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Hello, person who wandered onto my account! Whovian teen from New York here, if you can't tell by the name. And no specific era of Who, either. Classic, I'm cool (I mean, I started with the classics and I love them). New, same. I mean, my favorite Doctors are Five and Ten and favorite companions are Sarah Jane, Tegan, and Donna (her and Tegan so should've met! I would've loved to seen them travel with the Doctor together. Doctor: O_o). Oh, and Jack. Who doesn't love Jack? But anyway, see? I'm multi era!

In a (sort of) series:

Remember Me?

Borrow All of Time (will come soon)

Don't Forget (on hold now because of few views)

More might come soon!

And for those one shots... Yeah, they were supposed to be, but they might be extended XD Oh, and also working on Never That Far Apart. Which I swear is only going to be one shot. And Second Chances, too. That'll be a full story.

Now on tumblr!

yay! I'm published:

And see? I did meet Rory!

Name: Nope, not gonna say.

Age: Ditto.

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown-ish. But it's also blond and red. It Really depends on the light wherever I am.

Eye Color: Amber-green

Like(s): sci-fi, writing (no, really?), reading, guitar, comedy... Blegh can't name the, all!

Favorite Animal(s): dog. Or cat.

Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): Oh God... Too many... Let's just go with Queen, the Beatles, the Killers, Coldplay (not just because of David Tennant!)...That's just the start XD

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Fanfiction...Because it's cheaper than therapy.

Arguing with yourself is normal. It's when you argue with yourself and lose that's weird.

Anyone can reach the stars. If you can't reach them, catch one that falls.

Slinky Escalator = Endless fun

Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us how to walk and talk, then the rest of our lives telling us to sit down and shut up.

If you don't like my driving, stay off the sidewalk!

Excuse me... have you seen my sanity?... I think I lost it.

Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

People say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well, I think guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people.

I'm easily distrac- Look, shiny!!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I say, when life gives you lemons, make apple juice and laugh at the looks people give you.

I'm not moving backwards, I'm just moving forwards in another direction.

Wrinkles merely show where smiles have been.

Life isn't passing me by, it's trying to run me over.

My knight in shining armour turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil.

If I went to Hogwarts, and got sent to Dumbledore's office, I would so skip down the hallway and sing, 'I'm off to see the wizard...'

There's nothing wrong with talking to random objects, it's when they start to talk back that you need to worry.

Who ever said that words never hurt obviously has never got hit by a dictionary.

If life gives you lemons, throw them back at the jerk who gave 'em to ya and demand chocolate.

Music is my boyfriend.

I've got ADHD and magic markers. Oh, the fun I will have!

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

Remember students, all Voldemort really needs is a hug.

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You know you're addicted to Doctor Who when...

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You count the days until the new episode

When someone is copying another person you freak out and run away

You try to learn Gallifreyan

You be Doctor Who characters for Halloween

If you're not British you wish you were

When you see weight loss medicine you think, 'this has adipose all over it'

You get freaked out when someone says exterminate

or delete

When you see twins you think,'which one's the Ganger'

You try to find Torchwood on google maps

You try to build a K-9

Your new favorite color is TARDIS blue

Whenever someone says Doctor you say, 'Who!' or 'where are the aliens'

When you hear the name John Smith you think, ‘OMG! IT’S THE DOCTOR’

You wish you had a swimming pool in the library

You have a whole wall covered in posters of the Doctor and his companions.

When you see someone who was on Doctor Who, in another movie, when everyone thinks of that character you think of who they played on Doctor Who.

You suddenly LOVE bananas

you suddenly hate pears

You make all your: Sims, Mii's, Sackpeople, and other videogame characters Doctor Who characters

You listen to Chameleon Circuit, The Medusa Cascade, Bad Wolf Bay, and other Trock bands every chance you get

You memorize the speech of a favorite character

You plan your life around when the new episode is

You wish you were ginger

You love fezzes

And bowties

And stetsons for that matter

You wish you could say "Allons-y Alonso"

You cry when the companions leave, because it means the Doctor will be lonely again

You wish BBC would sell more DW stuff on BBCAmerica(dot)com

You decide that other sci-fi shows (coughcoughStargatecoughcough) are horribly inaccurate becuse they all speak the same language without the use of a translator matrix

When someone mentions Captain Jack, from Pirates of the Caribbean, you think of Captain Jack Harkness

You bring a Banana to a party

You 'predict the future' based off of Doctor Who

You say Doctor Who is educational because you learned how to say Bad Wolf in Welsh

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Repeatedly watch the Moon landing to see if you can remember the Silence

You freak out when you meet another Whovian.

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[Police Public Call Box]

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[ FREE for use of ] THIS IS THE TARDIS


[Advice & Assistance]

[Obtainable Immediately]

[Officers and Cars]

[Respond to all Calls]


"Courage isn't just a matter of not being frightened, you know. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway." -The Third Doctor

"The universe hangs by such a delicate thread of points, it's useless to meddle with it. Unless, like me, you're a Time Lord." -The Eighth Doctor

"There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes." -The Fourth Doctor

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I love the darkness, vampires, and witches, So i MUST be a cold-hearted bitch and a satanist

Well, thanks for reading that!


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Shattered Glass by Allonswin reviews
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