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Author has written 2 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

It's WallopingFiend103! I love writing stories and I intend on doing that for a while. Now, what are some of my favorites anime you ask? Well, I like Bleach, all Yugioh! series, although my favorite is Yugioh Arc-V! (Has its flaws but i'd say it's up there with the original series)

Best Yugioh! series (1 being the best; 5 being the worst (IMO))

1. Yugioh Arc-V (follows the whole 'missing dad' plot (though it takes a backseat for quite a while) but I think Arc-V will handle it much better than Zexal)(However, I HATE the execution of Action cards. Love the concept, but the execution is HORRIBLE!)

2. Yugioh! Duel Monsters (One example: Arc-V characters are relevant. ALL of them. Tea and Tristan? Not relevant to the story (name at least one time they were relevant to the story (and NO, the whole thing between Joey and Tristan when Joey was dueling Rex was NOT story relevant)), and they don't duel (Tea did but that was so stupid how Mai lost. And against Grump, the whole duel was a cheat (being able to summon Dark Magician from OUTSIDE the duel? Really? Come on) Zuzu and Gong ARE relevant (to the story and they duel. Very well, if I may add)(Even Yuya's mom is relevant, even if it's to a small extent. What was the point of Yuma's grandma? None. And what about Yusei's friends, except Rally? At least Rally had a small part to the story)

3. Yugioh! GX (The reason it is #3 and not higher is because the original's seasons were more interesting; i.e. Battle City, Ceremonial Battle, Waking the Dragons)(GX wasn't too serious but it wasn't too lighthearted and childish)

4. Yugioh! 5Ds (TOO serious. It tried to be serious, aiming for an older audience, but did it wrong, in the form of Yusei. Oh and Yusei was a Gary Stu)

5. Yugioh! Zexal (TOO childish; Tori is the WORST female protagonist of ALL time!)

Some of my favorites games are Fable: The Lost Chapters, Halo and Halo 2, the first 3 Star Oceans, Rogue Galaxy...actually that's all I'm going to put. It might be a long list. :)

Favorite Video game franchises(From 1 to 3): Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and not sure.

My hobbies: Playing games, writing stories, listening to awesome music, watching anime and TV.

Favorite rap and R&B artists

Lil Wayne(YMCMB)(He actually DOES have good songs if people would actually listen)


Busta Rhymes

Big Sean(G.O.O.D Music)

Chris Brown(Not really a rapper, he did rap in a few songs, but more of a R&B singer)



Kayne West

Eminem(Not as much as the others but still a favorite)




And more but there are too many

Gtwinz (underground...kind of)

Lil Crazed (Same)

Favorite Songs...I'll just list a few...I have too many

Forever(Drake, Eminem, Kayne West, Lil Wayne)

Guap(Big Sean)

A Milli(Lil Wayne)

Just a Tip(Plies, Jeremiah, Ludacris(Mostly Ludacris' part)

Bedrock(Young Money)

Lil Wayne's songs (most of them)

Drake's songs (Same)

Busta Rhymes' songs

Diamonds in the Sky and the remix

Some country songs

That's all, just too many.

My current stories:

Eternal Chosen

Souls of the Forgotten

Possible future Stories:

Cardfight!!! Vanguard (Same)

An Arc-V Story

A second Arc-V story)

Pokémon (a HUGE maybe)

Main Protagonists' Info:

Keenan Serpentine

Deck: A Custom deck

Age: 15

Personality: Keenan is a free-spirited, happy, care-free kid who likes to duel. He loves his friends and will risk his life for them.

Likes: Dueling, his friends, winning, Chicken Wings

Dislikes: People who hurt his friends, losing, bad guys, people messing with Harper.

The concept of Eternal Chosen: To save the world from evil.

Chase Rivers

Deck: Soul Reaper

Age: 16

Personality: Kind, fun to be with, caring. He tends to get into situations that are not good. He'll protect his friends no matter what the cost.

Likes: Dueling, hanging with his friends, sleeping, winning.

Dislikes: Losing, his friends getting disrespected, getting in trouble (even though he still does)

Souls of the Forgotten concept: To become the best duelist in the world.

Update Schedule

Eternal Chosen-- Whenever possible

Souls of the Forgotten-- Whenever possible

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