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Hi, L.C. Lane (formerly Eversotd) here. Needless to day, I'm here cause I love writing, reading, and Marvel. Shocking, right?

I am now on Facebook! Find me under: LC Lane, no periods or anything. I'm using the same icon as here: cat under the towel captioned: Something, Something darkside! Hope to see you all there!! *

If you don't have Facebook, please find me under "eversotd" on Deviantart. com and YouTube!

Anyways, I want to thank everyone up front for reading (and Please!) reviewing. Your thoughts, input and feedback (sans the flames please!) will be GREATLY appreciated. I do want to mention upfront, there will be no slash in my stories (not my thing) and the blood and gore will be nothing beyond what you'd see in a PG13 flick. I'm gonna do my very best to keep to the character's personalities, please mention any goofs I might not notice. And otherwise, please enjoy! We writers right for the pleasure of being read and for the pure adventure of writing!

Otherwise, some quick things about me: I live in the Midwest, with the weather that changes every 5 minutes and all that; it's for real, not just a saying, LOL! And I'm an organic health food nut; I love all kinds of music, but mainly rock, dub-step and 'meshes' of music, also symphonic rock (of movie themes and stuff like that). I also love animals, nature and am in college for Theology and Ancient History. :)

Oh, and in case I forget, every chapter of every story I write on this: characters, besides originals, NOT mine, I just like making new adventures and journeys for them! Disclaimer, disclaimer and all that...


Aladdin & the Heirs of Magic: want to say a few quick words about this story. First, HAD NO idea that it would get so many readers!! LOL; mainly I wrote this story because I love the character of Mozenrath. He was Aladdin's best villain bar none and I love his snarky attitude and dry wit. He's a greatly done, complex character and I was SOOOO hoping Disney would either put him in the 3rd Aladdin movie or do a 4th one with him as the villain. Anyways, I want to say it's very sad that the voice actor for Mozenrath died (may God give him peace); but I hope if Disney ever does do a movie with Mozenrath, they can dedicate the movie to him (not my idea, BTW, a fellow YouTuber mentioned it), but I agree. Anyways, hope my Aladdin fanfic is to your liking, please leave reviews; I LUV feedback. :) And again, don't own anything, Disney does, I'm just having a blast writing it! :) I have sadly not updated this for a while, but I have NOT abandoned this fic. An update is in the works; but real life and a HUGE mental block have made this latest chapter difficult to finish. But it will happen.


Right now I'm mainly focused on my Star Wars Assassin Series; we're almost done with Episide Five and I have the storyboard set for Episode Six. Thankfully no mental blocks so far. There will be an Episode Seven; it will be my original storyline, not a re-do of the upcoming movie.

Please check out Pozagee on YouTube; she's reading my Aladdin fanfic and does an AWESOME job!! :)

Also, please check out the GREAT fan art for "Heirs" on Deviantart. If you go there and type in 'eversotd' in the search window, you'll find it. Some amazing artists, Nysrina, ASJohnson have done some exquisite pieces-for which I am sooo grateful and flattered. Please go to Devianart and enjoy them; leave some love for the artists.

Till next time!

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My take on the 3rd Aladdin movie. Desdane returns for revenge and Mozenrath has no choice but to ally with Aladdin and company to battle for all that is. Desdane gathers all of Aladdin's enemies into one army, while Aladdin teams up with allies old and new (Sadira, Genie, etc). Shadows from Al's past add to the tension, while Cassim searches for Aladdin and his brother.
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