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So…About Me. I've always been a bit rubbish at writing these, and I usually tend to make somewhat of a fool of myself, but try to bare with me and don't judge my writing based on the awful example I'm sure I'll put forward here. Let's see.

I'm 20 years old, English...currently going to uni in America, though, which is why this profile has a big "USA" at the top. I write loads about Harry Potter and get rather philosophical sometimes, but don't be too afraid of that. I take on far too many challenges over at the HPFC Forum and generally just bury myself in words! and enjoy!

Actually, speaking of burying myself... I've decided to take on the 100 Fandoms Hell challenge. If you're interested, head over to BeTheWorld 100, which is where I'm archiving all those fics.

Current Projects (WIPs)

Friends With Benefits: Ever since I decided Albus/Scorpius were my Next Gen OTP, I've been convinced that they have this odd, ambiguously sexual sort of relationship. We don't know much about the NG kids, of course, so everyone has their own head canon when it comes to their personalities. The way I see it, they're just two normal blokes who mess about together when they need to blow off a bit of steam. But, as we all know, FwB relationships hardly ever stay emotionless. They bicker, they throw punches at each other, they have questionable sex in broom cupboards. But at the end of the day, they're still just best mates. Written for Slash Boot Camp. Warning: Graphic Slash Albus/Scorpius; Rated M for sex and swearing.

Snapshots From A Life Well-Lived: *Sigh*. I've been doing a lot of hurt/comfort, big emotions lately, so this is the antidote. Happy, Lively, Joyous. Okay, so this is basically my head!canon played out into a longfic. I've been wanting to write this for years, and I've finally found the right motivation. The basic concept is to show one day from each year of Harry and Draco's lives together, beginning in 1998 and continuing through 2017. Twenty vignettes, nineteen years. If you're looking for an angsty coming out story riddled with misunderstandings and secret meetings, this is NOT the one for you. The Snapshots are filled with love and happiness and fluffy feelings and babies (NO MPreg), all mixed in with a healthy amount of bickering. And don't worry — I haven't neutered Draco. He's just as snarky as ever. Warning: Slash, OCs. Harry/Draco; Rated T for language and mild sexual content (nothing graphic).

It's a Mad, Mad World: This one deals with the fall-out after the Battle of Hogwarts and the complicated mess of emotions that plague Harry a a result. It's a bit dark, but only in the sense that it shows how I imagine a real seventeen year old by would feel after seeing the things that he's seen. It's canon compliant and picks up right where Deathly Hallows ended, though it takes place before the epilogue. Harry/Ginny; Rated T for canon deaths and PTSD.

The Way I See It: This is a collection of drabbles and oneshots. Each chapter focuses on a different character in the HP series, and the collection features everyone from Harry to Blaise Zabini to the Giant Squid. Some are dark and serious, others are lively and happy and full of life, and a few are just plain silly. I'm writing this one for owluvr's Character Diversity Boot Camp. Rated T for safety.

Completed Projects

Flicker: Well, I can't say I've ever written this pairing before… It's a slash story, but not graphically; it mostly deals with unspoken sexual tension. I wrote it for Lady Phoenix Fire Rose's Pairing One Hour Challenge. The basic idea was: given a completely random pairing, write at least 1000 words in under an hour. This isn't my favourite story I've ever written, mostly because I didn't have much time to edit, but I'll leave it as-is for now since the whole idea was to bang it out within the time limit. Warning: Cross-Gen, Slash. Harry/Scorpius; Rated T for sexual tension.

The Start of Something Wonderful: This is another one written for Lady's Pairing One Hour Challenge (She's a slave driver!) The pairing given for this one was Harry/Theo Nott, 2500 words in 2 hours. :) I actually really ended up liking it when I was finished. I'm calling it pre-slash because, if youre at all familiar with my writing, everything is slash. But honestly, it's mostly just about boys on brooms. Harry realises that they were never really so different after all, and maybe, just maybe, they can find a way to be friends. Harry/Theo - Friendship; Rated Kplus for mentions of the war.

Abnormally Attracted to Sin: "It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pick up line." Set during HBP, Blaise begins to become obsessed with Ginny Weasley. He can't get her out of his head, and even Draco thinks he should do something to get her out of his system. His mother would be appalled. Blaise/Ginny; Rated T for suggested sex.

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Twenty vignettes, one from each year of Harry and Draco's lives together. 1998-2017. Filled with love and happiness and fluffy feelings and babies, but absolutely NO MPreg, all mixed in with a healthy amount of bickering. Don't worry — I haven't neutered Draco. He's just as insolent as ever, only with a softer edge. Harry/Draco; EWE
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 16,239 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 8/27/2012 - Published: 8/18/2012 - Harry P., Draco M.
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"He's done it; he's won. So why does it feel like he's lost so much in the process?" Harry learns to heal and move on in the wake of the final battle with Voldemort. Begins immediately after the end of the war and leads into the Epilogue. Post-DH, Canon Compliant. Please R&R! :D
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"He knew who she was, of course. A Weasley. A blood traitor. A friend of Potter's. His mother would be appalled..." Blaise gets hung up on a certain Weasley. Written for K. Lynn Perks' Supernatural Quote Competition. Blaise/Ginny; Rated T for suggestive themes. Oneshot; COMPLETE.
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Back at Hogwarts after the war, Harry finds friendship in a place he never thought to look. Oneshot; COMPLETE. Harry/Theo Nott Friendship/Preslash. Written for Lady's Random Pairing One Hour Challenge
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"He wants to say yes, wants to throw his broom over his shoulder and shout for his son to come out back, wants to be a nice, normal father. But he can't." Harry finds himself desperately resisting temptation. Harry/Scorpius. Written for Lady Phoenix Fire Rose's Random Pairing One Hour Challenge. Oneshot; COMPLETE.
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