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Author has written 4 stories for Pair of Kings.

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Currently working on: Pair Of Kings "If Only You Knew" "Unwanted Paradise" & "Where's Old Brady?"

[If Only You Knew]Probably a Sneak Peak:

[Where's Old Brady?]Probably a Sneak Peak:

This Author has written:

(4)Pair of Kings:


*Goodbye* (Sad Story)


*When Will He Give Up?* Ch:35


Unwanted Paradise (Collab)Ch:1

Where's Old Brady? Ch:7

*If Only You Knew* Ch:18

Original Characters:


1.Makinzie Makoola: She is a fast learner, very adventurous and also a little mischievous. She can sometimes be demanding, but she sometimes can be very sarcastic or jokes a lot when she wants to and she does seem to threaten people, but mostly for good reasons. There are a lot of times where she can’t work under pressure and she can be totally dramatic. She has a few fighting/weapon skills which she learned when she was currently at Kinkow. She also moved to Mindu and learned a lot about potions and magic, but eventually came back to Kinkow.

Other names: *M-ZIE(Nickname)* *Lakinzie(LannyxMakinzie)* *Fininzie(FinnxMakinzie)*

Appearance: Has a long shiny dark brown hair a bit wavy, brown eyes, and has a light skin tone.

Relations: Makinzie doesn’t know about her parents, saying she doesn’t really care that much. She grew up in Kinkow along with her cousin Mikayla, but Mikayla has been like a big sister to her, so they may have a few things in common. Makinzie and Lanny were best friends, but they're friendship was broken when they were 10. Makinzie has a little crush on Finn the first time she met him.

First Appeared on: (When Will He Give Up? Ch1)

2.Zelisty: She is very evil. She sometimes uses her beauty and some mermaid powers to manipulate most guys. Her dad used to be a merman, but her mom is human. Zelisty is half mermaid so she has feet, but when her foot touches sea water she turns into a mermaid. She has hydrokinesis.

Other names: NONE

Appearance: Has a red long hair, blue eyes, indeed very beautiful and has a fair skin tone.

Relations: Zelisty parents died and she blamed the king’s father, she hates the royal family so much and she has no problem and would do almost anything to take revenge from the king’s sons. Finn is her Brother 3 years younger than her.

First Appeared on: (When Will He Give Up? Ch18)

3.Finn Unlike other merpeople he believes on doing the right thing. Finn is understanding, and kind, but he can sometimes be dishonest. He is very sneaky, and his good at hiding, although he gets scared and can be coward. His dad used to be a merman, but his mom is human. He is part merman so he still has feet, but when his foot touches seawater his feet transform into web feet and he grows Fins.

Other names: *Fininzie(FinnxMakinzie)*

Appearance: Finn is toned, has a red spikey hairstyle, blue eyes, and a fair tanned skin. He is also the best-looking merman in Kinkow.

Relations: Zelisty is his sister 3 years older than him, he loves his sister, but doesn’t agree with her plans. Finn also likes Makinzie.

First Appeared on: (When Will He Give Up? Ch24)



When will he give up?= Ch29-Ch35

If Only You Knew= 1-13


If Only You Knew= 14-15

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