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Author has written 18 stories for Adventures of Tintin.

Myself, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Most likely here today and gone tomorrow, as I'm currently overtaken by a supreme passion that has struck out of the blue and won't leave until I've got it out of my system.

But until then...

Here I am.

Updated 7/20 -

And here I stay for now.

Got stories just flying off the fingers. Uploaded 3 so far, more to come. Currently have one that is a multi-chapter, so that may take some time away from any new ones rattling around in the ol' noggin, but as all us writer's know, once something has to get out, there ain't no stoppin' it!

Just to tease - I'm such a meanie ...I know :-), I've got another multi-chapter in the works, may start uploading it this weekend or early next week...


Update 7/22

Holy Moley, Miss Mahoney!

Or to quote Mrs. Clarkson - Sweet Jesus Bus Tickets! I'm still tickled pink over that expression...

A shout out to all who've reviewed my stories so far - thank you Mrs. Clarkson, TintinLover, Bianca Castafarina, Marie Midnight and Guests (you know who you are!).

A most humble thank you as well to those who've Favorited both a story (or two or three) that struck their fancy and then proceeded to honor me by Favoriting me as an Author.


I hope I can continue to strike your fancy, titillate your tastebuds and give you a bright spot in your day.

I know you are bright spots to me!

Update 7/26

I have begun uploading 'And That's When"and judging by the reactions to the first 4 chapters, I seem to be striking fancies left and right. And we haven't even gotten to the reeeeeeeaaaalllly hot stuff yet...

I do have at least one more multi chapter story and a single stand alone I'm working on, but not yet ready to start bringing them out into the light just yet.

Thanks for all the wondrous reviews - and to think I almost thought of not publishing. I wouldn't have had near as much fun!

Update 7/29

I will be uploading a new story in a few days or so, need to do the final tweaking. A bit different than the other's I've written as there's no T&H sex scenes in it. Gasp! What the heck?! Did the world just tilt?

Rest assured it will explore Tintin's and Haddock's relationship to each other, but not in the way I have been doing. Quite frankly I don't think I've got another "And That's When" in me. I can try, but I'd probably hurt myself. And I'm not sure there's enough cold water available... :-)

That said, faithful fans of my smutty and slutty side (strange the things we're proud of!), I do have another stand alone, but will wait for ATW to be complete.

Till then - thanks again for the wondrous reviews! You know I love you all.

Update 8/4

Hello faithful and new readers -

I've finished "ATW" and just uploaded the final chapter to "OCS". I still have that one shot to upload and I promise that will be on the boards tomorrow. So keep your pants on (or not...) those of you who are waiting for smut, oh wondrous smut. Along with a bucket or maybe a barrel full of cold water!

Still tweaking a couple more, and two are in process (but giving me fits - they keep being interupted by new ideas that clamor loudly for attention), so the muse is still a-musing along.

Starting Monday will be the next Multi-chapter I hinted at above, so stay tuned for that one!

And as always, thank you for the amazing reviews - can't tell you enough how much they mean to me.

Update 8/8 (Hey that rhymed! oh the simple things that amuse...)

Uploaded the last chapter to 'Friends Indeed' today and am working diligently on two multi-chapter stories that just need to break into chapters before I can upload. Should have them done and on the boards by this weekend.

Then there are 3 more that are in the works. One I've been growling at for some time, still not happy with the ending.

That said, one that's been giving me fits has finally broken free and is back at the stage of writing itself. Decided to take a break from it instead of banging away on the keyboard hoping for inspiration to strike and getting more irritated than anything else. Went back to it last night and AHA!!! Choirs sang, unicorns danced and pigs flew.

So there you have it! Thanks for reading and reviewing - you really make my day!

Update 8/11

Uploaded the first of 10 chapters to my newest story - 'In Control'. Hope you like it! It wasn't the one I was planning on uploading as I decided to rewrite the ending, seemed to end too abruptly.

Still plugging away on the other story, back to giving me fits again, but I've outlined the next couple of chapters so hopefully I'll find my way to the exit.

Thanks again, stay tuned...

Update 8/18

Two more chapters of 'In Control' to go, and then on to the next story - the one that was giving me fits. This one will be exploring Tintin's lack of sexual awareness and what happens when it's woken by an unlikely source.

And then I have at least one more story (another dark and angsty one), maybe two if I can get the dang thing to stop running with scissors and play nice.

And have I mentioned how much I appreciate all your support and reviews? Just in case - THANK YOU!!!

Update 8/22

Thought I'd better update this, seeing as I have two new stories out there. The first one - An Appealing Mystery is a 5 chapter story that deals with Tintin becoming intrigued by a girl he sees and finding it has gotten him rather flustered.

The second is pure PWP. Yayyyy! Back in the saddle, again. Two chapters, but break out the ice, buy new panties, call the fire department.

by the way, if i've missed any spelling errors in this update, it's because I have a cat lying right in front of the keyboard, and as has been said, no one disturbs a purring kitten. Even if you can't find the mouse cause he's lying on it...

