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"Feelings are like waves; we can't stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf."

I've never truly understood how much power words held. Dramatic scenes. Colorful scenery. Extravagant languages that could be used in so many different ways. Those twenty-six letters that could create something more bewildering.

Writing holds a major importance in my life. Taking my writing to a whole different level when I'm not ready is my bad habit. Bare with me for now. :) I promise to give you my best writing that I can come up with and improve every day, hour, and second. (:

However, no matter how long I've been here or how long I've been writing; I don't feel as if my writing is at its' best and can be posted on here. Thank for understanding and waiting.

Thank you for reading, supporting, and writing.
May your imagination lead you to magical places.

- Blooming Confessions, May 2013

July 14, 2013

For those of you reading the Co-authored story Transparent Strings that I have written with the wonderful author Brisken please regard this short note.

The second chapter of this FanFiction has gone under a major editing phase and this phase will possibly continue throughout this writing. Some of the parts may be different and some may stay the same with added words and phrases. The cause of this is mainly just to refresh our writing and bring the FanFiction closer the the path of the plot line. Note that our writing style may have changed, but the plot will still stay in its' exact place where it has been since this FanFiction was released. Please regard this and possibly reread the chapters that FanFiction.Net has notified you of.

Chapter Three Is Now Currently Being Written.

Thank you for taking time off your day to read this.
Much love,
Blooming Confessions & Brisken

"Life is like a novel; with turning pages of many different chapters and yet, it still carries on."

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ON PERMANENT HIATUS “Narcissism gets you nowhere, Natsume. You should stop before it permanently damages your brain... not that it hasn’t already.” He smirked at me arrogantly, “A narcissist is just someone better looking than you are. I'm no exception."
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