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BlueHalloweenIsDead665 here and at your, kind stranger's, service.

This is a most amusing piece I put together one gray, lifeless day, burning the candle at both ends until well past midnight, to create. So, if you happen to cross my path today, tomorrow, yesterday or a century from now, please, do stop for a moment, come in out of the cold, howling night. Take up a chair, let the leaping flames mesmerize you as I tell to you this piece of wingless hopes and dreams...

Wingless Hearts, Winged Souls

"With your help I can do the impossible... I can push the wind back."

Trying to run from your problems is like running from the wind. You may think you have finally gotten away when it suddenly snares you in its binding grasp. Though you try to face this problem, it is like attacking nothing. You only grasp nothing, air slipping through your fingers like a taunting cascade of water. If you ever make a promise, could it be to stop the wind? Even then, could you stop it? I know I couldn't. If I even got the chance to fight back, even a little, I wouldn't be able to do it. "Why is that?", is most likely the question at hand. If you try to stop the wind, many would say it to be impossible. The reason I cannot fight back is simple enough yet selfish all the same. It is because I am too afraid to push back. However, it is strange, I would still make that promise. For you, I would do the impossible, I would push back the wind. Tohelp you, to help myself, I do not know. I will push the wind back to forget my fears, and for you to forget yours. Although I am afraid to push back the wind, putting your fears away, almost as if I had wings. But right now, even if I had wings, they would be useless, weighed down by my fears and hate. "What is the point of these wings if they cannot ever take me away?" The point of my beaten wings is the hope they give, the hope of flying away from these fears, the hope of taking you with me. One day, for you, I will grab this taunting wind of pain and push it back. One day I will fly with these useless wings, for you. One day, I will face all my fears and pain. I will stand tall and fight. Although I speak of the impossible, it is also very possible. Impossible is just a word, as are fears just a way of hiding from yourself. Others will try and chain me down, to clip these useless wings, all in a desperate scheme to keep me afraid. One day I will not let that happen. I will break from these chains, fight the people who created them, for you. But will that day ever come? The truth is, I am saying pushing the wind back is impossible because I am too afriad to push it back. But the day will come when these chains crumble away and my useless wings take up the wind and take me into the sky. And you know what? You can do the same. Why? Because the day that I speak of getting away, that day is today.

Well, now that you have heard this piece, you may now go; the fire is low, the flames now less fantasical than before. Although, take this piece to heart. You to may be chained by regrets or hatred or fear. But when will you ever use your own wings to fly? Take this in your mind, think it over. Then, when your desicion is done, shake off the chains on your wings and soar.

Well, until the next haunting piece I give you a farewell of all farewells. Though the raven may cry, "Nevermore.", this humble abode is always welcoming new strangers in from the cold. Let me take your coat and let you settle into a chair and let your mind drift to places both unknown and very known. Until next time stranger, farewell I say, farewell!

Alternate reviews
This is a story about 4 girls and one seriously unlucky guy. The girls come from a war infested world and have just crash landed in yours. The main characters are a girl named Allen Night and a guy named Allen Night. Same people, just..., different sexes. Did I mention the girls had psychic powers and bad tempers with them? Oops! Hang on as Allen's world is thrown into chaos! -BLUE
Dangerous Days of Daniel X - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 496 - Reviews: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/1/2012