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Greetings. I am Fallen Path of Evil, and you are clearly here because of one or more of my stories that I may upload in the future I have posted. Therefor, I happen to be hoping you are enjoying them.

I may as well tell you a little about myself. I am a 23 year old woman who just likes to write, play video games on free-time, draw, and read. If there are any questions about games I play, books I read, recommendations, stuff like that, feel free to ask, the only one stopping it is you.

I write about various things. Obviously, my main story that I am focusing on write now is Forsaken Path of the Wolf, an Alien vs Predator story that I really have no time to write at the moment because of many different reasons, so don't expect updates soon. They'll come when they come, what more is there to say to that? Just be patient and stick with it for at least a month or two before leaving a story, that's my deal.

I am associated with Suffering Praetorian at the moment, the author of Suffer By My Claws, if that clears up any confusion. I have been asked about my story being a sequel to an unfinished story. And the answer is no. Forsaken Path of the Wolf just happens to be a story that I am writing. If Suffering Praetorian wants to write a sequel to her story, she can go ahead and write it herself. No need for me to do it.

My writing style really isn't that professional. At all, I should say. I write because I like it and I want to show others my believes in writing and my imagination, how I see things. If you don't like the story, just don't read it. I don't mind criticism because it only improves my writing. If you seriously want to tell me something rude, please don't put it in the reviews. Give me a PM so I can read it myself. No one should read that crap except me.

If you are a starting author, I just have a word to say to you. I don't want to be mean, but like a good friend of mine, I think you should never start a story if it will never be finished. Delete it. Oh, and don't be lazy with it. No more 1,000 word chapter stories. How about at least 5,000 words and time taken into it? Sound good? No one wants to read your super small chapter, clumpy paragraph, poor dialogue, spelling error book and give it reviews. The only ones you'll get are bad ones.

Don't think I'm being a little pushy either, I'm just giving you a nice "friendly" tip. But the way you read it just shows me whether or not the cup you see is half full or half empty, I guess.

Well, that's all I have to say. I won't stop your writing skills by the words I say, and if I did, you have some issues with your self esteem for sure. Don't listen to me, listen to yourself. Listen to the words you say and how you do things. Your path start and end will all be judged by it.

Be sure to hear your voice in the crowd, not theirs.

Anyway, since I'm done with my endless speech, I might as well say good-bye. Have a good one.

-Fallen Path of Evil

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