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Author has written 17 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hunger Games, Fablehaven, Jessie, Tangled, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Frozen.


This is Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yes I know my username is Mwagner11 like here's the story k?????????????????? So like ma middle name is Mitchells and then my fav cous's last name is wagoner but i like wagner better and my lucky number is 11. So yah. A few things about myself: I am an actress, I sing, I do hip-hop, I love writing and reading, get pretty darn good grades, and love to run.

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PJO quotes:

"With great power comes the great need to take a nap." - Nico di Angelo, The Last Olympian

"God alert! It's the Wine dude!" - Blackjack, Titans Curse

"Go chase a doughnut!" - Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters

"See that's what happens to snow in Texas lady. It - freaking - melts!" - Leo Valdez, The Lost Hero

You know how teachers always tell you the magic word is please? That's not true. The magic word is puke. It will get you out of class faster than anything else. -Percy, The Demigod Files

"Aphrodite took my snowboarding jacket. Mugged by my own mom!" - Piper Mclean, The Lost Hero

That's one good thing about sea serpents: They're big babies when it comes to getting hurt. -Percy, The Demigod Files

It's great when you're a celebrity to squids. -Percy, The Demigod Files

"It's all right. We just had a family spat."

"Family spat? You turned me into a dandelion!" -Persephone and Nico, The Demigod Files

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