Update 8/30

Not gone just yet - still have a couple of ideas rolling around the ol' noggin. So stay tuned...

Update 9/3

New story starting today, 5 chapters in all. Shout out to Bianca for making a statement in a review and getting my motor running. A bit different from the usual, but still has the dear boy experiencing good ol' sweet sex. Oh yeah...

Not going to say anymore, just going to have to take a peek and find out!

Update 9/3 2.0

Sheesh - don't ya love how you think everything is just right, upload and find a glaring error! I spelled the title wrong!!!

Update 9/7

Apparently FanFiction is having a hiccup and my recent story - 'The Horror" isn't showing up, even though it was uploaded and read. Until FF has this bug fixed, will hold off uploading last chapter to 'First Time for Everything'.

UPdate 9/7 2.0

From what I understand, I need to delete "the Horror" and upload again. So here goes - could somebody be so kind to let me know if it works?

Update 9/7 3.0

It worked! Going to upload the final chapter to 'First Time for Everything. Keep fingers crossed.

Update 9/9

New story about to be uploaded - Monday, possibly Tuesday. One I've been working on for quite some time, finetuning it. Still want to give it the once over a few more times. Looks to be 10 chapters unless I really change things up. Not to mention I have to figure out a title for it - sometimes it's the littlest things...

It will be another dark and angsty one, poor Tintin's about to be put through a very trying time.

But don't worry - his tuft will come out intact! :-)

Update 9/16

Wasn't it about a week ago I said I had a new story I was going to upload? Yup. Still have it. But am currently banging away at a new story and well, those that write know exactly how that can interrupt the best laid plans of mice and men. Irritating for those that read - but don't abandon hope, all who enter. The light at the end of the tunnel ain't no train...

Don't worry, haven't given up on the other one, still have to do the aforementioned tweaking, but at least I have a title - 'Change of Plans' - rather appropriate - don't you think? :-)

So don't change that channel!

Update 9/17

Lordy, lordy I'm writing another 'And That's When'! I had no intention of doing so, but I seem to have two styles of PWP - essentially the 'quickie' or a slow and steamy sex fest. Christ in a dump truck! One - maybe two chapters and I'll get this on the board and go back to the other story. Once I recuperate and am able to do more than blindly walk into walls, drool cup firmly attached...

Update 10/1

Finally the story that has been on the back burner, shoved ungloriously to one side by other, hotter, must publish NOW for the love of all that's holy stories is about to be released. And I changed the title. Instead of 'Change of Plans', it's now "A Carefree Young Man."

Ah well...

Warning - it's a dark one. First Chapter (of 11) up tomorrow, 10/2.

Update 10/14

So what's new? Not much - that's the problem. Seems I start a story only to find it's going in a direction I've already explored or have already read.

'Tintin and Haddock get lost at sea and.. or in a blizzard and...or on a desert island...' Yeah - see "Obligatory Cabin Story".

Maybe I'll write about Haddock and Tintin on the Karaboudjan - Stop silly. Bianca's "Cabin Boy" went there and went there amazingly well.

They go to the moon! No. Herge did that one already.

Sigh. So is this it? Too soon to tell. Inspiration may strike, the muse may come back from vacation all rested and ready to get back to work, I'll reread a story I've started and the fingers will start a-twitching.

So not gone gently into the night just yet. Besides, there's stories and authors I'm keeping my eye on, so will still be visiting.

Until something new pops up - I thank you all, my gentle readers. Thank you for your support, your kind words and your wonderful reviews.

Update 10/24

Do you hear that? I do believe angels are a-singing. I've got an inspiration! A niggle in the ol' noggin, a thought, a perhaps, a maybe, a could be, a possibility...

Working it out, so not ready for prime time just yet, but send thoughts of good will and hopefully a healthy bouncing story will be born.

Update 10/26's either feast or famine! Wow - you must of been sending me extra special thoughts of good will!

Went from 'my kingdom for a plot device!' to beating ideas about the head and ankles to stay in line and wait their turn. Have 3 (or 4) stories started, one that is clamoring for attention to the point I'm thinking up conversations and one about the first meeting between Tintin and Snowy that was just published.

And the only reason that one got published first was because...shhhhhh...I wrote it at work as I had a sudden downturn and didn't want to continue an already started story if I didn't have it nearby to refer to...shhhhhh.

Probably won't have another story for a while, considering how I'm going back and forth among them. Try to concentrate on just one, but then I'll start thinking and the next thing I to write this idea down while it's still fresh!

Update 11/5 -

Loaded two stories -'Fated Friendship' and 'The Kindest Love of All'. Still plugging away on a couple of others, but they're going slow. Just so you know. Don't think I'm ready just yet to go. Yup, these sentences are rhyming, so?

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Of Ill Winds and Weathered Storms by RoeBoat reviews
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The Kindest Love of All reviews
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