhile so I can finish one story and get better off in my others. Thanks for your input! Vote Now!
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Name: The Gregginator

Gender: Male

About: I'm a huge fan of several anime and video games. I love playing pokemon and zelda games. In terms of anime, I really enjoy naruto, yugioh (up until zexal because I have yet to see it) and digimon. I also like both avatar series, but they're more of a pseudo-anime.

One thing about me: I love creating OCs for Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, or Yugioh stories. I always create a unique character for your story, so if you need an OC, please feel free to PM me!! :D

So, I have two stories: The Fire of Knights and The Nova League Chronicles.

I know I haven't updated The Nova League Chronicles in awhile, but I have NOT given up on it. I wanted to get Ashes started up for awhile before going back to Nova League (also, I'm planning on adding Gen. VI pokemon!). I will get back to Nova League when I have some time to kill (I've been busy with school), I promise!

On the topic of The Nova League Chronicles, I want to make a prequel to the Nova League Chronicles about a character that hasn't been introduced yet, but will be pivotal to the story. So, for this, I ask for you guys' help once again for something.

SO! Here is an OC Form for Gym Leaders for my Nova League Prequel Story: Red. What I want is a Gym Leader for each of the original Kanto Gym Leader types (Rock, Water, Electricity, Grass, Poison, Psychic, Fire, Ground). I'd prefer it if they had strictly Gen I and II pokemon, BUT any pokemon for the Gym Leaders is justifiable from any Gen. Also, try to keep the cities consistant with the original type correct. So far I have Vermillion, Celadon, Fuchsia, and Cinnabar Gym Leaders, and one E4 member (Ice) and one Rival, so everything else is completely open!


So, for Ocs, PM me with the following information:

For Gym Leaders




Team: (1-5 pokemon, make sure it all makes sense. Don't have the first Gym Leader have a Tyranitar, make him have a Kabuto, it just makes sense)

Town: (Pewter, Cerulean, Vermillion, Cinnabar, etc)

Description: (What they look like. Clothes, hair style, eyes, facial features, etc)

Personality: (Gym Leaders that have cool quirks are a must!)

Now, I've reordered the Gym Leaders like as follows: Vermillion (Electric), Saffron (Psychic), Celadon (Grass), Cerulean (Water), Pewter (Rock), Viridian (Ground), Fuchsia (Poison), and Cinnabar (Fire). Now, I already have Gym Leaders for Vermillion, Fuchsia, and Cinnabar, so the other five are up for grabs.

So, I need a few Rivals too. Maybe about 3. So, here's what I'd like:


Team: (Gimme 12 Pokemon to choose from, preferably from Gens I-II, but any works)

Description: (What do they look like?)

Personality: (Come on, they can't just be a robot or something)

Background: (anything happen to them in the past? Anything interesting? )

Any other interesting things I should know about them?

For the Elite 4 Members, its the same template as the Gym Leaders, except mandatory 5 Pokemon on their teams. They can be any type, just make them challenging! Oh, and you can specify which number they are, if not, I'll just order them to my pleasing.

Just so you know, I'm going to choose the ones I like the most, not the ones that are sent in first, so please put some thought into these characters. Also, PM them to me, DO NOT LEAVE ONE IN THE REVIEWS. I WILL ignore them completely if they are left in the reviews. Can't wait to see what you guys send me. :)

So, here's the OC for my story: The Colour Red

Name: Jake Strongman

Age: 16

Description: He has shaggy brown hair and golden eyes. He is roughly 6 feet tall and has a slender build. He wears an all red t-shirt with a poke ball design in the center and blue ripped jeans with black tennis shoes.

Personality: Very outgoing, loves meeting new people. He is very passionate, making him very opinionated. He hates injustice and really just wants the world to be a better place for everyone. He will never back down from a challenge and is determined to be the champion of the Kanto and Sevii Islands.

Background: Jake was born on Five Island. His mom is a school teacher and his dad is a police officer. His older brother is the Gym Leader of Five Island in the new Sevii Islands League. He hopes to one day be able to compete with his brother. To that extent, Jake has gone to the Kanto Region to start his pokemon journey.

Team: Weedle, Pidgey, Nidoran Male, Eevee, Snorlax, Charmander

On Rotation: Kabuto, Ditto, Dratini, Exeggcute, Nidoran Female, Hitmonlee

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