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"I am the person your Mother warned you about. How well do you listen to your Mother?"


Dark Affliction is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction piece.

I've enjoyed reading several of the fics, on this site, and have decided to write my own in my off time. Dark Affliction is about a young female Dragonborn and her adventures in Tamriel. I enjoyed the vanilla storyline, but found it significantly lacking in areas I think that Bethesda, with little effort, could have improved. With that said, that's also where imagination can help, and have decided to write it as I see fit. (They don't stick to their own lore or timelines. Which means in a fan fiction piece, cannon can sometimes become obscure. I will attempt to avoid those pitfalls.) This story and the people in it reflect the title. Their actions, choices, and ultimately the lives they lead are intertwined.

Game mechanics have no place in a story and will not appear in this one. Please do not attempt to ask for them to be written in place (ie. shout time cool-downs, slow ass magical abilities, level requirements for magical abilities, etc.). The Lore is what is being followed not the game. For this story to work, there had to be a personal interest in the Lore itself. Please see the Lore Related section. This Dragonborn is different! Everything in the story is important, so do pay attention. But most of all, enjoy it.

Feel free to make remarks; constructive criticism is always welcome. PM me if you like as well. I will attempt to respond in a timely manner.

My interests outside of Dark Affliction focus on becoming a better photographer and artist.

For now you can find me at: deviantArt


I'm currently recovering from surgery. I promise to end the Epic when I am recovered enough to not be on pain meds.


As a dragonborn, Azriel will have the same power as any dragon inborn to her, including the ability to use the Thu'um. Since Dragons are magical creatures, I've tended to think she would be magically inclined as they are. There is a limit to that understanding of magic, she would understand it as a Dragon would. The ability to conquer, destroy, and enslave would limit her understanding to be the same as a Dragon's. It also coincided that magic users start at a young age since the talent can be natural like Elves. This is true for any race, however I chose Nibenese Race for a very specific reason. (See: Nibenay)

Looking at the previous Dragonborns, I based my dragonborn on living a less than ideal life. With the game's usage of the dragonborn and various factions, there were some I liked and others I hated.

I wanted to be able to tell a story and give an understanding of life choices based on past events in the protagonist's life. Hopefully, I succeeded.


DRAGONS: From the lore there really is only one real book about the Dragons. There be Dragons seems to be the only book that answers certain questions about them. There are a few points I'd like to submit to you, dear reader.

1. Dremora tend to lie.

2. People make mistakes.

3. There is only one damn book.

4. Lizards keep their privates, private.

5. Any animal with a large 'voice box'... and it talks... you probably wouldn't be able to tell if it was male/female.

6. There are Jills (female dragons). They are the Minute Menders that repair time breaks. Kinda makes sense since they are dragons!

DRAGON NAMES: Dragon have 3 word names... which are monosyllable words, normally. There are at least two cases where they have 2 word names and one case where a dragon has a 4 word name. Moreover, I've added to the list of in-game names since there are litterally hundreds of dragons. I leave it to you to work them out. And yes, I've taken creative license with them just for fun.

DRAGONLINGS: These are not baby dragons. These creatures appear in the game Daggerfall and are very real in the Elder Scrolls games. Dragonlings are a different species of dragon and shall be treated as such. From the lore, they breath fire and speak Dovahzul. They are also about thesize of a Clydesdale horse from what I can guess. I don't know since I've never played the game and size is slightly difficult to judge from tv. But, I do like them cause they are little and cute.

VAMPIRES: The vampire lore in the Elder Scrolls games is fairly interesting. However, there are some things they did that are pretty ass backwards. these are simply game mechanics that won't be included in any story arc. In the lore, there are sever differing forms of vampirism. Most people are familiar with Porphiric Hemophilia and Sanguine Vampiris. That's fine... just don't hate... because there are other forms of vamparisim in TES.

