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BABES! Story got deleted :(, so go to novellas dot com and search for Nandos100 and you'll find me :D Thaank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me during this story, I love you all so much xx PM if you're going to go to movellas and continue reading but if you're not going to let me just say that I love you still :) and thank you so much for everything xx

ME: My name is Bianca :)

I D K. I just like writing Fics. :) I write for multiple fandoms (1D, Vamp. Diaries, Glee, etc.) But mainly 1D. Give me requests about a certain pairing you would like to see in one of my fics and I will see what I can do :). I also do personal One Shots if you are interested in those :)


Okay, so, basically, if you want me to write a One Shot about you, give me your name, height, hair color, eye color, that kinda thing...and who you want to be paired with (Ex: 'Write a one shot about me and Liam from 1D') and just what you want to happen in it, like first date? first kiss? a fight? Something like that :)

My 1D Stories:

*I'll Be Your Soldier - Niall and Colette pairing :) Real time story, don't know when this one will end right now to be honest :D, just seeing where it goes.

*Four Black Coffins - (Coming soon)