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Author has written 2 stories for Aliens/Predator, and Titanfall.

Greetings. I am Fallen Path of Evil, and you are clearly here because of one or more of my stories that I may upload in the future that I have posted. Therefor, I happen to be hoping you are enjoying them.

I may as well tell you a little about myself. I am a 23 year old woman who just likes to write, play video games on free-time, draw, and read. If there are any questions about games I play, books I read, recommendations, stuff like that, feel free to ask, the only one stopping it is you.

I write about various things. Obviously, my main story that I am focusing on write now is Forsaken Path of the Wolf, an Alien vs Predator story that I really have no time to write at the moment because of many different reasons, so don't expect updates soon. They'll come when they come, what more is there to say to that? Just be patient and stick with it for at least a month or two before leaving a story, that's my deal.

I am associated with Suffering Praetorian at the moment, the author of Suffer By My Claws, if that clears up any confusion. I have been asked about my story being a sequel to an unfinished story. And the answer is no. Forsaken Path of the Wolf just happens to be a story that I am writing. If Suffering Praetorian wants to write a sequel to her story, she can go ahead and write it herself. No need for me to do it.

My writing style really isn't that professional. At all, I should say. I write because I like it and I want to show others my beliefs in writing and my imagination, how I see things. If you don't like the story, just don't read it. I don't mind criticism because it only improves my writing. If you seriously want to tell me something rude, please don't put it in the reviews. Give me a PM so I can read it myself. No one should read that crap except me.

If you are a starting author, I just have a word to say to you. I don't want to be mean, but like a good friend of mine, I think you should never start a story if it will never be finished. Delete it. Oh, and don't be lazy with it. No more 1,000 word chapter stories. How about at least 5,000 words and time taken into it? Sound good? No one wants to read your super small chapter, clumpy paragraph, poor dialogue, spelling error book and give it reviews. The only ones you'll get are bad ones.

Don't think I'm being a little pushy either, I'm just giving you a nice "friendly" tip. But the way you read it just shows me whether or not the cup you see is half full or half empty, I guess.

Honestly though, I will write about pretty much anything. And I don't write stories for other people. Don't bother asking me.

If you happen to want a beta-reader, request that in PM, and I may or may not accept.

Well, that's all I have to say. I won't stop your writing skills by the words I say, and if I did, you have some issues with your self esteem for sure. Don't listen to me, listen to yourself. Listen to the words you say and how you do things. Your path start and end will all be judged by it.

Be sure to hear your voice in the crowd, not theirs.



Forsaken Path of the Wolf: When Wolf gets blamed for a murder he never committed, the Yautja sets on a journey that could change everything. Alongside a female Yautja who offered her assistance towards him, odd things happen to Wolf and the rest of the Yautja society. Getting chased by a powerful Xenomorph who is more talented than the rest, Wolf faces enemies not even time can kill. (Aliens vs Predator)

French Lore: Martha is a straight out of Paris girl, living in full luxury all of her life. After being forced into the Militia's army, Martha's life has never been crazier. And when Spyglass sets off a doomsday weapon, Martha, the lowest rank in her squad, will have to find more than just strength is she to survive. (Titanfall) (Action/Romance) (BliskXOC)


A Fiend's Wake: After the Fall of Reach, Master Chief and Kelly continue their career in the UNSC. When a new Commander takes the place of Keyes and changes the way the entire military works, an old mutation is released back into space. With its rampage turning all humans into its own servants, Master Chief and Kelly may not survive this time. (Halo)

Rise of the Unknown: The Locust and Lambent are finally dead. COG can finally start to work on its cities once more. The Stranded get comfortable in their new homes and now thank COG. When one of the newer cities is hacked and destroyed in mere hours, COG gets blamed. They face an enemy who has the power to kill them all. And that's just his plan. (Gears of War)

Crota's Power: When the Darkness spreads and destroys the Last City, the new Vanguard are forced to evacuate all Guardians and citizens from the tower. Crota and his minions have nearly killed everyone on Earth and rules all of the Darkness. For once in her life, she finally feels fear that she cannot control. And she has no idea what to do. (Destiny)

Fallen Grace: Two years before the first invasion of Earth, the Fallen are rising an army of strength, dividing its members into Houses. One House went extinct the day they were to invade the Earth. Learn the story of the House of Demons, and how they met their strange, mysterious fate among history that the Fallen never speak of. (Destiny)