  • Lord Harkon - Patriarch of the Volkihar Vampires and a Pure-Blood Vampire. Sanguinare Vampiris is given by this bloodline in the game. However, Harkon himself says the following quote if you already a vampire: "You contracted a disease, perhaps, but you are no true vampire. Accept my gift and I promise that you will learn the difference." This implies what he gives is no longer a disease and he cooties are incurable.
  • Lady Valerica - Matriarch of the Volkihar Vampires and a Pure-Blooded Vampire.
  • Serana - Pure-Blooded Vampire. Originally, Serana and her family were labeled Nedic for race. This has changed to Nordic, however Serana mentions the were from the North and then moved to Skyrim. The only thing North is Atmora, however being from Atmora doesn't make you Nedic. At the time, there was nothing to base this on and I made a race determination based on conversations.
  • Lamae Beolfag (Lamae Bal)- Matriarch of her own bloodline and Pure-Blooded Vampire. She is the last remaining Nede and also the First Recorded Vampire in history. Since the ESO, a new form a vampisim has emerged (that is actually named). This has changed since the original research for Dark Affliction and previous chapters where Lamae is mentioned. Originally, Lamae was credited with being the originator of Porphyric Hemophilia, however since ESO, she is now credited with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria. (Bastards, changing shit like that!)
  • WEREWOLVES/WERE CREATURES: In the lore there are several types of were creatures. Therianthropy is the actual term for people to change into an animal-like creatures. Lycanthropy is specifically for werewolves.

    DRAGONBORNS: There is a difference among the Dragonborns. Each line has a different dynasty with the Emperors and Empresses. Firstly, St. Alessia then Reman Cyrodiil (see also: Reman), and Tiber Septim. These being the most notable, but there were others, less notable. These ones are not as well talked about, however, they do exist.

    Upon reaching Sovengarde, if you talk to each of the people there, one will greet you as a fellow Dragonborn. Then of course, there is Miraak. Also, in Oblivion, Mankar Cameran is also Dragonborn since he can wear the Amulet of Kings. Mankar had children, which would also be dragonborn as would anyone who was dragonborn.

    St. Alessia (First Era) was made a pact with Akatosh on her deathbed. Reman (Second Era) and Tiber (Third Era) were born with the blessing - giving them Dragon Blood. Both were Gods in the Lore and will be discussed as such in the story at some point. the last Dragonborn emperor is Martin Septim I. Upon his death, he is the last Septim and ending his line. At the end of Martin Septim I life, the Third Era ends and the Fourth Era begins.

    However, in the lore there exists the possibility thatKarliah is Dragonborn of the Septim line. This would mean that a Septim was alive and has legitimate claim to the throne of Tamriel. If not, then she is the daughter of Indoril Nerervar and still possibly Dragonborn. But, in the notes of The Lost Prophecies, the words Dragon-born meant 'born under foreign stars and foreign sign.' The Imperial signal of the Dragon. (See also: Nevarine, Indoril Nerevar, The Lost Prophecies) I've taken some creative license with all this (because it makes for a good damn story.)

    Azriel is the last dragonborn. Given her properties of being Dragonborn, she is the daughter of Akatosh. Blood and soul a dragon just as the prophecy of the last dragonborn has said. As a dragonborn, Azriel would have legitimate claim to the throne of Tamriel.

    With parents and children existing at the same time, this obviously means the Dragonborns of legend did indeed exist (two or more in some cases) at the same time as each other! As for the differences, please follow the links on each dragonborn's name. I have chosen to follow this pattern for Dark Affliction.

    Each of the past Dragonborns had a lot of talent. They were good at strategy, war, and could hold their own in battle. The Protagonist of Dark Affliction doesn't fall flat on this. It seems that history (lore in this case) shows that each Dragonborn had a strong will and could back things up by doing. Granted, some of the Septim Emperors/Empresses had the short end of the stick, but the greater characters in the TES lore were pretty badass.

    Keep in mind as new games/expansions come out, the lore changes (um... Miraak, Lamae Bal, etc). Things are added, ambiguity silenced. Somethings are also changed. This means that when I research a topic, that topic might be altered by the time that chapter is published. In three cases this has happened that I can count. There may be others, but it's whatever. I've got the story-line planned out and am sticking to my original script. This is a 'for fun' project and 6 months of research is enough.

    THE OBLIVION CRISIS: Set during the game TES IV Oblivion... In the third Era Emperor Uriel Septim is assassinated. The Hero of Kvatch finds his last son, Martin, and the events unfold for the invasion force of Marunes Dagon. (See: The Oblivion Crisis)

    HERO OF KVATCH: Events of the Third Era and the Oblivion Crisis play into this story. They are mention several times throughout. The Hero of Kvatch is also the Champion of Cyrodiil based on events in TES IV Oblivion. (See: Hero of Kvatch)

    RULERS OF TAMRIEL: (See: TES Wiki) I'm not re-writing it all.

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