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How do, Everyone. :)

I am a junior in college. Daydreaming and then spraying words out on paper or my computer is one of my hobbies, I guess. I am a gamer, soccer player, and full time student. I'm incredibly shy, but I guess you could say I have "keyboard courage" in a good way. You won't be able to pick up on the shyness that much from here. :P

Current Stories in the Works: Inner Essence: based off of Koei's Dynasty Warriors series.

Any who, my favorite character has always been Sun Shang Xiang. She was an easy pick, being the only unlocked default female character when I first got the game at age 9. Plus, being a tomboy myself, I fell in love with her! She's been my favorite ever since...except in DW6...I was not amused. >:I An absolute train wreck, in my opinion.


I had put Inner Essence to the side because of super bad writer's block. I had sat down, played some music to help me think as I normally do, and things just went blank for me. In addition, I'm kicking myself for going 1st person speaker. It got really frustrating saying "I...I...I" all the bloody time. That being said, it made me really annoyed with the entire delivery of the story. I had considered re-writing the whole thing because I can't help but feel like it deserves that. Though that would certainly take awhile.

Thoughts on DW8:

For the most part, I'm happy with it. It brought back a lot of classic elements from the good old days (DW5 and back.) I was happy to see Sun Shang Xiang's appearance. It's not my favorite, but I felt it better than 6 and 7 (I liked her 7 outfit, but it threw away the tomboy look. Booo.) HOWEVER, I still do not like how she is centered around Liu Bei. Gimme a break, Koei. She goes from being entirely devoted to family and Wu, which she bases her identity off of, but as soon as Liu Bei comes around, that's thrown out the window and she's just another wifey character whose identity is based on her husband pretty much. I have no particular beef with Liu Bei, but my goodness, I feel like they're slowly murdering my favorite character. Onto her English voice, it was better in 7. Granted it was the same VA who did her in 6 (that abomination *cough* wha?) and in 7, which was heavily improved, but it sounded higher pitched in 8. I wish Michelle Ruff would come back to voice her (the lady who voiced her in 4, 5 and Orochi series.) She was perfect. Rant over hahaha


I return from a long slumber! Rahhhhh, yes. School has really taken up a lot of my time. So many biology classes. Spring Break is coming up, so I should be able to relax and write a little more. I went through Inner Essence and read from the very beginning. There are some things that are fine and others that I believe we could live without; in other words, I frickin hate those parts. So I'm going to go back and edit a few chapters, too.


Hmm...I've been thinking lately. I've been in a HUGE Final Fantasy VII mood these past couple weeks. Mulling over whether or not I should start an FFVII story, too. We'll see. Maybe, Maybe not.


All righty. First story is up and running. Heres hoping it's to people's liking. I started it a few months ago and since then, I have gone back and made changes. Even as far tweaking up the frickin plot device. Tehe. I re-read it over and over to make sure everything is in order, but sometimes things can slip by. That being said, please tell me when something seems out of whack. So read, enjoy, and review pretty please. :D


So I began writing my first story in the middle of June. I spent the first week pretty much all day, every day on the computer typing it up. Naturally, I began to space out writing as time went on. I came to a part where I became a tad stumped. So I took a break and then returned to it just this week.

Of course, it's a Shang Xiang X Lu Xun kind of story, but it's not centered solely on just that. It goes back and forth between their point of views. I try to keep some historical accuracy involved. I do the best I can, but there are some tweaks, courtesy of the game such as: element usage in combat (not that it's very important, but I digress). Just a heads up. :P I hold great respect for stories I have read or watched and sometimes I use them as a frame to help my own story along. For any who have seen the anime Inuyasha, you'll see how I used that as a mild frame to help me along. It'll kind of be a "well, duh that's from that" but I do make it my own. Rest assured.

Also, Shang Xiang is in her DW4 model/outfit. Just because its my favorite. Hehe. Everyone else is in their DW5 model/outfit.

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