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Ok, to start off: hi.

I'm probably one of the most 'unique' (quote/unquote) people you'll ever meet.

I am a female brony and proud of it. My favorite pony is actually a three-way tie between Fluttershy, Princess Luna, and Octavia. So I guess I have a favorite in three subcategories, if you put it that way ;).

I am a band geek. To make things worse, I play clarinet. I love music with a passion. If you want to learn an instrument, don't hesitate. There are plenty of great ones out there. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I am a Shadow the Hedgehog fangirl; I admit it. I'm most likely to play Sonic 2006 just for Shadow (still not a big fan of the whole Sonise thing -_-). Anyway, I love Sonic Underground and the original Japanese Sonic X.

I am a big fan of Invader Zim, if you couldn't tell from my nickname 'ShadowZim34'. Going to Doomicon the 28th and 29th :D.

I'm most likely to be the one in the corner drawing or writing while listening to Vocaloid. I'm actually listening to Rin and Len Kagamine's Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder on loop as I write this :).

Other shows I like include the following: Regular Show, Adventure Time, Foster' Home for Imaginary Friends, Animaniacs, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Gravity Falls (On Disney Channel. It's actually really funny) and Pokemon (Believe it or not, I actually like May/Haruka a lot). I miss the old classic shows, but I can settle for MLP: FiM and re-runs of old cartoons on youtube.

I'm no that much of a 'social' person. I'm not that good at making friends. Most people don't like me (probably because I'm so weird), but who cares? I love who I am and I don't care what other people think. I know, I'm starting to get all mushy LOL.

I have two wonderful and somewhat dumb dogs named Indiana and Texas. Indiana came with her name. Texas has a kind of long story behind her name.

I currently have one fan-fic I'm writing. I'm highly considering a Sonic-MLP crossover, but who knows where my imagination will lead XD.

I have lots of sugar rushes. One cookie? SUGAR RUSH! A slice of cake? SUGAR RUSH! A can of soda? Eh, doesn't really work. But 5 cans might. I'll have to try that :).

BTW, if you ever get a chance to read the Kane Chronicles, I highly recommend it. Just saying.



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