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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.
well i soppose i will start by telling you a bit about myself
I'm Aoibheann O'Brien.
I have brown hair (died black) and brown eyes
Living in the drinking republic(woooo go alcohol) Ireland,in a big county called Wicklow and god is it a boring town (BUT WHOS HOME ISN'T?)
I'm 15 years old, young, i know, but time means nothing to me, so therefore neither does age.- (look at me trying to be intelligent!)
I have a secret obsession with the Harry Potter world. I'm in love the character Severus Snape. he is the most ineresting person, he has this history we dont know about, very mysterious if you ask me. He is really very complex, sexy, mysterious with all his black swishy robes(mmmmmmmmmmmm) . I really love Alan Rickman aswell, if velvet had a voice it would be his. Love him in the role of Snape, perfect really, if not a little old. but its all good. like totally freak me out i said ride on(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, IM TURNING INTO A CHEERLEADER!!!!)- but seriously- much respect to all their hard work *snorts into a glass of milk*

i like evey kind of music, but i never liked the hole boy band thing or the teeny bopper thing. But heh, what ever they are happy doing, let them. (as long as they dont do it near me)

I have always loved writing, and always will, unless YOU BASTARDS TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!- sorry, i have sudden out bursts of anger sometimes. heh ho.
I have a dark mind.The storys i write would usually be of the dark kind. Usually of the VERY DARK kind...
dont say i didnt warn you, and dont come crying to me when you dont like what you read...

some of my favourite quotes:
"constipated people dont give a shit"
"if its too loud, your too old"
"it's a great day, watch some bastard spoil it"
"i tried seeing it from your point of view, but i couldn't get my head that far up my ass"
"why does no other word in the english language rhyme with purple?"
"if you don't break the rules you won't have any fun"
"what would scooby do?"

why did the girl fall off the bike?
because someone threw a fridge at her!- stupid but funny!- like me!!!! he he.

well if any other sayings pop into my head, ill let you know.

one more thing, being irish we(more like I) have different terms for things, or different cursing words, if you dont understand any .Ask. That clears that up.
okay getting bored now. hope you like my story/s. enjoy
and smile.you bastards.
If you want to chat, email me, whatever.
lotsa love Aoibheann...


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