Devotion to Darkness: Shannu is the son of Crota and Omnigul. He hates the Guardians with such passion for killing both of his parents; he craves to devour every inch of light in them. Take the role of Shannu, son of Crota, and how this Hive Knight may be the darkest of them all. (Destiny)

Uneasy Exploit: After the capture of Skolas, the Queen of the Reef and her fellow Guard are taking the prisoner to the Prison of Elders when their ship crashes and both Kell of Kells and Queen Mara are the only survivors. Both of them are uneasy and have a rather pathetic relationship with each other. However, working with him might be their only way back to the Reef... with thousands of Fallen running after them. (SkolasXMara)

Judgmental Guard: Petra and Variks are on the hunt to capture Skolas along with hundreds of spare Guardians from the Tower. When the Awoken Guard learn the location of the Kell of Kells, Petra and Variks stay behind to keep the Guardians updated. But what happens while the two are back at the Vestian Outpost would leave most others in horrible hope for their fates. (PetraxVariks)

Crows: Hiranya Kavita is the Champion of the Prison of Elders, which means that the Queen watches everyone of her fights that she attends to. That also means someone that Hiranya really loathes is watching as well. She cannot stand him, but she cannot fail to admit that she finds him... interesting. (UldrenXOC)

I am currently working with a few people. This includes Suffering Praetorian, Erosion Has Started, and Slenderman The Black King. I recommend that you read their stories.

Slenderman The Black King: Immorality (Very interesting story if you like Creepypasta)

Erosion Has Started: Bioshock Stories (They're really detailed and cute)

Suffering Praetorian: Suffer By My Claws (Detailed and a master piece, a must read!)

Also, I don't care if you don't like non cannon villains in stories. It's my story, my plot, and my ideas. If you don't like it, leave the story. I don't care what you think about it, because I love to write, I love my OCs, and I love my stories. Fluff off.

OCs (Mine and some belong to Erosion Has Started)


Clarimond (My OC): A female human Titan who is the successor of Commander Zavala and the Vanguard-In-Line for the Guardians and the Tower. Clarimond has short, vermillion hair and pale skin, with bright emerald colored eyes and a beautiful smile. She is kind and caring, often feeling and taking others pain as her own and also trying to fix everyone's problems. She, however, does get irritated at times and can get very snappy when hostile, usually thanks to Eclipse, the Vanguard-In-Line for the Hunters. Never underestimate Clarimond for her fighting skills or motivation, because she might not be the most feared Vanguard, or the most wise, but she certainly is the most powerful.

Eclipse-57 (Erosion's OC): A male Exo Hunter who is the successor of Cayde-6 and the Vanguard-In-Line for the Guardians and the Tower. Eclipse is just about the most arrogant Exo you might ever meet, and might hope to meet. He had a black hull with white mouth and eye glow, and a white eye splotch that covers the left side of his face. Eclipse is selfish just as much as sarcastic and joking, which irritates Clarimond like hell. He doesn't care about anyone else and has few friends that he actually trusts, but people that he does trust include his fellow Vanguard. Not only is Eclipse a skilled hand with his sniper rifle, but he is the most feared of the Vanguard, but not so much as powerful and wise as the other two.

Guyapi Rowtag (Erosion's OC): A male Awoken Warlock who is the successor of Ikora Ray and the Vanguard-In-Line for the Guardians and the Tower. Guyapi is among the most understanding and wise Guardians that are and have ever existed. Guyapi has blue skin, blue hair, blue eyes, and blue tattoos on his face, and he is arguably the most handsome Awoken to be around at the Tower. Not only is Guyapi under the Vanguard, but he is also being trained by the Speaker in the ways of the Traveler, going through countless books and stories. Even though his feared level isn't as high as Eclipse or Clarimond, or his battle strength and skill is outmatched by the others, he is the wisest of possibly all Guardians, maybe more than the Speaker.

