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Poll: Who do you want to be the "main" girl in Kirito's relationship, depending on the votes i'll try to bend the story a little but despite this I cannot guarantee the one with the majority vote will be the main girl as my story is more liquid than most. Meaning i have no outline for the future of the story, i'm just going chapter by chapter with what my muse gives me. Don't worry though, one girl won't hog all the action I mean Kirito is a player after all (even if he doesn't realize it most of the time) Vote Now!
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I Don't own any of the stories my fics are based on mkay? if i did then i would not need to the write fanfiction. i mean being a fan of yourself would just be really really sad, i mean seriously?

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If you haven't already then Plz check out the poll on my page things like this will eventually be joined by others that will effect the course of the story.

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