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Name: Person6...other than that...I'm not telling...(yes, I am paranoid)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Enjoys in life:

-Wasting her brain on the internet
-Being sarcastic
-Whacking people on the head

Self Diagnosis of Mentality:

-Anti Social Disorder
-Signs of Avoidant Personality Disorder
-Go from severe to moderate Depression, especially under stress

-Yu-Gi-Oh (It's fun!)
-Gravitation (Really want to see DVD's...)
-InuYasha (Love it!)
-Weiss Kreuz (It's something new)


Bakura/Ryou (My favorite so far! As you can tell, most of my fics are this pairing ^_^v)

Malik/Yami no Malik (Marik, Ishtar, whatever you call him...I swear he has the most names ever! _

Seto/Ryou (No one can resist the power of Ryou! Not even cold hearted CEO's!)

Malik/Yami no Malik/Bakura/Ryou (Or any variation of those as a threesome or couple...I don't know something about them is just oddly appealing...or maybe it's just [email protected]@) life


Coldness in any shape or form...*shiver*...except's yummy! ^^

The staunch belief that God I'm not dissing religion or the idea of God, but nobody has any proof that God exists and I really hate it when someone says something like, 'God condemn you' or 'you will burn in hell'. For all we know hell may not exist and in the after life or anythin of that form, I will go goddamn anywhere I like. Nobody has the power to make me go to hell just because they said so, that's bullshit. I'm sorry if I have offended you in any shape or form, but this is my belief and nobody has the right to condemn me because God says so. I'm not against God, just the idea...for me it's too much blind faith, but believe what you want to believe.

The passionate hate of yaoi authors just because they write yaoi. If you don't like yaoi, then fine I'm not against that...if you read a yaoi fic even when it says it will be yaoi and flame the author then your a asshole. They already warned you and what effect will it have to flame them? There is a reason why this place is called fanfiction. It's also called creativity! I'm sorry if some people out there don't have it but don't go around saying yaoi is evil and we will all burn in hell, because guess what asshole? There are people who are gay of bisexual out there and there is nothing disgusting about that, okay?! You can go on believing that gay people are disgusting people or that they are the spawn of evil, but keep it to your self okay? Don't diss someone because they have an opinion and don't you dare say they will burn in hell for writing something that is good but contains yaoi. Fuck off because they warned you and you read it on your own free will, nobody forced you. If you think flaming them will stop them from writing then your a jerk and a moron. Here's a helpful hint, if you don't like yaoi and the fic has a warning saying that it is yaoi, DON'T READ IT!

(Sorry but I really had to get that message out there. All you yaoi writers and readers, don't get discouraged by people like that, if someone does flame you for writing yaoi, tell them to fuck off and don't stop! I know several beautiful writers out there and they're all yaoi. Keep on writing!)

Fics to be written

Secrets behind the Mask:
Ryou's the new kid who just moved from a different town. Malik the ever so heartwarminly-handsome-yet-will-beat-you-up-for-no-reason kid becomes to know him and soon become good friends. While Malik grows a crush on the shy new kid, Ryou has a secret that could take him away from Malik forever and that could change Malik forever...

My Music is My Insanity:
Ryou is a talented musician who lives a life of glamour and riches but is horribly depressed. Bakura is a cold business man who happens to meet Ryou one day after his concert. When Bakura is drawn into the insanity Ryou calls life he tries everything in his power to stop the young man from destroying himself...only question is will he suceed?

-Of My Life-

Ooohhh, fuck.
To put it lightly, I'm screwed.
I've gotten a warning in Calculus, meaning, I"m near failing, whihc I can't afford to do in senior year.
So, I've been grouned for two weeks without internet.
Sucks, doesn't it?
So, bear with me as I try to write up a new chapter and do a million other stuff at the same time.
Gomen ne, minna-san.

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