Hiranya Kavita (My OC): A female Awoken Hunter who is the former apprentice of Eclipse-57 and is currently part of the Vanguard-In-Line's squad. Hiranya Kavita has dark purple hair and light blue skin, with dark orange eyes and few tattoos on her face. Hiranya is not unlike her own mentor, even getting her personality partly from him, and she has snappy comments and a hateful attitude. She may be Awoken, but she sure isn't wise, but Guyapi Rowtag is always there to keep this former tribal Awoken under control from her attitude. She is, however, a skilled hand with her own sniper rifle and a stealth warrior, with a hot attitude but remains a force to be reckoned with.

Sandstorm-73: (My OC): A female Exo Warlock who is the former apprentice of Guyapi Rowtag and is currently a part of the Vanguard-In-Line's squad. Sandstorm has a dark purple hull and a light blue head horn, with the same color eyes and mouth glow as her hull, being a rich purple. Sandstorm may not be the most uncaring of the group between all of them, but she can be sweet and generous, or cruel and cold, just depends on how you act towards her. Her trust can be harder to gain than the rest, but once you get it, Sandstorm will protect you with her life. Sandstorm is an impossibly mighty foe for a Warlock, and even Crota is trembling in the sight of the truly terrifying warrior. Never get on her bad side.

David Houssam (Erosion's OC): A male human Titan who is the former apprentice of Clarimond and is currently a part of the Vanguard-In-Line's squad. David has white skin and deep brown hair, with luminous yellow eyes and a hero of the Tower. David is also sweet like Clarimond due to his Titan nature of being a hero and defender, and he also is quite the looker, if you get my point. His trust may be just as hard to earns as Sandstorm's, but he will also defend you true to the light if you manage to get it. He is also quite a battle tank in the battles that he goes into, being trained by a Titan even stronger than Commander Zavala, so David is a fierce and powerful warrior just like his mentor.

Shannu, Son of Crota (My OC): An eighteen foot Hive Knight that is the son of Crota and Omnigul, Shannu is among the most powerful and terrifying of the Hive. Shannu is feared throughout the Guardians and the Tower, even among his own home from the Acolytes, Thralls, and Knights. He has the Mark of Crota on both of his shoulders with his father's same green-blue glow, with wicked, charred teeth and unlike the rest of his kind, has deep red eyes due to being burned in Moon Acid as a younger warrior. He has killed the former Kell from the House of Kings, Rikantor, and has captured and tortured many Fallen and Guardians through out his growing lifespan. If you ever come across Shannu, Son of Crota, run as fast and as far as you can.

Dranvis (My OC): A young Captain who was once a member of the extinct House of Demons, Dranvis is a curious and mighty warrior, though he struggles to find a place in his House due to their cruelty from their Kell, Yukruntar. Dranvis is caring for the rest of his House, even though most of their warriors are savage, so cruel that anyone who becomes a Dreg is killed and scrapped from their place in their ranks. Dranvis is missing one of his eyes and has blood stained armor with a long orange cape and is leader of one of the Fallen Squadrons, Blood of Yukruntar. Dranvis wishes to battle Yukrantar for his position in the most powerful House, the House of Demons, but knows he will never succeed to Yukrantar's greatness.

Yukrantar (My OC): The Kell of the House of Demons and possibly was once the most powerful Fallen to ever live, Yukrantar is a cruel and savage Kell who would be able to play with even Skolas, the Kell of Kells, in a fight if he was still alive to this day. Yukrantar has a cold heart and a wicked mind, not caring for the survival of his House, just the strength of it, along with the might and terror they feed to the other Houses. He is unchallengeable for his spot on the throne, and the way he tortures other Houses and his own members of his House shows his maniacal ways to staying on top of the other Houses. The only person he ever considers passion for is his mate, Ganruntar, who is a Baroness for the House. Never mess with Yukrantar, for you will never stand a chance against him.

Ganruntar (My OC): A Baroness for the House of Demons and the mate to the mighty Yukrantar, Ganruntar is almost as uncaring for the House as her mate is, possibly even gaining his traits from him and his cruel ways. She serves only Yukrantar and no other, and also rules one of the Fallen Legions called Destruction of the King Banner and is second-in-command to the Legion called Banishing of the Devil Banner. She and Yukrantar have no children, and nor do they plan on having any, since Yukrantar does not wish to be challenged for his spot when his children were to grow up. Ganruntar may not be a powerful enemy to the Fallen Houses, but she serves as a devious mastermind behind most of it.

More OCs to Come!

Until next time.

-Fallen Path of Evil

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