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country: UK

This is DaStrawHatReject (formally DaRubberManof98 and gumgumjetpistol1) and his profile here! Note:A chapter will usually come out every month or 3 weeks.

Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Reading, Relaxing, Watching TV

Favorite Video Games: Street Fighter X Tekken, Sonic Generations, Any Main Series Pokemon Game, FIFA 12, Prince of Persia, New Super Mario Bros., One Piece Pirate Warriors and Gigant Battle, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, American Dad, Friends, Russel Howard's Good News, South Park

Favorite Anime: One Piece, Pokemon, Sonic X, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, SKET Dance, Gintama, The Knight in the Area, Space Brothers

Favourite Characters: Luffy, Zoro, Sonic, Shadow, Espio, Mighty, Ash Ketchum, Bossun, Kakeru, Ichigo, Naruto, Sasuke, Rock Lee,

Favorite Pokemon: Squirtle, General Oshawott evolution line, Infernape, Gothitelle, Braviary, Swellow, Grovvyle and Sceptile, Darmanitan, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, Electivire, Magmar, Weavile, Lucario, Gigalith

Future Stories: Cherub

Another Pokemon fanfic

One Piece


I will remember the day:

Cilan was finally interupted when saying his annoying catchprase 'Its tasting/evaluation time!'

Team Rocket became badass and more epic

Ash gained another uber (Infernape )

Infernape did what most of Ash's Pokemon could not do

Pikachu somehow defeated a: Dragonite, Latios, Electivire etc. yet can still lose to: a recently received Snivy/Servine, Panpour, Swanna etc.

TMs could have multiple usage

Ash started to rotate

I found out Ash had caught the Sunglasses Krokorok, and evolved Pignite. Everybody knew Unfezant was going to evolve and Leavanny was news. News...

Ash's Primeape returned to Oak's Ranch

The writers made the slightly less prominent protagonist get a fully evolved pseudo Pokemon

Croakgunk was convinced not Poison Jab Brock

Ash lost greatly to Paul and lost his confidence for a short period of time

I will forget the day:

Paul let his Electivire stop the referee in the climax of battle with Ash and Paul at the Sinnoh League Conference

Ash lost to a rookie trainer- Trip

Brock made the foolish decision to become a doctor and leave Ash, which was prompted through the 4 seasons Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Tepig lost to a:



And so on

Pokemon Trainers, at a rookie think could they could stand a chance at defeating an Elite 4 member or a Champion

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Name: Roland
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Position: New Rival
Personality: Roland is a calm, kind, fun loving person. He retains his calm nature in battle, but can be competitive. He is always calm in battle no matter what the situation, which people always question. He's also quite smart and strategic.
Appearance: Brown afro hair, brown eyes, wears a blue cap on top of the hair. Wears an open blue and white long sleeved cardigan, under that is a white T shirt with a pokeball sign on it. Wears grey jeans and red trainers.
Pokemon History:
Gender: Male
He is Roland's starter Pokemon and his strongest. Squirtle is always outside his Pokeball. He is the size of a Wartortle. He can be flattered easily by girls around him, which is one of the only things which angers/annoys Roland.
Moves: Water Gun, Ice Punch, Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin

Gender: Male
Abillity: Speed Boost
Moves: Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Double Team, Bug Buzz

Gender: Male
Abillity: Guts
Moves: Hammer Arm, Shadow Ball, Protect, Slash

Gender: Male
Moves: Flare Blitz, Rock Smash, Flamethrower, Dig

Gender: Female
Moves: Attract, Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Psychic

Gender: Male
Abillity: Effect Spore
Moves: Seed Bomb, Headbutt, Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut

One Piece

Name: Monkey D. Marshall 'Kano (gonna be changed in chapter 12)'

Nickname: Firebrand Kano, Straw Hat Jr.

Age: 18

English V.A.: Eric Vale (a mix of our Sanji, Fairy Tail's Loke and Dragon Ball Z's Trunks)

D.O.B.: September 15th

Appearance: Kano is the spitting image of his grandpa, Luffy and great-great grandfather Garp at 5'10 at height. He has black, spiky hair, along with light brown eyes (Nami's colour) and slightly tanned skin. He has a scar shaped like the Final Smash Ball in SSBB, with an extra, slightly shorter, vertical scar crossing it at the right, across his left eye. He wears a straw hat and a red sleeveless vest. Finally, he wears blue pants, with blue cotton at the rim of the trouser leg, and sandals with them.

