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Author has written 8 stories for Blakes 7, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Thor.

Background: traveller along the fringes of numerous fandoms spanning 40 years from the original ST, through (in order) 1st trilogy SW, Raiders/Ford, T3M/T4M, Blackhawk, Thor (comics, movies later), B7, and more recently Avengers and SWatH.

Been writing in SWatH-space almost continuously since October 2012. I also have a Blake's 7 "5th season" odyssey still perking gently on one of my mental back burners, but it does look like being a while before I get back to that.

Artwork over at ... as a Giant Microbes stuffed bedbug fancier, I'm known most places either as plushbug, or for Nanowrimo purposes, Ms Plush Bug.

The thing I enjoy most about this place, is its global character: that when I look in on my story stats, I see readers from everywhere on Earth.

The thing that drives me craziest, is that I have no way to thank people directly for stopping by, reading, and reviewing, when they've logged in as I guess I'll have to do it here.

Thank you! Never doubt that you matter.

Even when I have to guess I've completely boggled people, it does lift my spirits to know that anyone has passed by, and that :D does provoke me to write more and faster.


July 4, 2015 - Although it may not seem like it, when it takes as long for an update as Chapter 7 of LRH is taking. I'm still working on it!

APRIL 24th, 2015 - Posting of Ch 5 of The Long Road Home will be sometime during this weekend, not Friday night as planned/hoped. A variety of RL challenges cut into editing time this week!

MARCH 31st, 2015 - The Prologue and Ch 1 of The Long Road Home is finally getting posted!

PSA re That First of Days After: after re-reading this through a couple of months ago, I am currently doing a re-write on it. It wasn't as embarrassing as I'd feared, but fact is, I do write better today than two years ago. So: once the re-write is done, I'll be doing a chapter-by-chapter replacement to bring the posted story up to my current standards. This will result in at least a few changes, and may create a problem for anyone who may have loved it in its original form. Given the difficulty of lifting anything from ffnet these days what I'm considering doing if anyone's interested, is finding some way to making it available, possibly as a zipfile, for anyone who might like a copy.

2nd Week December 2014

Managed to bang out another 50,000 words this year, between my two projects, and actually hope to finish the story for AO3 first. Most of my LRH material this year

Note to self: it is really unwise to risk writing MA-material at work. There's a real risk of people wondering, when I'm out walking around the building for any reason, why the heck I'm grinning like that.

1st Week November 2014 - Nanowrimo #2

A week into this year's Nano exercise, I've a bit over 10K words in the bank, and am banging my head on villains in LRH. Villains! Villains! I need them to get off their scaly butts and be properly nasty, but in first draft...well, I'm assured everything sucks in first draft.

I have a secondary project this year, a one-shot Thor story that will be posted on A03 due to MA content. Yes, I'm talking about my first-ever effort at writing X-rated for public viewing. 7000 words and counting, title still being worked out...

Mid-August 2014 - Still working on The Long Road Home, thrown off a bit following an accident late in July. I've had bad shoulders for 2-3 years now--injuries originally sustained doing jiu-jitsu, kept bad by things like driving vintage VW Beetles without power steering--and during a period when I was riding the bus to try to give them a break, got treated to a sudden stop that caught me moving down steps toward a bus back door, while only holding on with one hand. I didn't quite go off my feet! but did get treated to having my full body-weight, plus 10-12 lbs backpack, plus about 20 lbs of grocery box slammed hard to the end of my right arm at about 25 mph. Got off the bus with every nerve firing from my outside right elbow to just under my ear...headed for home and ibprofen round the clock for the next two weeks. Less ibuprofen since has meant less sleep, less brain function...and it'll be another month before I can get in to see a sports medicine MD qualified to lay on the next level of treatment (cortisone injections) to (hoped) clean up the inflammation currently making my shoulder a pain factory. Bloody distracting, and does not help to move a story ahead, so I've been doing other things instead, the past week or so. Making an art project of the Jotunheim Beast, for one.

At the end of April 2014 I am still working on The Long Road Home. Been at that...steadily, bordering on obsessively since the beginning of the year. Having a lot of frustration lately over the amount of research and world-building required to construct a coherent backstory for one of the key characters, but hoping to be past the worst now.

May 6th, 2014...finding Pinterest a terrifically useful collecting point, for images I would see working into the story if drawing it, which in some ways is a more natural way for me to imagine things.

Inspiration page over here, under my alter ego of Ms Plushie Bug.

http:// www. pinterest. com/msplushbug/inspiration-board-for-the-long-road-home/

I finished NaNoWriMo 2013 as a WINNER! with 52,027 words worth of The Long Road Home (sequel to That First of Days After) on file, and I estimate another 30,000 words to be written.

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Sequel to "That First of Days After"...which ended with Snow and Eric agreeing to part for a year and a day, in the interests of securing each other's safety in the uncertain new world they'd created. The most certain thing to say is that at the end of it all, they will end up together. I just don't plan on making it easy. OH, COME ON. WHERE WOULD BE THE FUN IN THAT?
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