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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Not much to put up real about me. I like watching anime, reading manga, playing video games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon, that's just me. I go to school like a normal person and learn as well. I'm in high school so sometimes i never have the time to work on stories. For a while i wasn't able to use my laptop to which I had been hacked:( So I lost some of my high school work on it and parents things they have as well. My flash drive that i had wouldn't read on my laptop, so trying to get that fix. Its moving slowly so i may have to use a different computer, by different I mean an old computer that is slow. If I can't use that one, then school has to be the next choice for me.

In Pokemon GX, my characters:

Rika Yuki

Age: 17

Favor color: red, black, dark blue.

Twin sister to Jaden Yuki

She is shorter than Jaden, but can still beat him at his own game.

Favor song: Promise me english version in Digimon Tamers

Favor Pokemon/Partner: Blastoise

Boyfriends: Jesse is the third one so far.

Rika Yuki was a girl who doesn't like to be bullied. Her Professor became like a father to her and Jaden when he left to become the best Pokemon Master in the world. She looks up to Jaden more than she could ever known. She gets mad when people mistaken her as Jaden for the fact she wears a skirt.

Matt Rain

Age: 39

Favor color: blue

Professor to Jaden and Rika when they became ten and kept a secret from Rika by Jaden not to tell what happen in his past that made him quite being a Pokemon Trainer. He is a father to both twins and is happy to help when ever they need it. He has another side to him, to which he doesn't like duelists who doesn't understand what Pokemon is.

Marie Yuki

Marie Yuki was much of the talk in their Jaden's and Rika's life. She was a famous duelist then quite when she married their father, Hope Yuki. She wanted what's best for her Children and tells them to look out for each other.

Hope Yuki

When Jaden and Rika was about five, he left to become the best Pokemon Master in the world. Jaden had hated him for doing so, and still does.

Just a little inside on my characters in that story.

Now we have Parent Week, Can he win her back, and Who she really is


Age: between 30-40

He is the bodyguard of Judai Kaiba, under the order of her father, Seto Kaiba. He was once in the military before meeting the Kaiba's and is greatful of the ways he was taught to help others.

Kayla Wheeler

Age: 19 almost 20

Boyfriends: Jim is the second

She is pain in Judai's past up to now in the story on up to the squeals. She was sometimes the cause of Judai's shyness as she grew up. She always finds a way to make it better, or worst. She loves to be around other people and looks alot like her mother. She sometimes acts like her mother when she is mad.

The men and woman who hurt/kidnap Judai

The men were hired by the woman, Malin. She wanted Haou's power is rule the world. She gave them orders to kidnap, not hurt Judai. When Judai was hurt, the power becomes weak and remains of no use.

I think that is about right, I think.

How I live, is up to me

Jaden's mother and stepfather was always drunks and never care for Jaden. That lead up to Jaden killing her stepfather for hurting her and beating her.



He save her as Jaden saved him. He offer Jaden a deal she couldn't have left behind and joined the military to fight and end the war. He was undercover by his real job and clear things up with her and others. He was like a father to her when Jaden was growing up.



He is the first General in Alpha army. He help change the future to help and show the people the light of things and who's right and who's wrong.

Hope Yuki

He was the First General of the Freedom Fighters before the war started and made Alpha the enemy. He was "killed" at his home when Jaden was only three years old. And was later shown that his wife had order the kill on him.

I don't know if I left someone out in this story, but if I did, please let me know, because I don't remember at all. Thank you and have yourself a good day and ice cream. (WHERE!? I WANT SOME! *Looks around for some*)

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