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Hi! This is the owner of this account haha. You can call me...Miku or Amu I guess? My friends online call me Amu though, but since my account name is Miku, I can be called that too.

I am currently a freshmen in high school, so please bare with my oh-so-horrible grammar skills.

I am 1/2 Filipino, 3/8 Chinese, and 1/8 Spanish. I am probably like none of those nationalities though.

A bit more American than Filipino, but still Filipino!

I live in Anaheim, California; which is 5-10 minutes away from Disneyland!

I love to sing, though I sing more Japanese songs than American songs by now.

My family does think I'm weird for liking those stuff, but were a really close family Cx

I also cosplay as well, but not good since I don't have a job ... (//done Sailor Mars, Amu, and Miku.)

I do go to Anime Expo

Now for my virtual self 8D

I do have a fiction press account: MyTrueSelf

People usually call me Amu. Amu(Asuna now[You can still call me Amu]) is by far my favorite anime character and Miku Hatsune is my favorite Vocaloid.

Favorite character...Amu or Miku, can't choose! DX (WINNER: ASUNA QuQ)

But in personality, I am more like Amu...and Miku doesn't have a set personality so...yeah.

I go on youtube a lot to make covers of songs, (I don't sing well..beware.) and to voice act characters.

Some of my best characters are usually Laura Bailey characters(Tohru Honda, Maka Albarn, Sana Kurata, etc.)

I also do Amu (Ironic?) and people such as Nagisa from Clannad.

My youtube user name is : MoonPrincess331

I also go on a game called TinierMe(It's closed) a lot, I play as Amu Hinamori. So if you have an account, add me?

I work on stories before and after school at the library now.

Nice to meet you -

HA! I had to...I saw this on a profile and I was like..hell ya..I'm doing this













What would 3 do if she found 2 and 4 together?


Make a summary about 1 and 4.

A mysterious girl enters Len’s kingdom, his high school. What would happen if he can’t resist this tealette named Miku?

Can you make a 2 ,3 and 10 lemon?

Luki x Kaito x Dell….


Did you read a 9 and 8 fic yet?

No OAO;; Don’t think I’m gonna read that though…interested if it really does exsist..Teto and Rinto…e.e…

what would 7 do if she found 9 in bed with 5.


Rinto: Oh crap! I thought this was someone else… //turns on light

Luka: Huh //blinking

Will you make a 1 and 4 lemon

…Already did…*shot dead*

Do you think that 7 and 4 makes a perfect yuri couple?

Rin and Miku…For someone else who likes Yuri…but I DO NOT SUPPORT YURI @A@

What would happen if 4 walked in on 1 having sex with 6...

Miku: L-Len…Gakupo?

Miku: *grabs leek *

I’m coming eAe

Gakupo: Am I having a three-some? :3

Miku and Len: HELL NO!

4 or 8, who tops?


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In this world, life's not really easy for Len or "popular" he's more of a computer nerd or person. So you can say he's not the most social either. Although, he encounters something out of the ordinary, literally, a girl came out of his computer! What happens when the girl is relying on him? Things come out of hand when people search for this young maiden...? Based: HeadPhoneActor
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Medusa...the most beautiful maiden in the world, only to be wasted and turned into a an ugly person to match that personality of hers, and worst, she can turn anyone into stone if you make eye contact with her. Miku Hatsune shared part of her curse. Turning people into stone...She acheives many hardships along her life wanting to resign from loneliness. Based on Imagination Forest.
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