Personality: Kano is quite like his grandpa, although he is smarter. Kano is very matured, and quite polite. He is somewhat extraordinary in ways such as: not understanding love, not bleeding when seeing a woman private parts. He is recklessly stupid and insane most of the time, and would rather take a risk, then not. Kano honours his friends and will stand and encourage people to fufill their dreams. Finally, he is laid back and lazy. His role model is Wung.

Abilities and Powers: Quite strong and very enduring. Very lucky. Learnt the martial arts Rokushiki as well as Life Return. Ate the Heat Heat Fruit after he found it while swimming in the sea in his hometown. Seems to have gained Luffy's immunity to electricity and bullets, as well as being double jointed to stretch his arms just slightly, with the aid of Life Return, tributing Luffy's Gum Gum Fruit powers.

Moves: Heat Heat Pistol: He cocks back his right arm, which immediately starts to heat up, then sucker punches the opponent with his heated fist.

Heat Heat Gatling: He heats up his two fists and brings his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.

Heat Heat Missile: He imbues his whole body with heat, and headbutts the opponent, like a missile.

Heat Heat Whip: A basic heated up kick.

Six Styles Special Technique: Rokuohgun: Six King Pistol: He moves his hands in a counter-clockwise motion, then raises his right arm above his head and crosses the left one with the right. Using Soru to support his speed, he then finally places both his fists right in front of the opponent, and launches a devastating shock wave. This is one of Volk's strongest moves. He is usually breathing hard after this attack.

Rankyaku: Phoenix Kick: He double kicks the air, making what he calls a 'Phoenix Blade', which flies to hit the opponent. This usually never misses its target.

Shigan: Bullet Pistol: He stabs the opponent with his finger. Used rarely.

Heat Heat Revolver: He cocks his arm back and starts to produce a large arm of heat that extends from his arm. He then throws the large arm of heat at the opponent

Heat Heat Combat Gun: Think of Close Combat from Pokemon. He rapidly punches and kicks the opponent, with his 1,000 degree fists.. Stronger version of Heat Heat Gatling.

Heat Heat Bazooka: He punches with both heated arms simultaneously.

Vocation: Captain

Backstory: Kano was born in East Blue, and brought up in a place called the Omelen Island, a group of united islands in a circle, with the largest island in the middle and with a hole so travellers can get through to the main islands. He lived in the middle island, an island called Mesuls Island, in a coast city called Talen D.C. He was bullied by his classmates and singled out for being a pirates' offspring, in which was led by Brick, who's father was a Marine captain, and also the Mayor of the city. During that time, he accidentally ate a Devil Fruit called the Heat Heat Fruit which gave the ability to produce and control vast amounts of heat. He also was training under the tutelage of Sensei Chun Tiang and Wung to learn how to use Rokushiki, but constantly failed at it. He also lost all his fights against Brick because although he would prevail at the start, he would always cheat and his lackies would gang up on him and outnumber him, all of them beating him. Then one day, because of his desire to become the Pirate King led Brick's father to mercilessly kill Wung for teaching him Rokushiki and being a pirate. This ultimately destroyed Volks's spirit, but after a few words of wisdom, Kano regained his spirit and because of how pirates would be strong, Kano decided to depart for Crocs Mountain and train there for 10 years. Finally, at the age of 18 he left to become a pirate.

New Straw Hat Pirates:

Captain- 'FireBrand' Kano

1) 'Sonic Boom' Dell- First Mate and Blacksmith

2) 'Gravitore' Ijin- Second Mate

3) 'Gun Slinger' Thalia- Sniper

4) 'Hurricane' Clement- Navigator (will join prior to chapter 13)

5) 'Shadow Sythe' Akimoto- Chef (will join prior to chapter 13)

Future Crewmates:

6) 'Lightning Dragon' Shadix- Swordsman

7) 'Yeti Man' Hiluluk- Doctor

8) 'Death Dancer' Leala- Tailor

9) 'Charming Prince' Lerian- Archaeologist

10) 'Stealth Sword' Shin- Joint Swordsman and Assassin

11) 'Black Gun' Basil- Secondary Chef and Assassin

12) 'Professor of Death' Tsukhaca- Battle Commandeer

13) 'Diamond Fist' Sanguine- Brawler

14) 'The Grunt' Daichi- Grunt

15) 'Executioner' Uriel- Joint Tailor, Shipwright, Hairstylist

More crewmates to come...

Arcs and Sagas:

1) East Blue Saga

Chapter 1-2: Shells Town Arc

Chapter 3-11: Domino Works Arc

2) Pirate Alliance Saga

Chapter 12- : Loguetown Arc

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