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Hello, everyone! Welcome to NinjaRisa's profile!

I don't normally write a lot on this site, but if I do I'll mostly write about The Legend of Korra (LOK). Why just LOK, you (didn't) ask? Well, while I really enjoyed the series overall, LOK was a show that had a lot of writing potential, but to me the writing for LOK fell short and my expectations for the show weren't met. My favorite season or "Book" of LOK is the first one mainly because of Amon, but also because I really loved the atmosphere and suspense of the first season. As the series went on the relationships between all the characters either got better with some and/or worse with others. Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino (the co-creators of the show) did amazing on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but for some reason the writing -- and sometimes the character development -- of LOK was clunky and sometimes questionable. There was so much more they could have explored, so much more they could have improved on, and a lot they could have omitted. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT saying that the stories I write on this site are "genius" or "incredible" or even better than the original source material because they're not. However, with there being so much that could've been, I can use my imagination and fantasies to write what wasn't explored enough. At least, in my opinion.

Let me also add that because the 1st Book is my absolute favorite, the time-frames of my LOK fanfics will occur either during or a little after the 1st season.

Concerning the Mako and Korra ship (a bit of a rant):

Because my fanfics will mainly happen during season one or between the first two seasons, I will only write MaKorra fanfiction.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't care much for the Mako and Korra ship (a.k.a. MaKorra or Makorra) ... that is, at first. The love trianglish-squarish thing and romance sub-plot of season one was sometimes frustrating to watch as it was distracting at times and sometimes stole attention away from the main story. I love both Mako and Korra individually, but what Bryke did to Mako's character was awful. Mako's character was all over the place and, unfortunately, Bryke's writing choices made Mako the most hated character on the show for a while (which was sad because I liked Mako). Because of Bryke, at times it made it hard to convince viewers (like me) that Mako and Korra were meant to be together as a couple. However, after watching the 1st Book multiple times, I began to warm up to the MaKorra ship. I could definitely see the potential and the writer's intent for the two, even if it wasn't written all that well. So I started to think, "Yeah, I can see these two being together for a long time."

And then Book 2 happened.

What the actual HECK did Bryke do?!

Book 2, in my opinion, is by far the worst written book out of all four (for many reasons but I'll only list a couple). Korra's character completely regressed. What on earth happened to her character development?! Well, it was chucked out the window like a bad sausage.

But what really frustrated me was that Bryke decided to have Mako and Korra break up. Are you kidding me?! Why on earth would they spend so much time on Book 1 getting these two together and then quickly break them up in the very next book? Honestly, it just shows that it really was just a waste of everyone's patience and time to spend so much focus on the romance sub-plot in Book 1 when most of the attention should've been on the main plot in the first place! So, of course, the next frustrating sub-plot was Mako's and Korra's struggling relationship when it really didn't need to be that way. The only reason Mako and Korra couldn't be together in the end was because of bad writing and inconsistent character development. Korra's immaturity, impatience, and brashness that should've been improved on and somewhat resolved in Book 1 was increased tenfold in Book 2 for no rational reason whatsoever other than to be Bryke's way of showing that Mako and Korra don't really work together. *groaning as I pull down my face*

Therefore, because of my dissatisfaction with Bryke's questionable writing decisions concerning MaKorra and the fact that I actually now like that ship, I shall only write MaKorra fanfiction to satisfy myself and others who felt the same way as I. (Gosh darnit, that means I'm officially a shipper, aren't I? These are dark times for me ...)

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