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How long has it been?

A long time.

Where have you been?

Mmh... here... there... every where... nowhere...

What happened to all your stories? Why did you just leave them hanging? Why didn't you say anything? What the hell happened?

Life got interesting and difficult.

Why can't I find any of your stories anymore?

I deleted them.


I had to.

Can you be more open please?! You just ditched us without a word! You said you would update but never did!

After my epiphany, I realized that writing SASUNARUSASU YAOI wasn't going to lead me to anything. I failed my exams because of it. I was really distracted and unfocused and quite truthfully, very depressed. I had to stop. I was losing control of my mind. My priorities were completely twisted and I couldn't think straight. I lost control of everything: my studies, my concentration, my goals, my mind... my life!

I had to delete Naruto and all my anime because I was getting addicted and I didn't like it. I had to delete everything and let go of everything so I could get a grip! I had to become a new person. I had to grow.

I left without a word and I apologize for that. Truthfully, I never planned to come back here. I tried to delete my account but apparently you can't delete your account here so... I just had to delete and recycle.

So now what?

Now, I need practice.

I realized that I'd like to take writing a lot more seriously in the future. I'm applying to Medical school at the moment and will be here till September. While on holiday I was talking to a friend about Kuroko no Basuke and decided that I'd like to write a fan fiction of it. It's an awesome anime! If you haven't watched it I recommend you start today!

I have a new name, new anime and new story idea.

If you're interested, feel free to stay. I'll understand if you decide to un-follow me- I deserve it.

I'm not making any promises this time. Not even sure if I'll write it but in case I do, I sure hope to finish.

I still lack major confidence in my writing skills but I'm hoping I'll build a bridge and get over it! Every writer has gotta start from somewhere right?

If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me and ask.

I hope I do you all justice!

Thanks for taking your time out to read this! XD

-AVapourInTheWind, formerly known as, Thee Potato Monster

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