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Stand your ground,
Even when life leaves you breathless, unable to make a sound.
When Hope seems gone,
Keep looking on.

Stand your ground,
Even when Despair doth abound.
When the onrushing tide of Dark,
Begins to leave its mark.

Stand your ground,
Even when your tormentors surround.
Let your Light shine bright,
Let them flee at the sight.

Stand your ground,
Even when you feel you cannot continue one more round.
Let your soul flare up,
Like Light splashing out of a cup.

Stand your ground,
Even when it seems there is no Hope to be found.
For hope lies within us all,
Just waiting to leap to our call.

Stand your ground,
Even when you seem to be the only one around.
For you are not alone,
Your struggles are known.

Stand your ground,
Even when you are in Darkness bound.
When your Light seems dim,
Lean on Him.

Stand your ground,
Even when Fear doth abound.
Let Courage lead the way,
Let Hope be all that you do or say.

Stand your ground,
Even when Evil on you doth pound.
Let Courage be your shield,
And your Light be your blade to wield.

Stand your ground,
Even when the Dark looks down from its mound.
Let Natures wrath fill your veins,
With the strength of even the most torrential rains.

Stand your ground,
Even when it seems that life is a Dark hound.
Let your blood be filled with your song,
And the music within you flow strong.

Stand your ground,
Even when it seems you are lost, never to be found.
When life seems its bleakest,
And you feel your weakest.

Stand your ground,
Even when you're tightly wound.
Relax in His embrace,
Stand firm in His grace.

Stand your ground,
Even when Courage is gone, and your Light is uncrowned.
Know that this is just an illusion,
Save yourself the confusion.

Stand your ground,
Even when the Light fails to expound.
Let His knowledge fill you,
Gain an understanding of what's right and true.

Stand your ground,
Even when you are in Evil drowned.
Let Life's water fill your soul,
And make you forever whole.

Stand your ground,
Even when is all you hear is Darkness' song resound.
Let your tears fall, but look forward,
Never believe your life can be ended by a word.

Stand your ground, stay strong,
Forever continue singing your song.
Let Hope, Courage, Beauty, Light, ans Strength fill your being,
And never cease your singing.

Yeah, I'm a poet, and if you want to see some more, then PM me.

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